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[COURT OF SWORDS // E58 Q&A] It Was All Going So Well


(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #61

I am aware of that, but Berg hasn’t been in combat since he himself drank the water, and I was wondering if it would have any effect on the powers given to him by the shadowy passenger (especially since the common theory is that part of it fled into the hammer when Berg drank the fountain’s water, which was what broke it.)

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #62

It wouldn’t be as incredibly interesting to see all of the convoluted, unforeseen, and neigh impossible ways it can all hit the fan if it were possible!

(SoCutey) #63

Yeah, Zeke is great at this, I am more worried about JP but time will tell :slight_smile:

(SoCutey) #64

Yeah, the party should really not give the message to the god of flames before they themselves have released the elemental prisoner because it could mean the end of many thousands of people including themselves.

(SuspiciousTaste) #65

@AdamKoebel Did you change the multiplier you gave out for xp since you released the zine (16 I think)? It seemed that player goal xp was x2 instead of x3 from the zine. Is that a correct observation and if it is, are you planning to release an updated version or is it still in beta and you aren’t ready to release an update yet?

(disusedgenius) #66

Could you guys just drop all your personal and professional commitments and do the next episode, like, now so I don’t have to wait?

(Fimbulwolf) #67

I think there are meta-layers to this we are yet to fully grasp. We shouldnt be forgetting what Berg, maybe deliberately , failed to disclose to Utrix, which is the fact that Innana personally examined Berg for days. She must know. She has to be aware of what resides within Berg and its implications, since she also knows about that transdimensional conflict and that Utrix has taken a side in it. What if Innana sent them there, because she speculated on the vast corruption Berg and his beloved hammer may cause to Utrix’s realm? What better objective could she give to her pawns, than an objective that not even Utrix may see through?

(Edokdyshi) #68

Does anyone know what Zeke met? I know Adam gives hint about who it is but honestly I am not smart and have a hard time making these connection so if someone could spoiler blank it in reply ?? I would be grateful!

(Possibly Batman) #69

We don’t know, at least not for sure

(jduats) #70

We don’t know for sure but, [spoiler]its implied that the stranger with no name is an elf. Kalimat draws two new Tarot cards in his presence, the Pyramid and the Scarab, which are images that we saw relating to the elves in Day[9]'s arc. The elves are colonists from another dimension, which explains why they would have a different set of major arcana. As for why the entity looked like a dragonborn? I dunno, magic? [/spoiler]

(Monstercloud1) #71

[spoiler]If it is an elf, there’s two possible explanations. The first is obvious in that he used magic to change his shape. The second is that, IIRC, when the group encountered the armored guy near the pyramid, it spoke to them through telepathy. What if the “elf” was strong enough to project what Kalimat wanted to see into his head?[/spoiler]

(profnesbitt) #72

Yea we aren’t sure what it is exactly I have a few guesses based on hints. [spoiler]My guess is that its one of the Farang (Elves). When they were in the village before they got to Utrix’s Seclusium I believe someone in the town mentioned one being there, but that might be referring to the guest Salihafa met. The sound they heard before they went down the hall matched the sound they heard when Berg, Jubilant, and Azriel found the prism containing a humanoid shape. (When they touched the prism they each had to make a Wisdom Save Jubilant and Azriel rolled above a 20 and each got boons and Berg rolled a 15 and got a boon with a downside, his necrotic ability and “dark passenger”). The Tarot cards being a pyramid and scarab elude to it being a Farang as well. It will be very interesting if Berg meets this thing since we know that there are at least two types of these elves and they are were at war with one another. If Berg’s passenger is the opposite kind to this one could lead to a lot of trouble for the party. [/spoiler]

(profnesbitt) #73

Great episode again. This was definitely one of those weeks where I didn’t want it to stop. I just hope before they leave Salihafa finds a wizard scroll or two. I’m really curious if Salihafa were to learn a Wizard spell here if it would work in the regular world. Is Utrix powerful enough to have created his own spells separate from “standard spells” like Mordekainen & Leomund did in normal D&D Lore? I would assume so, but could other wizard’s learn them and would they act differently than normal spells since magic here works different. So many little inconsequential lore questions, its great. Can’t wait til next week.

(Olf_Himself) #74

[spoiler] My take on why he looked like a Dragonborn is that he’s under a spell, either by Utrix or the Dungeon itself. Notice how when Kali meets him he’s with his back to him with a hood up. I’m pretty sure he was an Elf until he turned around. My theory is that he’s not allowed to remember even his true shape, so he takes on the shape of whoever speaks with him. I think he’d have been a Tortle if Sali met him. Then when Kali opened the door the spell was released and he perhaps got his powers back.[/spoiler]

(Edokdyshi) #75

Thank you everyone who replied and talked theory. Loved reading it and it helped me know more and also get even more intrigued in the next episode :blush:

(AdamKoebel) #76

This whole thread gives me so much life. All y’all being so interested, excited and knowledgeable about the mysteries of the setting make me so incredibly happy and proud to be building this world. Thank you!

(TheDesec) #77

Hey Adam, on behalf of everyone here:

(BorisIgnatievich) #78

The xp for a goal is just a multiplier of the xp for an encounter at their level right?

In which case, the number of “medium” encounters to get through a level is roughly constant until level 10. (xp for a medium 1 person encounter divided by the amount of xp to level up is approx 15 for each level 5 through 9). Level 10 takes a bit longer at 17.5 encounters, then it drops to between 9 and 10 for levels 11-14.*

So if it is going to be an issue, it will probably show up when people hit lvl 11 and others are down at 9 or 10. Assuming players that complete goals at something approaching the same rate anyway

*encounter numbers from kfc, level totals from the roll20 compendium

(Olf_Himself) #79

One thing I could see happening is that someone starts a hard personal quest and then gives up on it after a certain number of episodes. If that happened they’d definitely fall behind someone who is clearing smaller quests each episode.
I think the smart thing would be to always have an easy to medium quest as one of your quest slots so you’re consistently earning XP.

(BusWindow) #80

Hey @AdamKoebel, what would have happened if they simply poured out one of the flasks of Fountain water that they had just filled onto the hammer. Would it have shown a smaller scale effect like some purple/magenta steam coming off of it? Or would it be no effect since the water has been pulled from the Fountain? On a similar note, does the power of the Fountain, either real or replica, come from the water? or from the stone? or some magical connection to the source that you mentioned when you said the water level doesn’t go down?