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[COURT OF SWORDS // E58 Q&A] It Was All Going So Well


(saberthedarklord) #81

What im curious about is what would have happened if Berg, Sali, And Ramus went with Kali. Would they have seen the same thing, or would they have seen another member of their own kind suffering, tempting them to open the door?

(fiflifl) #82

If Berg can attune to The Apology now… Please make him go Carnage when he rages. The sludge just covers him and changes him (At a terrible price). It would be VERY Berg.

(VyRe40) #83

I’d do 1 hard and 3 easy, personally. The huge XP bump eventually would be worth it IMO.

(saberthedarklord) #84

Absolute favorite setting of all time, I really hope there is a setting guide in the future!

(Kernal9911) #85

@AdamKoebel, did I correctly hear a reference to Sanderson’s Shardblades here? Are we entering the Cosmere?

(AdamKoebel) #86

Everything about the Fountain is a metaphor, which may be why Utrix wasn’t able to capture it in his attempt.

(AdamKoebel) #87

You did not, unfortunately. Not a big Sanderson fan, myself.

(DanielLannister1408) #88

I don’t see a image :frowning:

(Qu4resm4) #89

And I just wanted to let you know that despite me not being insightful to write something as some of the folks here, I’ll let you know that I just as much excited and interested in all about

CoS! Anyway, we’ll always have the “Snake’s Fang” realization =D
searchs through his own tweets to remind him of his past grace

(Tarras_que) #90

For those with pointy eared hopes
[spoiler]The way the Nameless One is described heavily implies a connection to the Sleeping Serpent. Black scales, golden claws, matches with the dragon/yuan-ti boss description in Morgan’s arc. Also Pyramids were heavily featured in that arc as well. Unless Adam has a real hard on for that particular color scheme (who knows?), I’d say that this connection was on purpose. Kalimat probably just woke a sleeping dark god, or at least got him a lot closer. Perhaps this where it’s physical form (or a part of it) slumbered.

Black Dragon vs Necromancer King showdown in the Valley? Throw in some fire elementals for a good time.

The scarab card does harken more toward the elves, however it does not match the Nameless One (and if the Ki-rin does not know about this prisoner I doubt the Gith do). If we go with the disguise/illusion theory how can you trust the cards? If we can’t trust Kalimat’s senses here at least every visual clue is in doubt.

Also shame on you Adam calling it the Oubliette without the door being on top of the cell. :wink:#TrapdoorGate