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Anne's Blades Soundtrack

(TheApexEffect) #1

Don't know if everyone had seen but Anne curated a playlist for how she beleives Blades sounds and its incredible.
What does everyone else think?

What does Blades sound like to you?
(Comfortablylexi) #2

Thank you so much for posting this. I knew she had a list but I didn't know where to find it. Medium is a new website for me, looks pretty promising. I love all the choices Anne picked. Fits the mood super well,

(TheDesec) #3

Hey @TheApexEffect, if you put links in their own line, they get those previews:

Some tweets of the guys on the topic (it's a slow day in the office, don't judge):

(Twitch: PerilousPlanet) #4

AOTP. I can respect that

(Appaomega) #5

Created a Google Music playlist: