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[COURT OF SWORDS // E58 Q&A] It Was All Going So Well


(AdamKoebel) #1

open the door, zeke. open the door.

(Olf_Himself) #2

Whelp, I guess I got my question from last week’s thread answered. :itmejplol:

(TheWorklessGamer) #3

I have had the ointment conversation with a friend. Also amazing responses at the end

(TheWorklessGamer) #4

Also headphone warning:

(Twitch: lifesylph) #5

(Ty_martinez) #6

welp allot of shit happened and that ending i feel like we just opened pandoras box and we wont be able to close it hopefully im wrong but this is the feeling im getting. on this note @AdamKoebel what is the new plan for starting a new character if someone dies now that zeke is a full time cast member will you start a new character as the level of the lowest level party member or do you have another plan in mind?

(ratzuka) #7

What arm did berg use to pick up the haammer, or is it maybe not a issue?

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #8

These jokes get me every time.

(Mechrior) #9

Well wasn’t that just a whole load of awesome!

Next week cant come soon enough… had a really bad feeling the hammer being part of berg was gonna mess something up XD

(Bgriffs) #10

Man, the live show is shaping up to be one big gooey fire show.

Can’t wait.

(Sidnish) #11

I don’t think I have ever been so proud to support you guys on Patreon. Superb work all round.

(Possibly Batman) #12

Utrix when he comes back and finds the fountain melted and the door open:

Another amazing episde. Can’t wait to see the fallout.

(VyRe40) #13

Hopefully you’re wrong?

I’m hoping you’re right. :itmejpgmleft::itmejpgmlol::itmejpgmright:

(Qu4resm4) #14

“Don’t make Utrix take an interest in you, or you might not be allowed to leave”

Great Job guys! XD

I. CANNOT. WAIT. For the next Prep Session where Adam talk everything about what just happen =D

(AbyssionKnight) #15

I loved this episode, and am really excited to see more of the creature from the prison!

Part of me worries that beyond general panic and chaos, nothing bad will happen in Utrix’s lands, but then they’ll leave here and return to the court of wands, and just find like, an Elven invasion is going on or something. Elves seem advanced, so I can just imagine them having like dropships in the sky and their weird armored units just pouring out of them and falling into the city.

Then two courts will be ruined by the player characters.

Also love the fact that these characters definitely represent The Tower with their actions.

(Ty_martinez) #16

im ok with im right but this episode just went from being i think the party is getting somewhere to Fuck it lets burn it all down

(Veirdan) #17

Fuck yes! Last week and this week’s episodes are why I love Court of Swords. All the revelations, connections, and impactful choices are amazing. Thank you Adam, JP, Max, Dan, and Zeke for making this show what it is!

(Twitch: lifesylph) #18

the tower is ONE HAPPY ARCANA rn

(Twitch: SageOfTheWood) #19

That was the most D&D endings to ever D&D. Like, WOW, did it it the fan so fast! Once again, such a great episode. I feel like more development has happened in these past few episodes than would happen in an entire season pre-reboot. I’m loving all the characters, and each episode gets even better. Can’t wait to see Berg get into a battle, so we can see what exactly what effects the fountain had on the Apology and on Bergs Necromantic Life Steal. I can’t wait until next week, and I can just feel Adam’s DM joy that his players split into two groups and both, completely independently of each other, fricked literally everything up.

(Possibly Batman) #20

Oh yeah. I love when this stuff happens in my own campaigns (and I would guess Adam is ecstatic right now :itmejpgmleft: :itmejpgmlol: :itmejpgmright: )