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[COURT OF SWORDS // E64 Q&A] Four PCs and a Baby


(AdamKoebel) #1


(Olf_Himself) #2

I need more of my favorite cop drama Thoughts & Prayers.

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #3

So babysitting this kid is a deadly goal right?

Also, Ramus and Salis magic buddy cop thing is quickly becoming my favorite part of this show

(DickEarthquak3) #4

feel like i should do this now so cough ADAM YOU ARE THE BEST GM

(Twitch: Yggddrasylle) #5

Hey Adam, was the dwarf’s reaction to the lady hammer just that character’s greed or was it a hint to some possible underlying magic that it has?

(Ty_martinez) #6

I really hope kalimat gets in touch with that female guard cuz you know that in 10 years a bunch of ladies hes slept with will be calling for him to give child support.

(NicVspz) #7

Any thoughts on just letting the PCs have one or two uses of Inspiration per session instead of handing it out “manually”? Seems like it would get that mechanic a bit more out of the way without completely leaving it behind

(Space_Waffles) #8

Who cares about the badass Mara chick with the ingrained armor, Azure Vortex: My Two Dads was the highlight of the episode. They are awful parents and I love them

(AdamKoebel) #9

he’s a soulless cleric with a heart of uhhh, gold?
he’s a turtle-man who’ll stop at nothing to learn the truth.


(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #10


The last wielder of the mace was a dwarf and when Berg saw the reflection of his soul in the mirror-house back at the Seclusium, the dwarf was just staring at the mace.

Maybe it has some kind of effect that makes dwarves covet it? It doesn’t seem to have affected Berg or anyone else in the party at all.

(AdamKoebel) #11

more about the dwarf than about the mace

(shellbell02) #12

i think dwarves just get super greedy about most things made of metal

(Aythers) #13

I wanted Zeke to knock the girl out when she started screaming. Dan’s Fireballs were AWESOME! Zeke stealing his $ back, and Berg knocking the dwarf out were also memorable. Looking forward to when they actually get to rest and get back to more “main story” stuff!

(Qu4resm4) #14

Someone in chat thought that Hazel Eyed dragon lady could be Thuy, I thought nah, but then I remembered kobolds do mingle with dragons…

BUT I’M LOVING THE #NEWTHUY in KidAzureVortex2.0 and how Adam is portraying her. Can’t wait to see it all develop!

(Bgriffs) #15

I’m amazed that the rest of the party didn’t get boned by Kali stealing his gold back. That close save on the performance roll by Dan was great.

(TheDesec) #16

Adam you cruel son of parents. You couldn’t just have them get a full rest, could you?
*shakes head happily*

:itmejpcute::itmejpgg:   :adamhorse::adamgm:

(apepi) #17

Trying to remember if it was ever brought up why the Court of Swords worshipped Elephants.

Wasn’t the girl Genasi in vision? And for Bardic Inspiration you choose to add it to your roll after you roll(but before you get the results).

(thyL) #18

I forgot how fun you can make kid NPCs since Thuy, Adam.

Was wondering if the elephant’s owner maybe could have been from the area where reborn Azure is from or could have travelled it/gotten the elephant from some rural part of the Court of Swords and if he might have been able to translate a bit for Ramus and Sali? But oh well. :smiley:
Very fun episode, a noteable change after the inhouse show, but it’s just so great that we get so much CoS content. Love the show.

(AdamKoebel) #19

Folks interested in the characterization of [PEASANT VORTEX] vs like Thuy, the thing is that the former is a confused little farm girl with no context or shared language - she’s not trying to be difficult, she’s just, you know, a kid. Thuy was a badass, she was older, protected her brother and was fierce in a way [PEASANT VORTEX] isn’t.

(Bgriffs) #20

Hopefully now that they’ve made it to the police station and relative safety they can catch a break and rest up. Knowing Adam, probably not.