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The RollPlay Question Thread


(SlyBebop) #31

Also, character creation is very much a part of the game. You're really not "shortening" play time.

When the players get together to create characters, they're already playing the game.

(Landwaker) #33

Are the DM Hangouts and/or Fan Games on hold? If so will they return after summer?

(itmeJP) #34

We noticed interest in them dying down so we took them down for a bit. Also, Adam is going to be away during August, so we'll put them back up in August (so they can be scheduled in September).

(JJMJester) #36

Any chance for an Dropped Frames version of Tabletop RPG News with Adam, John, and an RPG Industry Guest? There is enough new RPGs systems coming out that I think there would be enough content for a monthly show of them talking what's new and what they have been working on. Could even bring you in JP as a player perspective on any new RPGs being discussed.

(AdamKoebel) #37

a monthly rpg themed dropped frames style show would be rad af

(JJMJester) #38

oh yeah, I would love to hear you and John talk about what you like/dislike about a new system or any new kickstarter projects we should keep our eyes on. It would also be cool to have JP's thoughts about how would said system do on a Rollpaly show situation.

Also, hope you're having fun in Japan = )