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[updated] CoS Week 29 will be on April 7th 2017


(Might be Captain Marvel) #1

People have been asking a lot about when the next CoS would be so I decided to post this reminder on here which I hope helps.

Also, check out the schedule it has been updated


Edit: As seen in JP's post below there could possibly be a CoS episode before the 21st. I will update this thread with the date should that happen. Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule and the @RollPlay twitter account for up to date information.

sorry for any inconvenience.

edit 2:

edit 3: The schedule is updated again. Rejoice! CoS in on Sunday!

edit 4:

(Twitch: xRandomYo) #2

The schedule is so pretty :itmejphappy:

(itmeJP) #3

There might be an episode before that, we're still scheduling it at the moment.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #4

I will update the title with that information nad change it to a new date when needed. Thanks

(uncecio) #5

I'm so happy nebula jazz is finally coming back :smiley:

(Adrian00v) #6

Thanks for the post!
Hope the episode will air during europe friendly hours (AKA the normal time)

(banned) #7

Just want to add that I'm liking the new schedule. (glad that JP isn't overworking himself and actually taking a day off). Seems like there's an even amount of content for the week (maybe 12 hours is a bit much but it's not Rollplay so you can drop in and out of that.).

(Might be Captain Marvel) #8

The schedule has been updated. The next CoS Episodes are on Sunday and Tuesday!

(banned) #9

So, I hope it isn't the case that it's the guest that had to cause the reschedule, and if that is the case then ignore this point as unnecessary.

But, @itmeJP do you think this may be an issue with more "famous" people getting on the show? And as such you should keep the pool at Twitch people level for regular shows and "celebrities" for oneshots?

Speaking of Oneshots what's the word on that this month? We still haven't had one...

(Twitch: eyearcana) #10

This really sucks, now we'll be three episodes behind. You really lose the momentum. I miss CoS so much.

(banned) #11

Yeah...not good by any means and bad for numbers overall and just...

Ugh, getting very bad vibes now that we've seen what happens when numbers go bad...

(Might be Captain Marvel) #12

Unforeseen things happen and come up whether a person is a celebrity, a twitch personality or any regular person off the street.

JP mentioned this on stream that with the move and traveling it was hard to have the one-shots. After this trip he will be at his home more so he will have more time to plan those out. Which is very understandable.

There is no need for doom and gloom.

(banned) #13

...Not really? I mean I get that real life stuff happens, but it's a failure on the obligation to the patrons for their contributions. But that's just me, I'm an outlier in that regard almost always.


Also JP really needs to quit only mentioning this stuff on stream. If it involved the patreon he should post it there, or here since he has a community site, or on twitter since I hear that's the best place for news, on his or the Rollplay account.

(Kol_Saresk) #15

So just to clarify, you are blaming JP for you not watching his streams, and following his twitter, his primary method of reaching his subs, viewers, and followers because the bulk of his subs, viewers, and followers watch his streams/vods, and follow his twitter?

(Might be Captain Marvel) #16

JP was answering a question from someone in chat, and I just happened to be there to hear that answer. You yourself and anyone else in the community could ask just like that person asked JP nicely. I'm sorry but this is just beyond rude.

Edit because I feel like I have to state an obvious thing that is well documented. When there is definite news it's never been limited to just being mentioned on the stream.

(banned) #17

JP never tweeted that there'd be no one shot, and I've no interest in his videogame content. I do look at his twitter, but I don't use twitter (tried recently but didn't like it so I deactivated the account). Secondarily you're oversimplifying my grievance with the overall issue.

Not everyone watches all of his content, I've not found JP to commonly respond to any question I pose to him on the community site, and as mentioned elsewhere while I peruse twitter I don't use it so I can't ask him there.

(phobiarg) #19

God I feel like an addict going through withdrawal symptoms. I've been checking the schedule every 2-3 hours for over a week now. I'm not saying that I'm ready but I'm getting close to pulling a Jennifer Connelly in Requiem for a Dream just to get another episode :wink:

(Hangfish) #20

If someone is proving as hard schedule as it is right now, it might be better to just drop the guest, if you want to keep momentum up in the show. Now these two last shows there was nothing to be done. Dan was pretty darn sick, but we are now past the 3 shows that the guest was signed up for, so it's not hard to imagine that scheduling will be a real nightmare from now on, since the three weeks first agreed to have passed.

It would be a regrettable but understandable decision, depending on if you want to focus on weekly episodes or loyalty to the guests and so on.

Again, this is only speculation. I by no means suggest the situation is like this, so I do apologize if this comes across as hostile in any manner, this is just my analysis of the situation.

(Kol_Saresk) #21

If the guest was the problem, possibly. That said, here the problem has mostly been complications with JP's forced move. The Nebula Jazz broadcast ended up dropping out yesterday because the computer he was using couldn't keep up, and as a result, today's broadcast of Blades was canceled as a precaution.

Morgan Webb has only been on one episode, and her second episode has been scheduled for the 29th since the 13th, which was only 6 days after the last episode.

Or let me rephrase, that was when @NoorElBahrain posted this topic. It might have been decided sooner.

So at this point, 13 days later, with three scheduled days to go, the only reason to complain that it hasn't happened is because of a lack of patience.

Chances are, if it isn't on schedule this time, it's because JP is still having pc problems.

So everyone should just calm down and relax. Treat it like a tv show where they'll spontaneously take two to three weeks in between new episodes. Or a BBC show where they take years in between seasons.

(Twitch: casskayd) #22

Yep, pretty much my view on this whole thread.

If cancellations are based on planned events (e.g. con events, live shows), I can see Jabba's frustration at having a) certain goals not fulfilled, e.g. one-shots; and b) lack of officials comms about the issue on Patreon/Community site.

Similarly, I can see the frustration with long schedule gaps if it's because of planned events or a guest not being able to keep the weekly commitment.

In this case, it seems like 1) JP had to move, and move without much notice; 2) He's also figuring out how to juggle technology needed for shows while visiting his GF, which seems like a reasonable learning curve; 3) Despite the move/personal travel, he held a liveshow right before moving, which as someone who moves every 2-years and is well acquainted with the chaos of moving, seems stressful as anything, and attempted to return to regular shows as quickly as possible.

All of which is to say, I appreciate JP working as hard as he is, trying for as much continuity as he can--and all the hard work in the world can't prevent life disruptions. Based on JP's tendency towards production-perfection, I doubt he's being careless or overly slow about noticing and addressing the issues.