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What games and/or players would you like to see in a future One-Shot?


(VyRe40) #1

Something with a noir mystery feel to it, whether that be Lovecraftian horror, Dresden-esque magic mystery, or a straight-up urban crime drama. (Kind of a cop out answer since I'm not saying any game in particular...)
And they have to do Vampire: The Masquerade sometime, right?

We all know Totalbiscuit is a super busy guy dealing with work life AND cancer, but I'd love to see him back for anything at least once.
I don't watch any of CinammonToastKen's actual content, but he seems to have a good rapport with JP and a decent mind for some fun roleplay. I've also seen him do boardgames with the Co-Optional gang.
Danny O'Dwyer? That connection seems a bit obvious considering him and JP already know each other.
I hear Jim Sterling RPs. Every once in a blue moon I stumble across some of his content - he's got a quick wit and... particular sense of humor.
*Oh! Anna Prosser and Nadja sometime, right? (Anna was on once for that charity show ages ago.)

(banned) #2

Something Lovecraftian. I've said it for years now.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #3

I want to see Soma again on Rollplay. I think he was only on this once when they played at the Twitch office with Neal DM'ing and Soma, theGunrun, JP and Geoff as players. The Geoff x Soma combo was pure gold.

(Malicite) #4

Anna was on that one pirate show too right?

(VyRe40) #5

Misscliks, with Gen and Neal way back when.


@Tristarae have actually signed up to the community so you can @ her to get her attention :smiley:

(Olf_Himself) #7

I'd love it if they checked out the Dresden Files or Mistborn RPGs. And Vampire The Masquerade of course.

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #8

Yeah, can only parrot the OP when it comes to Vampire: The Masquerade. (edit: besides the one shot part, i want vampires forever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Players: BoP Dark side team left an impact on me, so that combo would be great to see again.

(Typoko) #9

I would like to see a hack of a game. 5ed in present time or something else that is known by the audience and then flip it around. DIVY but be the baddies? Damn dogs running around and killing who ever they want to! I feel like the normal game would have to had to be played in a previous show for the players to notice how the change of scenery changes how the system works. Even a bit more off to wall mash ups with a story focused system and a know IP. Dungeon World game set in to an Overwatch match? :itmejphype:

Other game idea that might be fun to see is "higher level character" game. From the games that i shows, Masks might have been the game where the players were the most powerful if you don't count the silliness that is Maid RPG. Unlike those games, have it a bit more mechanic focused instead of mainly being storytelling. A huge fight in a dungeon against an necromancer lord who has hundreds of undead at their command and an army of dwarves coming after you to get the same shineys that you want to take from the necromancer. And all this is interrupted by an monolithic monster that is woken up by the tremor of the battle.

Mentioning Maid RPG brought to my mind what it might be if Cox would be running the game... :3

(Wodger) #10

I'd like to see Mouse Guard and the new edition of Apocalypse World.

(Tristarae) #11

I've been summoned from the depths of the forums!

Being able to play in a game would be super awesome. :3

(AdamKoebel) #12

Just to throw in my two bits, I'd put @Tristarae at the top of my "up and coming RPers" list - if you haven't seen her GM in the Misscliks Prophecy show, you're missing out. She's really funny, and a great personality.

(Kol_Saresk) #13

I'm actually kind of scared to see what Adam would do with a Lovecraftian RPG. I imagine it'd start off with playing "Ain't seen nothing yet".

(AdamKoebel) #14

It's not a one shot, but by god I want to play Burning Wheel on RollPlay. I know I'd want to play with Geoff, but who else do y'all think would make a good BW player?


(Qipp) #15

If you guys did a game at JP's house i'd love to see game of Fiasco.

(AdamKoebel) #16

I would play Fiasco with Jesse Cox in a heartbeat. I'd put Zeke and Geoff on that cast and maybe like, Shannon? That would be hilarious.

(brandonwarking) #17

I'd like to see ryuzilla back on rollplay at some point

(VyRe40) #18

JP and Kaitlyn are right at home on that Chaos Train to Escalation, I think. Zeke would probably do something really particular and creative with his character design, too.

(Skeptikkos) #19

I would love to see Andrew (as seen on Roll20 w/ Adam and friends) in a RollPlay game. One of my favorite role-players by far.

(Kol_Saresk) #20

I don't know too much about the game system, but Dodger, GassyMexican, and Soe, if she still does Rollplay shows, pops into my head.