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Who would you like to see on RollPlay?


(Kol_Saresk) #95

Dude, it's like the lovechild between Cowboy Bepop and Farscape. I want in lol,

(AdamKoebel) #96

This is a great idea - Danika, Patrick and Danielle were hilarious in the Dungeon World one-shot we did.

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #97

Would love to see any of the Roosterteeth guys on the show, Also a Ryan "Ass" Moore guest appearance would be fantastico for us OG RollPlay fans.

(tralfamadorian42) #98

The Dogs in the Vineyard one shot was one of the best shows Rollplay has ever done because the cast had extensive DMing experience. I am strongly in favor of other one shots or campaigns with similarly experienced casts.

(TheDesec) #99

Recap: Who would you like to see on RollPlay?

Returning People:
* Neal
* Adam (as player)
* Neal, Ryan, Gen and Geoff (reunion)
* Matt Mercer (DMing a One-Shot)
* Steven (as DM for TB in a wrestling game)
* Zeke (as DM)
* Adam, Steven, Neal and John (as players in a One-Shot)
* Kaitlyn
* Shannon
* Maggie
* Aureylian
* Jesse, Strippin, TB and Dodger (in a Wrestling game)
* Adam, Steven, Neal and Goeff (DMed by John)
* ManVSGame
* Cohh
* Trump
* Sean
* Austin Walker

New People:
* more critical role people
* Futureman (as time traveler in CoS with "high tech")
* Chris Perkins
* Hafu
* Witwix
* Vin Diesel
* Felicia Day
* Will Wheaton
* ExcessiveProfanity
* ExcessiveProfanity, Witwix, ManVSGame maybe Zeke as 4th player
* Survival style game with Timthetatman, Lirik, Shortyy and Sacriel.
* Bikeman
* Bennyfits
* Yahtzee Croshaw, of "Zero Punctuation"
* Adams little brother (the Koebels vs. the McDaniels)
* Andrew
* Mr Moon
* Beaglerush
* Maximilion Dood
* Brit Weisman
* Bluejay
* DistractedElf
* Dave
* anyone from Roll20 channel
* James from One Shot
* someone from Welcome to Night Vale
* Tasteless and Artosis
* Sir Scoots
* Shortyy
* Sacriel
* Fairlight
* Sarah Richardson
* Shaun Hayworth
* Alex Roberts
* Judd Karlman
* Todd Nicholas and Megan Pedersen from the JankCast
* Kat Kuhl
* James D’Amato
* Whitney Beltrán
* Arnold Delgado AKA Murder of Birds
* Jack De Quidt
* Tristarae
* folks from Waypoint, like Danielle Riendeau, Patrick Klepek, Danika Harrod
* the Roosterteeth guys

I don't know many of the names. I might have missed someone. List is from top to bottom, so no particular order. Some were mentioned multiple times. I'd assume anyone listed is requested "in general", so additional specifications are in brackets.

(Twitch: starzero) #100

Anyone from Adam's current Roll20 crew, really great roleplayers all around and Dave, Andrew and Elf are very experienced DnD players in terms of rules on top of that. Would be great for guesting on CoS.

Other people I'd love to return / make their first appareance: Tristarae, Austin Walker, Anna Prosser, Maggie, Trump, Shannon and of course Kaitlyn.

(Kol_Saresk) #101

Yes, @AdamKoebel and Bluejay's Conan RPG Improv during a server update was a real treat. Would definitely like to see more of that.

Maybe have Bluejay, Jesse, and Pokket in a show together. Not sure who would make a decent grounding element. Maybe TB if he was willing and able. He can be the chaperone lol.

(Doogledm1) #103

Holy shit, there is nothing I'd like to see more than all the GMs in a game as players. That sounds amazing. Somebody make this happen, even if just for a one shot!

(TheDesec) #104

Thought about it. How about a one shot with Jesse, Strippin, Dodger and Crendor as player, DMed by TB!?

(iilucreative) #105

Adam, Steven, Neal and John, with Mercer GMing :itmejpgasm:

(Doogledm1) #106

What unholy deity do I have to devote myself too to make this happen?

(Unfortunatename) #107

The Angry GM - a GMing veteran of nearly 30 years with a focus on DnD and 5th in particular. He writes lengthy and and insightful blogs about design, hacking and solving GMing problems. Despite having a very particular approach to what he wants from games and approaching things from a different angle to Mr Koebel, they arrive at similar understandings, conclusion and advice from differing perspectives.

I cant recommend the blogs enough. He even swears which i am told is edgy.

(reavor) #108

I want to see john harper, neal, matt mercer, adam as players, and geoff as GM.

(AdamKoebel) #109

It's on my Highlights!

(AdamKoebel) #111

Nah, that stuff will likely never make it to youtube. Some stuff stays on the Twitch vods!

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #113

Jesse Cox' scary gamesquad sounds fun. But i have no idea if they even like D&D... :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kol_Saresk) #114

Doesn't have to be DnD. Literally three fourths of the squad also does Star Wars New Canon Book Club, so they could perhaps do a Star Wars one shot. "The Hunt for Agent Talon". Or "Agent Talon's Grand Adventure".

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #115

Now that... would be freakin' fantastic.

(Kol_Saresk) #116

It'd be the perfect group for it to. Davis could even be Pokket's kid! lol

(pepryce) #117

Has anyone mentioned Trihex at all? Very eloquent and entertaining whenever I see him - if Rollplay decided to go with new people I would be interested to see how he got on.

Also, bring back Maggie and Shannon - both awesome :slight_smile: