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With the new changes, I'm looking to jump into CoS but


(Jaegan) #1

I've only watched the first couple episodes and didn't keep going for a variety of reasons. Adam's XP System Revamp has me interested in getting back into a DnD show for the first time in a while. That being said, There are more or less 50 episodes worth of missed content that make me feel like I am going to be missing a lot (in the setting/worldbuilding if nothing else). Is there any good way to get up to speed in a general sense? Typically I only get to have things like this as audio so it would be difficult to, say, read 50 episode summaries on a wiki.

Thanks in advance!

(profnesbitt) #2

Start at week 9 if you want to start from the “beginning”. Weeks before that are pretty much a prologue at this point. Week 11 is where Berg comes in so it’s a decent place to start. If you are looking for story arcs and where they really started to hit their stride the persnidgetron arc starts at week 15 and goes through week 22. Weeks 23 to 35 is another story arc and a half or so. Week 36 is the first episode in their current location that had an arc that went from weeks 36 to 47. I don’t know how much you want spoiled or how much we can spoil but each of those arcs significantly impact Berg in different ways. And as a side note from going through the previous episodes doing this week 25 parts 3 and 4 (Dino crisis) has the best fight in Court is Swords history and the week after that has the best Berg is unkillable moment in the mines.

(Typoko) #3

IMHO Watch the current episode first and then start filling in from episode 36 and as there is so much to catch up just skip to next hour on YT when things start to bog down. The arc that was just before this one had really good episodes at the end (45+) so if you skip the stuff before that i would suggest watching those. At least they were fun for me as they had interesting combat and RP. It might be a bit confusing at start why players are suspicious of another player but it might just work great as then you know as little as the other player characters. :slight_smile:

(VyRe40) #4

Honestly, to me... the latest episode does a really good job of starting fresh and putting the past behind. The way the episode played out, they pretty much spend a lot of the show organically bringing the audience completely up to speed with the core character's history in this campaign by summarizing it all as tales of past adventures told over drinks, literally. They cover almost all the past story beats from the angle of JP's new character as a scholar.

(profnesbitt) #5

Thank you. I meant to put that at the beginning of my post and completely forgot. This arc is a great one to start with. JPs character and Zeke asking questions out of character will probabaly fill in a lot of the history. I just took this post as an opportunity to note down a few different jumping in points for fans of the show.

(Landwaker) #6

Semi-shameless plug for my parody recap song!

I made it to celebrate 50 episodes before the changes were announced, so it ended up as sort of an ode to the first cycle of the show. The new era has started off great and already has me ruminating on another tune...

(ProxyClouds) #7

There are some really good RP even in the "old" CoS imo. Dan and Max have a really great moment that I'm 100% sure that you don't wanna miss, you will know what moment I mean when it happens. But basicly start were Berg start his arc (the growth of the PC and Max's RP and understanding of DnD is great!) and skip all episodes he's not in. :slight_smile:

(ProxyClouds) #8

Basicly start here .

Max's PC died in the last episode, the cast is a band of prisoners that has been given a chance to "earn" their freedom by doing deadly tasks. They have just finished a task (were Max PC died) in a cave full of BIG spiders and fought a bunch of soldiers (where Max's PC was killed) and are on there way back to the task handler.

(pepryce) #9

In addition to this above, in Zeke's character creation video on his Twitch VODs, Adam does a great little overview of what the world is and other little bits and pieces which I had forgotten as well if you are struggling to remember.

There is some stuff in the most recent episode which harks back to when Day9 guested. This starts from Episode 15. Hope that helps!