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[updated] CoS Week 29 will be on April 7th 2017


(Hangfish) #23

Would be the key phrase is what I'm underlining here. Also, only 2 scheduled days left for the guest.

But the two they were supposed to be one where moved/cancled because of circumstances. Circumstances out of anyones control, but moved. So It would be understandable if the guest's schedule has now become harder to schedule around. That's all I'm saying. The three weeks they were supposed to be available at set times have passed, so perhaps they have things booked here and there for what would the times they'd appear on the show, thus complicating the scheduling.

Edit: Basically because the weeks that the guessed we're supposed to be on the show has passed, scheduling them might become a nightmare.

(Hangfish) #24

Point 2 has nothing to do with what I was arguing. He was at home last week when the two shows were supposed to happen, but dan got sick. Nothing we can do about that. He's done an amazing job keeping streams and shows going, and yesterdays trouble with Jazz is unfortunate but unrelated to the points I were trying to make.

Big point I was trying to make is that since the three weeks that were supposed to have contained the guests shows have passed, I would completely understand if these two weeks left become nightmares to schedule. I hope all the best for JP, he's been doing an amazing job, no doubt. But yes, if JP has massive problems getting these two shows with left with the guest scheduled, it's understandable, and from a professional perspective it would also be understandable if he decided to drop the guest for now, to perhaps have them return when they can prepare and schedule again.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #28

pretty much. People always kept joining chat and asking about CoS. That is why I started this thread. Due to unforeseen circumstances, CoS has been delayed a few times.

To everyone: Check back on the schedule and @RollPlay on twitter as well as JPs twitter for up to date scheduling information as soon as its known.

(Hangfish) #29

Will do! Was mostly just theorizing about potential issues. That I felt were plausible with the current circumstances! Hope to see an announced date soon!

(phobiarg) #30

next Court of Swords will be on Friday, April 7th @ 4PM Eastern @Dansgaming @skinnyghost @MorganWebb @GassyMexican @itmeJP

— RollPlay® ( @RollPlay ) March 30, 2017

That 30 day hiatus.

(banned) #31

That's rough, I hope we get a full month in April.

(Nummi_) #32

Just wanted to pop in and say IDGAF about this scheduling debacle. Enjoy the content when it's there, otherwise just chill my good internet-friends.
Surely all of us have things to do other than solely wait for a rollplay show.

I believe I'm in a silent majority here.

(rory212121) #34

Thank you! I thought I was the only one. Some of you other people on here need to let this go.
I understand criticising JP when its reasonable and as in to try give your feedback and keep him in check. But so far from the information out there, he couldn't have done anything about this.
Its not his fault! He wants to run more shows and he probably hates disappointing you guys. But for now give him a break.

(banned) #35

We know he gets upset too, but it's not like we're not allowed to voice our own disappointment either.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #36

We don't always agree but when we do it's about this.

(Nummi_) #38

Guys there is a difference in fair criticism and just venting your frustration over content you paid 2,5dollars this month for.
Some of these scheduling problems are unavoidable. There is simply nothing to do unless you're ready to go to the extreme and say JP has to "move everybody in with him and get rid of his social ties to everybody".
When something like this is unavoidable and JP has already apologized for the lack of content, it's just a douche move to come here and complain ANYWAY.

Just my 2c.

(Twitch: Bitghost_) #39

Can we all just put it aside for now and rejoice in the fact that we are back TODAY! I can't friggin wait!!

(boeiee) #40

Looking forward to todays episode :itmejpexcite:

(Twitch: eyearcana) #41

I want to give you some life advice, not everyone will have the same mindset as you. This doesn't make them wrong or their opinion any less important.

(Kol_Saresk) #42

And that does nothing to change the fact there people who agree with him. There's a thread just for complaining. So if anymore complaints need to be made about JP and other cast members having lives and all the difficulties that come with, please take it there where it's on topic and doesn't weigh the rest of us down. Please and thank you.

(boeiee) #43

Are you also excited for CoS Week 29 coming up in just under 30 minutes? I for one am really excited about it. Really looking forward to see what will happen today

ps i completely agree.

(Kol_Saresk) #44

Yes, but sadly I work overnight so I'll probably just be leaving the stream open and then download the mp3 for work if it's available.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #45

I was replying to the guy who resurrected this 7 days later. I'm allowed to reply to him.