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[COURT OF SWORDS // E64 Q&A] Four PCs and a Baby


(AdamKoebel) #42

The fighting is going on all the time, and the PCs aren’t the only ones who are contributing to the fight, so a long rest isn’t gonna doom anything, though the fronts keep on moving…

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #43

Ah, so it’s really more the covetous nature of dwarves than anything specific to do with the mace. Cool!

(Twitch: Brooster) #44

Adam seems to have gone with the Tolkien-literal dwarves in CoS (though he may object to that characterization), which is an interesting choice given the setting - it fits perfectly though. Every single time dwarves show up it spells trouble for Berg.

I’m really looking forward to finding the fire cultists and potential reunion with Lady Fire Bae.

I have to say that running on 1 HP the whole episode kept the tension tight as a drum, and was to my surprise something I would not have minded at all save for the exhaustion mechanic. Choices seem a bit different when you’re

It’s interesting how the girl ties into Sali’s quest in respect to Berg and the history of the battle with the Stone King. Definitely an opportunity for Sali and Berg to take some time together - a relationship which, by a considerable margin, is the least-explored throughout this entire arc. Especially if Sali is going to persist in his covert investigation of the bracer and rod.

Also, @AdamKoebel - The mountain upon which the Palace of the Immortals is built - Can you confirm or disconfirm whether it is Mount Parvat? Or is Parvat more metaphor than actual location?

(SoberCreativity) #45

I just want to know if they got any sweet magic items off of KueKrit? -Slave Master dood when they searched his place after live show. Granted like typical Court of Sword fashion the Players almost never get a moments rest.

In my the mind, Bergs arm is Hellboy style and if its strong enough I would imagine his stone arm could act as a shield. That’ll be neat.

(profnesbitt) #46

For Kalimats instrument I was thinking zills would work for him. Those are the finger cymbals worn by belly dancers. They are small and Kalimat could use them more to make a hypnotic pattern with them while he sings.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #47

It just occured to me that if Kali hadn’t kept watch with PEASENT VORTEX but slept instead, they probably would’ve been fine since they wouldn’t have noticed the cult procession :smiley: Depending on how deep their sleep would have been of course. Kinda like the scene in The Matrix, where the oracle goes “don’t worry about the vase”.

(Tarras_que) #48

Personally I think that Mount Parvat is in [spoiler]Heaven and the ending of the Primeval Arc was the creation of the Fountain (the synthesis of the essences of the three gods, dominated by a water goddess, thus a fountain)[/spoiler]

(Tarras_que) #49

We all know Kalimat is a fan of the mouth organ. Oh look an ancient Chinese version.

(Twitch: forgottenvk_b0t) #50

[spoiler] The fountain has always been around (in the “known” history we have so far), the Arcana is a different thing being formed to use the power of the fountain by separating it into smaller bits. The fountain was there before the Primeval Arc and thus the actions of the Primeval Arc couldn’t have created the fountain. [/spoiler]

(Twitch: eyearcana) #51

At 8:21:00 of the live show @DansGaming grabbed a bunch of rings off Kukrit that may be magical. I’m sure they will identify them on their next long rest.

(Chrisploitation) #52

Every time Adam mentioned Peasant Vortex talking away on her dialect I was imagining the scenes with Laura/X-23 in Logan when she’s just going off in Spanish. Hopefully they’ll get a long rest soon so Zeke can make use of his Comprehend Languages and actually communicate with her properly and figure out what they should do with her so they can get back to the battle over the City.

…oooh shiet, I just realized that Berg is in for some desperate times between keeping the girl safe and doing what the Tower/Hazan demand of him. Kill 'em all and let the bureacracy sort them out does not exempt ten year old girls.

(Twitch: Brooster) #53

Okay; that was something that has remained fairly ambiguous in my mind. I’m curious whether Adam would be willing to comment upon whether Parvat is an actual location. The Primordial Arc is certainly allegorical, but I’ve never been the best at sifting allegory from history when they are - or may be - mixed. Thus I tend to share Mr. Tolkien’s cordial dislike of allegory, as it is seldom delicate. In-world allegory is an interesting case, as it seems likelier to be free of the moralizing and pre-packaged conclusions to which the traditional sort is given.

