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itmeJP Community

Who would you like to see on RollPlay?

Twitch people
Shannon z killer
Curvy llama

Internet People/Celebs
Nika harper
Allison haislip
Kevin smith
Trisha Hershberger

Just some off the top of my head

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I’ll throw my name in the hat to make an appearance :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I think some kind of military-based one shot, with Break, Sacriel and a couple of other shooter streamers could be fun.

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Neal really hasn’t played much 5e and is even doing a fun mechanic themed campaign on his channel to get better with it. It’s not really that he doesn’t like it he just isn’t familiar with it. Also he tends towards low magic which 5e doesn’t do as well.

I think that vg twitch streamers make up the largest part of the players on Rollpay, and while I really appreciate almost all of the people you’ve had on, I think that getting some people from other sources would be good for the channel. The examples I’ve included are just the first ideas that came to mind when I thought of these categories.

RPG Industry peeps: Like Fred Hicks (Evil Hat), Luke Crane(burning wheel), Jason Morningstar(fiasco/night witches), Ben Robbins(microscope/west marches).
Rollplay adjacent peeps: Sean and Strass from Bloodletters, some people from Geek and Sundry esp. Wil Wheaton, Eric Vulgaris & Matt Colville.
Other creative peeps: Brandon Sanderson (author), Rob Daviou (boardgame designer), Max Landis (screenwriter).
There are many more people in each category that I could choose.


Ryan Moore on any show with geoff and or JP, the man is extremely funny imo, and he matches Geoffs style of humor really well.

After the Mouse Guard one shot I would really like to see Jesse (Fairlight_Excalibur) back for something else. Really enjoyed his RP and presence in the game.


I’d love to see BurkeBlack, He’s expressed interest in the past, and the guy lives for RP. I think he’d add a lot to Rollplay

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So I was watching a video over at

and while Matt at aFistfulofDice uses YouTube instead of Twitch, I think he would be an awesome GM for at least a Rollplay oneshot show, could even be a good player to have on. The guy seems to already have some nice recording equipment.

He’s known for GMing his 5th Ed Provokers game with some other YouTube streamers.

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Thread Necromancy Ahoy!

Sorry to reanimate this thread, but I was just thinking about this and…

Sky Williams. If he could keep on track and get down to RP, in the right game and setting, he could be amazing.

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This might be one of those threads where necromancy is encouraged…

Ontopic… I’ve recently re-watched a few episode of the big bang theory… they do some fake D&D in the show! Not that it’ll be realistic, but I’d like to see them play a session for real! Sheldor the Conqueror hype?