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What does Blades sound like to you?

Score - Downtime - Score

Oh this also.

And Lord Scurlock Soundtrack

I like the idea of strings playing up their classy, cultured professionalism with strong percussion playing counterpoint to that when they get down to business.

While watching Blades I’m using both Bohren & Der Club of Gore

and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble.

Perfect match for me.

A couple of the tracks from Amnesia: The Dark Descent could fit in well:

I imagine that the alternative ending track could fit in well with a supernatural entity, perhaps Lord Scurlock, Setarra, or even as the Leviathan theme.


And as a Duskvol theme (or perhaps of just the district of Coalridge), the Brennenburg Theme from the same game.

I’m a little late to this one, however having recently watched the movie a second time it reoccurs to me how wonderfully fitting Blades in the Dark is to John Wick.

The entire Soundtrack to that movie is quite fitting of Rollplay Blades. This one, probably the most in my opinion.

Thank you everyone for the responses!

Really interesting range of music but I think I have a feel in mind now!

Hopefully I’ll have something together in a few months. Every time I have free time to write, more school happens. :joy:


Clearly there is only one correct answer. Remember DJ Wheat’s Assassin’s Creed trailer dubstep remix?

Not sure why, but the lower parts of the city feel sorta Irish to me, so i would say
Dropkick Murphys

The RumjacksátNagyátNagy
Flogging molly

oh, and Alestorm because fuck yeah leviathan hunting pirates

basically this, but i have a very specific window into the blades-verse…


Would that window be carmine tinted?

Hah! Definitely going to try to sneak references to this somewhere! Background strings referencing DMX while the forward strings are Shostakoviching all over themselves.

After this week’s double dose of Blades I can’t help but associating this track with the Last Word in general and Carriless Firm in particular (in regards to the jankier guitar-parts). Apologies for non spotify-users, couldn’t find a working link on youtube.

I think this song captures perfectly the style of the show for me:


Honestly ever since I heard Absent Mind’s song I can’t disassociate it with Blades, for me it so perfectly fits with the world and characters that I will forever associate it with the game and series.


I have no idea if this is supposed to be mainly music not made for the show but for me this will always fit.

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I have just seen a few clips from Penny Dreadful, and saw this opening to one of the episodes

Man! That thing screams “DOSKVOL” from the top of its lungs. Especially the line

'Cause once this land Was heaven on Earth
Green hills were all You could see
But now it’s soot And steel and brick
So it looks more Like hell to me

[spoiler]It seems even more topical if you look at it from the point of Belle, that is looking for the heaven in the form of her ghost belonging among Reconciled. On one hand, I might be stretching, because who in the brutal world of Blades would still even want to remember how world looked like before cataclysm, and with all of its vicious ghosts and uncaring deities managed to sing about God that takes you to heaven.[/spoiler]

On the other hand, I remember that @AnneMunition said,[spoiler] that in her mind she thought about Belle as 'this good person that doesn’t belong in this world ', so maybe it would actually fit :)[/spoiler]

Have you ever heard of Zwyntar? Sonuds like a Doskvol band to me!

“Any day now, we’ll be burning”

With where Aldo is going and definitely some of Carrriless.

Just cut this Last song to the beat with carriless shaking hands with his creepy smile, intercut with the ensuing murder sprees and the fallout that happens to the NPC’s.

Even cast members,

Rune’s drug addiction, daring feats with electricity.

The victories of cattaby getting out of debt but continuing to gamble both her life and new found monetarry freedom.

Aldo lamenting over his sister and being drawn further and further into violence without his release of the arts.

A bit of Carrilless Firm me thinks.

Anne created her own playlist for scenes in Blades:

I made a Google Music playlist copy: