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[COURT OF SWORDS LIVE LIVE SHOW // E63 Q&A] One Hard Night in the City of Brass


(AdamKoebel) #1

stories told by unearthly light…

(Bgriffs) #2

The Kukrit scene to end was incredible. The feels were too real. Berg is free and I wonder what other implications that may have for his character going forward.

(Vukith) #3

Oh Grigori How we have missed you.

(grahamtugwell) #4


@Dansgaming is the greatest.

(Olf_Himself) #5

Holy crap that was intense. For a moment I was like “OK calm down, Satan” when Adam told them they were imprisoned without any gear.
But the Dan came in with the clutch Command spell. :itmejp10:

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #6

What an incredible show, such an all around awesome performance by everyone. I got chills when Dan said forgive. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

(Partor6) #7

And you could see the feeling we all probably had in Max’s eyes as well… it was soo immersive, amazing work by everyone :slight_smile:

(BorisIgnatievich) #8

That was amazing, that forgive command was perfect. Berg is free!

I’ll have way more coherent thoughts at not 230am but wanted to jump in and say thanks for how awesome it was.

PS @adamkoebel is that Italian dungeon world shirt available to buy anywhere it’s sick

(Twitch: no742617000027) #9


More and more I have the feeling that Dan is to playing DnD what Adam is to GMing it. “Forgive” was the move of the show, maybe the move of all of CoS up to now. And then Max with the success on his role to make it perfect. Awesome show guys, I hope this campaign runs for another year at least!

(LakerPT) #10

Thank you all for an amazing show :’)

(tundrabeaver) #11

I like how you let him do the killing blow at the end, instead of making him roll again for an attack. It seemed anticlimactic, only because he was suddenly dead. I don’t think anyone knew what to do after that. Was great. Big question, what would have been the progression for the torture if they didn’t get out at that time?

(Neibros) #12

You’re an absolute monster, Adam.

Good fucking god the entire last hour was incredible.

(Space_Waffles) #13

The ending may be one of the best moments in CoS period. It has been such a long time coming and I am so glad Ramus didnt take Kukrit’s offer and the whole scene with them all in the cell was just fantastic. The rest of the episode was great too. I knew the Farang would be scary but geeeez that was close with the explosion and everything. Super excited to see how the cast decides which side to take

(Possibly Batman) #14

There are not words to describe how incredible that moment with Kukrit was. Thank you Adam for weaving such an incredible tale today and to the cast for living in the moments and making the most of them.

@AdamKoebel [spoiler] will we get some sick lore on that possible Grigori sighting soon? I need the Doctor back in my life!! [/spoiler]

(monabi1000) #15

So first of all amazing show!!! Great job all around. I loved how Berg finally got his just deserts, but now I’m super excited how Dan’s story is going to play out. I feel like what would really fuck Dan up is when he gets his soul, his character would revert to the moment before he went through all the character development. It would be such high stakes.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #16

Great show! Very intense and suspenseful in that second encounter…

I hope Berg kills that Farcaad commander guy for doing like… 30 damage to him and then being a dick throughout the whole thing.

Great acting by Max at the end there. I felt that emotion just through the eyes.
I can’t wait for more. After 63 episodes, that’s impressive.


(RaSmodai) #17

Awesome show today everyone, can’t believe how well that flowed negatively today after watching the pre show there was so much prep I did not think we would see as much as we did today.

As a random aside, I had a realization today as Berg and Kali were leaving the temple of the tower and were mulling over grabbing supplies… It’s been over an arc now that we have seen a reading between party members before an adventure, and although narrative might make some sense for this, it was a big flavour of the setting that I miss. Would be nice to see it come back in some form when story allows, I’m sure Zeke would love it.

Anyhoo that’s besides, still an amazing episode can’t wait to see the cities fate unfold.

(Qu4resm4) #18

Goddamn Adam, I love you TO DEATH.
At the end I thought that [spoiler]The Devil showing up to collect Kukrit’s soul[/spoiler] was the farang that Kalimat met and holy shit I was scared.
The whole end scene was amazing, you guys rocked it, can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts at the post show!
This is by far my favorite D&D show(not even Critical Role can top it on my opinion) hope it last longer than I can

(apepi) #19

I was thinking, since Kukrit forgave Berg while he died, will that at least a little reaching closer to the fountain? Of course he was a horrible person, but everything helps right? Though it might not help coerced with magic… (gives me a Persona 5 vibe).

And damn Adam, you know exactly where to get under players skin, chat went crazy.

Also Ramus does seem to be changing, going more to the Star. Honestly it makes sense as a Light cleric. He could even go the route “And then, even the tower shall too fall” saying it should not be the City of Brass to fall but the Tower to take it’s place. Ramus’ path seems so interesting and Dan is the closest of the players of understanding your story and you seem to love it.

(sythmaster) #20

Holy. Shit. Yes. That was great.

Some crazy plot movements on the Fronts, awesome scenes. Huge Dice Pools. And many clutch, clutch moves.

I’m very curious to see where everything goes from here. Something like the “Seed of the Future” or something. It definitely seems like the Tower is losing its grip on both Berg and Ramus!

Also this new push into the “guerilla war” style that’ll take place next is still super interesting. I thought based on the prep that there would be a bit more political thriller type stuff. But I kind of forgot they were PCs (only half joking).

As far as Production goes it was great overall. My one small quibble for Scoots/JP is that with the RollPlay sign at forefront, when zoomed in you could see the light flicker (probably from a fan or ceiling fan) which was a bit distracting.

Edit: Omg, I just realized… [spoiler]That the commanded Forgiveness Ramus gave Kukrit destroyed the thing most treasured by Kukrit, leaving him vulnerable to losing all he gained. Thus, even now… Ramus is still a true cleric to the Tower. HOLY SHIT. mind sploded[/spoiler]