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What games and/or players would you like to see in a future One-Shot?


(banned) #21

I was hoping we'd get the chance to see Steven do something Lovecraftian while he was still with Rollplay.

His whole jam was going full tilt weird.

But, yes I'd love to see Adam mess around in the Mythos.

(NicVspz) #22

Honestly Burning Wheel is the game I'd most like to see you guys do. However I do think that if you were to play it, it's pretty important that the cast are people who are willing to actually learn the rules. Geoff seems like an obvious pick for sure and I think Kaitlyn would do some crazy things with her BITs.

(banned) #23

I think the issue with BW is that it's not really suited for One Shots. You need to get weekly sessions under your game to really show off the system.

(ProxyClouds) #24

Vampire: The Masquerade

(banned) #25

I think Jesse would take the the Beliefs system really really well. Kaitlyn would take the time to learn the system I think and be your possible wild card along with Jesse. You mentioned Geoff obviously and he could be a straight face in the situation.

Another girl, Pokket maybe? I don't know if Dodger would feel comfortable with such an involved system but you ran 4 newbies through Burning Wheel for some time so it could work.

(BorisIgnatievich) #26

I came in to this thread to mention that I quite liked watching Soe when she was on WM, and it would be cool to see her again. Whether she'd want to, and whether you can get her for 4 hours between flying to host all her stuff is a different matter!

Game system wise, I'm less fussed on the grounds I don't have experience with that many games!

(Cattie_mmv) #27

Would love to see Burning Wheel on RollPlay. I'm hoping for a chance to get Geoff and @commutingcrow on a show together...

(Malicite) #28

I'd love to see @AdamKoebel play in that. DM and PC :itmejphappy:

(Wunderforce) #29

Dogs in the Vineyard 2.0

(tangent42) #30

I'd be interested in seeing Kevin Crawford's game Godbound. I haven't played it so it might not work well as a one-shot to get the full effect of the game. However, it does seem like a nice mix of familiar OSR mechanics with some new concepts with the demigod powers, so it might be easy for people to pick up quickly.

I'm interested in the shift from "we are level 1 adventurers" to "we are demigods with immense power." Both narratively and mechanically, I'd love to see what the PCs would do with the power.

And Adam could have fun exploring power in religion some more :slight_smile:

(RolandHuxley) #31

Geoff for sure, JP I think would actually be pretty awesome I think as well . Dodger ? I feel like works well in any system . The other one might be Dan, his stuff in Court of Swords has been fantastic ( though throwing him in the deep end with a system like Burning Wheel might be a bit much ) . Outside of the RollPlay guy's I would love to see Griffin / Justin McElroy on RollPlay. If it's not a one shot or whether a system like Burning Wheel would be the right fit for that I doubt, but while we are throwing names around why not.

(Olf_Himself) #32

It would also be a lot of fun if you guys did a Fiasco One Shot some time. I fucking love Fiasco.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #33

I'd love to see Dungeon Crawl Classics played. I'd love to see the hi-jinks of the players running a few level 0 characters and how they die.

(Drivensociopath) #34

I would love to see either Trail of Ctuhulhu or Nights Black Agents as I feel the Gumshoe system lends itself well to One-shots

I would really like to see the Roleplay gangs take on games like Feng Shui:2, Inspectors or Lamentations of the Flame Princess (specifically A Red and Pleasant land)

And as I know Adam has been looking at Fate there are a couple of settings that would be amazing to see on Roleplay such as Rockalypse, Atomic Robot and Ehdrigohr

(Raktus) #35

Oof, now I feel a fool for making the thread I did without seeing this one first.
My suggestion: HERE

Now that suggestion is based a State of the Channel video, made not too long ago. In reality I suggest the entire Sanguine library. You have Realistic Anthro Fantasy in Ironclaw/Jadeclaw, Alternate HistoryFantasy in Noggle Stones, Scifi in Myriad Song, Noir in Urban Jungle... and others!

(AdamKoebel) #36

Very near the top of my to-play list.

(Samstein_) #37

IĀ“d like to see The Cuntforce... Aka ExcessiveProfanity, Wetty and Dherris Kharlan.. possibly with another australian or maybe spamfish?

I doubt that they would do it, but that would be a fucking epic rpg one shot.

(Garklord) #38

YESS, that would be amazing, Finding the right time for everyone might be difficult, but this would be awesome. Out of everyone suggested here, this is who I want to see the most. :itmejpo:

(SoberCreativity) #39

A while back TB was trying to get the wrestling RPG one shot going. I don't know the progress of that one, but Rollplay could always produce it for him. That'll be an interesting one shot, I wonder if just like WWE wrestling if its nothing but trash talking for 2 hours and then 5 minutes of wrestling?

(Samstein_) #40

oh, and I think Zeke or DP could be GM/DM for The Cuntforce.