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The RollPlay Question Thread


(Olf_Himself) #9

Did you read that before you just copy pasted it?

(banned) #10

Yes, I felt it disingenuous to the posters over there to pick and choose, or edit their questions.

(Olf_Himself) #11

It says to not include that part though.

(banned) #12

No need to does not mean "Do not include", and it's important in establishing the opinion of the poster.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #13

Questions asked up to this point have been answered in this post

(banned) #14

Will there be a new goal put in place to replace the Cosplay goal that was removed?

I don't know if it was discussed but I'm just curious. About when in the month should we be seeing the new Greersart thing? A general towards the end or beginning of month suffices for me if you've any idea.

Any more movement on teleconferencing solutions?

Is Morgan still going to do 2 more episodes of CoS?

How'd the numbers come out for Blades on the change?

Plans for anymore Patreon tiers?

I don't know if it's too early to tell but do you think the Revlo stuff is getting more/longer viewership?

Do you know what the next Liveshow will be?

Not a question, but thanks for being open to answering this stuff in a consolidated place.

The RollPlay News Thread
(banned) #15

From Reddit again:

Why are there no backup plans for when 1/4th of the regular cast has to cancel for one reason or another?

Blades handled it exceptionally well with Anne being gone, why can't the other shows do that?

The RollPlay News Thread
(Aquila_21) #16

Is rollplay ever going to go beyond the four player format? I understand the fear of scheduling issues as well as cluttering overlays with so many webcams and such but I think that having an extra player or two would allow for a more diverse cast so that a larger audience is covered, make shows more dynamic in the long run, and makes it so one player being unavailable doesn't mean no game since each player would constitute a smaller portion of the show. It opens up a lot of interesting player combinations and possibilities for fresh content.

The RollPlay News Thread
(banned) #17

The issue is finding games that handle more than 4 players well.

Most just aren't built for such things.

Unless you mean something like WM and an open table sort of game.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #18

Will Court of Swords be happening this Tuesday 4/4?

Is there any possibility of a Solum One Shot in the future with the original cast and DM, maybe for the five year anniversary?

The RollPlay News Thread
(Aquila_21) #19

Most games that can do 4 players can do five just as easily I'm not sure what you mean? I regularly play all kinds of games with 5 people for example.

(banned) #20

Blades for example has been stated to not do well with more than 4, not all games are intended for so many people.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #21

Can we please stay on topic. Another post can be made should you want to continue this discussion.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #22

Questions asked above this point have been answered in this post

(Edokdyshi) #23

Are there any plans in the near future or just in general the future for any new show(s) with the two gm's that are running show(s) or with a new gm that can say anything about or are in the talking / planning stage? :slight_smile:

The RollPlay News Thread
(TheDesec) #24

Any plans for what show will be next on RollPlay live? Have you thought about doing an extended One-Shot live?

The RollPlay News Thread
(banned) #25

Well you're probably going to get this quite a bit, but is there a non zero percent chance of The Grim spawning into a new Dark Heresy series? I'd love to see Adam and John as a regular player.

The RollPlay News Thread
(Might be Captain Marvel) #26

Questions asked above this point have been answered in this post

(banned) #27

Do you know when we might see the latest CoS art up for the $2 Wallpaper thing?

(Alaskawinter923) #28

What are your thoughts on taking the character creation part of your one-shots and separating them from main show? It kind of feels that you shorten the game play and time together by spending first hour(s) developing the characters and miss out on more of the arch. Also might get more people to go to patreon. Just curious. …