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[COURT OF SWORDS // E68 // Q&A] Red Dust and Black Bile


(AdamKoebel) #1

the city slides deeper into darkness…

(profnesbitt) #2

So what was the blob they fought? Was it a standard d&d monster or did you base it off of an existing monster?

(TwilightBorealis) #3

So when Kalimat killed the blob dragon with his thuum, did he get to absorb the dragon soul?

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #4

A bunch of people in chat were yelling about it being derived from a shadow dragon? If it was, Adam certainly changed it to fit the challenge he wanted.

(RaSmodai) #5

So was thinking hypothetically while watching today about the Mara; if the Necromancer King takes over the Court of Swords and the Mara here take the City of Brass, would they form into one big Mara court? Curious on Mara politics now that they are showing up more…

(Twitch: UnkindledChaos) #6

so i have to know what happened with the prisoner? did he just die in the siege or does he have a bigger role to play?

second question is you made a joke about this being D&D and i was wondering when will we see any dragons? are they a part of this world or is it more like they are all dead pretty much

third chat was talking about the orcs at the end, are they some strange cult to Berg? or is chat being dumb

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #7

Technically, would they even be a Court at that point? I thought the formation of the Courts was a Heaven thing?

(AdamKoebel) #8

It was a very modified shadow dragon. Less attacks, flightless, less move, less damage breath but similar resistances and stuff.

(RaSmodai) #9

Well in his prep Adam has mulled over the idea of a court of the void, dunno how serious that was though. Nature of Mara is kept pretty mum.

(Ezmirith) #10

It was kind of refreshing to have a very combat heavy episode. I remember in the prep videos you talked about the various factions and their goals, so with the Mara stepping into the chaos and despair from the remnants of the Harissa, will they end up being a greater force in the conflict since they have such a large foothold instead of lurking in the shadows?
Also, if the players leave the city as was mentioned a couple of times, would the City of Brass would become similar to how the Court of Swords was earlier in the series, with things progressing slowly until PC intervention?

(AdamKoebel) #11

If you mean Pravat Halfelven yeah he’s totally dead now. SMUSHED BY JUSTICE.

dragons are complex - they’re powerful spirits who once drew power and alliances from the terrestrial gods but as those gods dwindled, the dragons all kind of went away. some still exist, in lesser forms. they’re rare.

we’ll just have to seeeeeeee

[COURT OF SWORDS // E78 // Q&A] Little Brother Shadow
(AdamKoebel) #12

If the PCs leave, yeah I have a front I’d run out for the City of Brass over time, I think it would be an interesting like, Mordheim-style city of ruins and danger and shit if it falls.

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #13

Although, the void is technically an elemental thing, since alignment and souls are pre-Arcana, so I don’t actually know if the Mara and Void are related, besides both being generally related with misfortune and being cursed. Like you said, we don’t really know what the deal with the Mara are, but I think it’s been confirmed that they didn’t exist until the foundation of heaven? It would be cool though if a Court falling into chaos for whatever reason turned into the Court of the Void (There isn’t a Void Suit in Tarot, so who knows what it would actually be called.)

(apepi) #14

So judging my thoughts this is how this happened based on cause and effect.

Ramus convinces Justice that the Ahazia(not sure if spelling right) is no longer on the side of Heaven, going towards the Mara. So it dips out of the Ahazia, and the Mara takes it chance and corrupts them. That also helps convince the other Arcana to ditch them and side with the tower. Chariot has weapons of war, but sides with the Ahazia(or does not want to give them away) and the other Arcana wreck them and take the weapons(Maybe most of the Justice guys Arcana died?), so now there are just Judgement fanatics that don’t have Justice to tell them what to destroy?

(apepi) #15

I believe Adam at one point mentioned some people think that is they give the Void there own Court the the Mara wouldn’t exist, but that is just conjecture.

(santifrey) #16

would you consider doing a mara worshippers arc at some point im really liking the mara lore wouuld love to see more of it even if its just a short arc similar to the one you did with the tianchi

(RaSmodai) #17

Indeed just putting together musings from Adams prep not sure if there are any connections.

I’m equally interested to see if they are not in fact allied and things just got more chaotic as they compete in corrupting everything. I mean a Mara victory seems unlikely outcome to the war going on in the City but It would be nice to get more insight

(ButtsNGiggles) #18

I have been watching for a while now. Love the story, love the characters, and thank you all. What’s your favorite thing to do to spark your creativity during your planning sessions? Or have you been doing it for so long that it is just second nature now. One last question, I have subbed to Patreon RollPlay and do the post episode discussions post after you guys record record them or do we get the live feed as you film?

(AdamKoebel) #19

The post show will pop up in your feed as soon as we’re done and it’s processed! As far as planning goes, I read a ton of books and comics, watch movies and listen to music - everything is inspiration for me.

(Pierzing) #20

Awesome episode again this week, I totally thought someone was going to die ;__;

I think I remember Adam ruminating about the Heaven and the Farang fighting a two-fronted war against the Necromancer King and the Mara in one of the GM Prep videos. They don’t look they’re on good terms now, but if they worked it out it would be tight as hell. I really love how open ended this still feels with the various powers struggling for control.