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What games and/or players would you like to see in a future One-Shot?


(KuP_) #41

Seconded. Chill, funny, guy who I feel would gel well with any group.

(Cerberouse) #42

Nah mang, get JP, Caitlyn and Zeke on; get literally absolutely nothing done for hours on end >:3

(TheDesec) #43

I'd like to see a game filled with DMs... I miss @AdamKoebel's and Steven's DM lawyering...

Give me a return of @koibu and @silent0siris, throw in a @Tristarae, bribe @OneSevenDesign and @MatthewMercer and each episode we roll who'll be DM for the day! I don't care about the story, I want them to fight about rules!

"I'll have you know, on page 266 of the PHB it clearly says that 'a shapechanger
automaticly succeeds on a wisdom saving throws against POLYMORPH', so you 
can in fact not turn me, the druid, who changes shapes, into a delicious, golden
brown roasted duck."

(I don't know if it works like this. Sorry!)

(banned) #44

We do it with all Rollplay DM's Steven, Adam, John, Koibu, and Geoff (or Dooger/JP).

(Kol_Saresk) #45

I feel like there should be a massive Civ VI multiplayer free for all where everyone role plays their chosen Civ leader.

(ray__ragnarok) #46

I would love to see Kaitlyn on a Burning Wheel show.
I can only imagine all of the flaws that she would buy.

(im4u2nv000) #47

what About Sherlock Humes, (i think that is his name) he is the DM from the Yogscast show.

it should fit i bill. they have a big following also. and he has some good content

(banned) #48

Slightly off topic, but are the Yogscast still a thing? I quit paying attention about them after the whole TB fallout thing.

(Liorean) #49

Well, not sure if it's a one-shottable game, but I'd like to see how the recent new edition of Exalted plays. (Honestly I haven't seen any version of it played, I just read some of the fiction in the setting, and I fell in love with it.)

(StillAnotherOne) #50

They are still successful. The main channel seems to bring in more views than TB on most WTF is' and of course varying success on the other channels. Still mostly minecraft for some of them and some of them seemed to slightly distance themselves from the brand some months back and changed the channelname to just their name (like Sips did ages ago). They got a rather successful DnD stream (~20k yt-views per episode, dunno live) and streaming content every day afaik. So yeah, They are. [Not to pull this out too long, but the fallout was only between 1-2 people and TB really]

and also


(Drumurboy) #51

With all the Final Fantasy happening right now (Fandom, Adam playing through VI and XV coming soon) I'd love to see a Ryuutama One Shot FF style.

Dunno if there is already a thread for one shot theme suggestions, but I assume if there is this will be moved to the appropriate space :grin:

(UnpaidSatyr) #52

This would be great, I think JP or DJWheat could be a good option as well.

(Covert_Madness) #53

I would love to see @AdamKoebel GM Don't Rest Your Head. It is insomniacs who gain super powers, unlock the shadow world and basically go a little insane.

Secondly as a really experimental option, I would love to see Adam +1 play Mars Colony (needs to be someone into political intrigue). Mars Colony is a 2 player only RPG that a whole game is a one-shot about the politics of a colony on Mars (workers rights in messed up situations or control of resources or military control issues, etc). Again this would be super r&d oneshot since it is literally a GM +1.

Someone please make either of these happen :smile:

(Samaron2012) #54

im really hoping if they know of ryuutama either A. jp told jesse about or B. jp doesnt and hopefully jesse somehow gets info of this from twitter, twitch, yt comments or whatever. i know for a fact jesse would love to be part of a ryuutama campaign setting with him as the player or possibly him being the dm of it.

(BronzePinata) #55

Yeah I definitely wanna see that, I think the game system (at least the one ive seen) is more about being on a wrestling show rather than it being about 'real' wrestling. The aim is to get yourself over with the crowd, I think itd be cool to see it as a short 5 episode series and see who comes out on top at the end

(CptHygelac) #56

I know @AdamKoebel was mentioning potentially wanting to bring in people from the RPG world some more who are good roleplayers. A few that I think could be really interesting would be Alex Roberts of the BackStory podcast or Steve Segedy of Bully Pulpit Publishing. Both are roleplaying vets and would be really cool to see in this live streaming space.

(Rolf_Soldaat) #57

Maybe not the best system for a one-shot, but I'd love to see them try out The One Ring RPG. As you may have guessed, it's set in the LotR universe, shortly after the events of the Hobbit. It's one of my favorite systems at the moment. It has some interesting game mechanics and a really nice, streamlined combat system.

(banned) #58

Oooo wait, maybe for Halloween could we get a run of "The End of the World" by FFG? Players generally don't survive a session, and it's not meant to run multiple sessions anyways. You could even follow it up next year with the scenario after the Apocalypse (there are provisions in the game for that.)

(theimperiallhelldog) #59

Most likely never going to happen, but Delta Green.

(banned) #60

My first comment here (first reply at all) was something lovecraftian lol.