@forgottenvk I think that Adam has said that the primordial arc is pre-fountain; that the “axis” upon which the fountain turns is humanity and at the time of the primordial arc there was neither Heaven nor Fountain, per se, at least not as they exist in the “present.” It may be in a GM prep or patreon vid, as I’m having trouble finding the specific video - it was around the beginning of the year, I believe.

I realized only after my previous post, but were Salihafa to have cast Sleep, he would have knocked every member of the group out along with Blue Eddy [Peasant Vortex]. Anyone think that would have turned out well?

(TwilightBorealis) #54

Salihafa no longer has sleep as a spell, since it only impacts targets up to a total of the HP he rolls. If he had it still and used it, he could take out Vortex but possibly not even a single attacker on top of that (depending on his roll). Based upon the fireball damage, it is easy to say that even if he rolled well there is mathematically no way for him to take out that whole group with sleep (which means mechanically it would buy him a single turn before their allies woke the sleeping target).

(AdamKoebel) #55

The Fountain has existed as long as creation has. It is the source of all life and souls in the world. Heaven was formed and the arcana founded when the gods decided to foster human enlightenment.

Parvat is a literal place but maybe we’ve forgotten where it was? Much has changed since then.

(Fimbulwolf) #56

To talk mechanics for a moment here, I wish someone would have reminded Max how powerful the ability score increase for strength for example could have been. Plus 5 hit mod, plus 5 damage mod and the increases for skills and saving throws, a mechanical improvement that also needs not to be remembered in terms of its usage.

(profnesbitt) #57

Eh his plus 2 hammer helps to mitigate this issue and allows him not to push strength to 20. If we are looking extremely long term he has 3 more asi which could easily be used to get strength to 20 and Dex and Con to 14 while taking resilient Dex for proficiency in those saves if he wants. That plus if he starts having trouble hitting things he can always reckless attack more. A feat half orcs and humans can take that I wish they had mentioned was prodigy this allows them to get a skill and give a skill expertise. Expertise is what allows rogues and bards to add double their proficiency bonus to a skill. I love that other classes can do that now if they are a human halfelf or halforc. You can finally build an all stealth party without everyone being the same classes.

One thing I’m curious about, I was reading orcish fury’s once per short rest adding a weapon die to your attack ability. The way I’m reading this seems to imply you can choose to use it after making a hit so you could wait until you roll a crit and then use it in order to double the dice on it. I’m not sure if that’s allowed but it adds a little savvyness to when to use it.

(KidCronos) #58

I think they probably would have been discovered regardless of what they did. Also, it’s Adam were talking about here, I get the feeling something worse may have happened if no one kept watch. :itmejpgm::itmejpgmtpk:

(Fimbulwolf) #59

While orcish fury certainly is unique and narratively fitting, I think its mechanical impact is underwhelming to say the least. One usage per rest is slim and the occurance of relentless endurance is rare at this point.

(profnesbitt) #60

I think it’s going to end up being stronger than it appears, just from happenstance the number of times the enemy only needed to be hit one or two more times after Berg has gone to one feels like it’s been a lot (don’t know if the numbers support that but it certainly feels that way). The good thing about going Berserker over the other subclasses is you don’t have to use any feats on great weapon or polearm master to get that bonus action attack. So you have more flexibility for other feats.

One thing of note I noticed recently, the Berserker Frenzy ability is one of if not the only way in 5e to get a bonus action attack without taking the attack action first. All the other ones I can see require you to take the attack action in order to use your bonus action attack. It’s very niche but if there were ever an occasion for Berg to need his action for something else he could still attack. He could dash or dodge and still get a single melee attack. It’s a really cool design for a subclass that’s considered “suboptimal” due to how bad exhaustion is.

(Fimbulwolf) #61

Exhaustion isnt even that bad with a cleric in the party, and yes I think the Berserker route is underrated, because a multi-attacker with a high damage mod results in a really high average damage output. Assuming you double down on increasing said damage mod, which leads me to my original point. Come level 9, Berg could be looking at a plus 10 for his damage mod, if he went for that score increase of course.