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[COURT OF SWORDS // E58 Q&A] It Was All Going So Well


(Space_Waffles) #41

Ok so I’m gonna do the spoiler thing just in case I am right but Adam is way smarter than me and probably has so much more planned so I am most likely wrong.

[spoiler]So way back when, berg had that one dream where there was the giant evil snake god or whatever, and then later on Berg gets his gift/curse from the crystal which leads to other entities all attached to Berg. So we know that the snake god awakened earlier in the show, so there is a possibility that what Kalimat released is the physical form of that god that plans to eat the world (or whatever). The thing may also have an interest in Berg, as well as whatever dark passenger colonists the lifesteal comes from. So uh even though this was gonna be the main RollPlay show, it seems we may be at the beginning of the end. [/spoiler]

Great episode, I absolutely can’t wait for next week!

(AdamKoebel) #42

Hazzan is a very busy Agent of the Tower, working for its interests in heaven, just now.

(Monstercloud1) #43

Wizards, all mighty, powerful, and all knowing… will never “Adventurer proof” their demiplane.

(AdamKoebel) #44

I think the Oubliette might not entirely be a thing under Utrix’s control…

(apepi) #45

Or perhaps Utrix adheres to “No power greater than choice.” :laughing:

(TheWorklessGamer) #46

Douglas Adams said it best I think “Anyone who intends to make something fullproof is underestimating the genius and ingenuity of complete fools.”

(AbyssionKnight) #47

Yeah the life steal is tied to berg, but remember he drank the water of the fountain, so we don’t know for sure if that water just had no effect against Berg beyond damage, of it if possibly damaged his life steal, similar to how the water ‘damaged’ his hammer.

(Ringpeace) #48

Is the reason Berg couldn’t attune to the Hammer because he got cleansed of the dark shard by the fountain water and the hammer is still corrupted? Something like the hammer doesn’t recognize Berg anymore? Would that mean that Berg either has to be corrupted again or cleanse the hammer to attune to it?

(notNOTjack) #49

Things were going so peacefully… and then these dark clad, hooded individuals came in here and did all this. Yeah! It was so fast, they came in and disappeared so fast we barely had time to realize what was happening, Mister Utrix. Oh, no, no! We weren’t near the fountain whatsoever, no way. And the oubli-what? Never heard of it. What about you? Berg? KALIMAT? Nah… no idea.

Wonderful episode guys :smiley:

(Monstercloud1) #50

Yeah, but the fountain was right there, in the open… Utrix didn’t even TRY.

(SoCutey) #51

@AdamKoebel With the XP system that you’re using (given xp based on goals and level). Doesn’t that mean that the higher level characters will always get more experience than the lower level characters? And wouldn’t that mean that the characters that are higher level will push away xp wise from the lower level ones?

Berg and Ramus are level 7 and will get more xp from every quest they do than Salihafa and Kalimat. Was that the intention with the new xp system?

What about basing the xp on the highest level person in the party. That way you ensure that everybody is progressing at the same speed and not too slow. Or basing the xp system on the lower level characters. That way you encourage people mechanicly to help the lower level characters finish their goals so they can get more xp from every goal.

(Olf_Himself) #52

The distance between later levels is huge though so maybe it won’t be that much of a problem.

(SoCutey) #53

Maybe, I haven’t done the math yet. But to me the gab seems only to become larger if people are finishing goals at the same rate

(Twitch: uzling) #54

Love love LOVE IT! more CoS please :slight_smile: next weeks episode is so fare away!

(AdamKoebel) #55

The first and most significant weakness of all the Sahir is their utter confidence in their own security in the universe. They have the smug assurance that nothing could possibly go wrong.

(AdamKoebel) #56

The goals are scaled on difficulty, but yeah, lower level characters earn a smaller percentage of their total level on any given goal. We’ll see if the gap endures. I have a feeling it’ll depend on the ambitions of the players. Zeke has resolved like, six goals already, for example.

(Monstercloud1) #57

Berg went through HOW many rings?! [spoiler]That’s like some dude from South Korea crossing the DMZ and still being invited to dinner by Kim Jong Un with a radiant spotlight under the nuke button.

You know what? Now I’m GLAD the party done goofed. Utrix is a clod. They should go back to Inanna expecting a reward. [/spoiler]

(Olf_Himself) #58

I’m pretty sure that the Nameless One would take on the shape of whoever is in front of him. He was a dragonborn with Kali and I’m sure he’d been a Tortle if Sali went there. What I want to know is what would have happened if Berg was there considering his soul passenger.

(Chrisploitation) #59

In fact, if memory serves me well, he even gave Berg and Ramus some “vacation” because he’s so busy he really can’t supervise them. I can’t wait to see what happens if/when they meet again.

Hazzan: “So boys, did you do anything interesting on your vacation?”

Ramus: “Weeeeell, we upended the sanctum of one of the Sahir, resulting in the death of his most loyal servant and caused untold damage and undoing centuries of careful work”

Berg: “Also, we pledged ourselves to bring a message to a god of flames and wrath which might result in the end of civilizations”

Hazzan: “I don’t even know why I thought I needed to coach you guys in the first place”

(tsquared0000) #60

So when they were in the spa all I could imagine is the instrumental to Careless Whisper by George Michael playing