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THE GRIM AMA with GM iNcontroL


(banned) #41

Eh, didn't live up to expectations. It's not terrible by any means.

(yourcrazyuncledave) #42

It would be so boss to see Adam on the Co-Optional podcast or TB on Dropped Frames with Adam. Their PC banter was top notch, and I'm willing to bet that translates to them being able to play off each other on all the usual show topics.

(Kol_Saresk) #43

So, I'll start out by admitting that yes, I had misgivings on @iNcontroLTV's ability to deliver an authentic 40K atmosphere, and I will say that I am happy I was proven wrong. This was an excellent one shot.

It had some awesome scenes. I definitely like the image of TB performing crowd control, putting up a finger to silence everyone, then putting his rifle in the crook of his elbow as he continues to hold up the waiting finger, and then one shots a servitor.

I mean, I think the only question I have is, what inspirations for you to create the story for the one shot that you did?

(TheJeroenBrouwer) #44

Amazing show. I was absorbing 40k lore for a whole week in preparation, and i wasn't dissapointed.
Question i have for @iNcontroLTV and @AdamKoebel and @OneSevenDesign. Did you guys discuss the co-GMing beforehand? It could be seen as invasive or annoying to have other gms get in on the rules and such. And its to help i'm sure. But was this experienced as a positive helpful thing, was this talked about, or considered annoying? Too many cooks in the kitchen and all that. I noticed more and more of it in the last hour. Perhaps to speed things along.

Just curious. Thanks!

(TwilightBorealis) #45

I'm none of those three people who you tagged, but Geoff had explicitly asked for help of this nature beforehand. He mentioned it during the last two episodes of Blades.

(SgtHerhi) #46

It is terrible in every sense of PC gaming. Game-wise it is an absolute travesty and just another to the pile of "what could have been" WH40K skinned titles that turned out to be junk. Only redeeming qualities are some of the character models and world assets that were done early in the development, but that's about it. A failed MMO boiled down to a lobby shooter with all the core mechanics being executed poorly? Not to mention the optimization problems. Good heavens. Steer away.

(Kol_Saresk) #47

So CAll of Duty but with nothing good and 40K reskinning?

(Karamor) #48

Even worse. It was supposed to be a world map shooter like Planetside 2, but those ambitions fell completely out of their range of ability.

So they designed it to be a small map skirmish shooter, but never adapted the maps to it. You have choke points that were designed to be assaulted by attacking the base from another flank or by air drops in a game that now doesn't have these features or map siz anymore.

SgtHerhi has already mentioned the abysmal performance.

It's a total mess and completely unsalvageable in all aspects.

(Utherix) #49

The only thing I agree with you on is that it needs more maps. This is a FREE game.

(Kol_Saresk) #50

I'm thinking this maybe needs to be a different topic.

(andanteinblue) #52

Love that we finally got another 40k game. It was my original introduction to itmejp and the Rollplay shows, and this was riotous to watch and thoroughly nostalgic. Adam and TB are probably the most opposite personalities of Youtubers that I watch. Their characters were sharp contrasts with each other, and were butting heads by design. And I think this was the first time I've seen Adam at a lost of how to react in a scene (right at the start in the shuttle)!

@AdamKoebel , how did you handle playing with another player with a forceful and different personality like TB's? As a GM, I always wonder how much antagonism to encourage between player characters. TB frequently responds to out-of-character commentary, in-character, which can make an ongoing "how are we doing" dialogue difficult to establish. What are some ways of adjusting to that as a player, and moderating it as a GM?

@iNcontroLTV , how does your GMing stint affect your future playing experience? Do you think you'll preside from the GM throne again in the future?

I'd love to see more 40k content in this channel again. A DitV 40k game would be interesting to see!