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THE GRIM AMA with GM iNcontroL


(iNcontroLTV) #21

Thank you! We did have fun.. was a great group to work with and play with our mind bullets .

(iNcontroLTV) #22

These are all SO damn amazing!

(iNcontroLTV) #23

The most was seeing them get excited about stuff.. I could tell John H in particular was digging the brutality of the cult offing themselves for the AKONI. There was more but that was especially rewarding. Least? Eh.. the anxiety of preparing the mission I guess. One shots are tough in that you have to make it interesting but also self contained within 4 hours.. I didn't want it to be just some basic boss fight with no real meaning but I think I ended up trying for too much too.

(iNcontroLTV) #24

That is fully in Jp's department!

(iNcontroLTV) #25

Nah the way my mind works with this stuff is very "dice sacred" in that the way things went is the way they went. Obviously more time to flush out the final scene would have been nice but otherwise no!

(iNcontroLTV) #26

She was going to be the info dump and talk about what was going on etc and build up the AKONI a bit more. She also was a psycher and had the ability to convince one of them to basically become her minion should they fail a resist.. was going to add flavor / difficulty to that fight.

(Xorgon) #27

One shots are definitely the hardest to make interesting. Even with it being cut a bit shorter the intrigue and depth was evident. It sort of lent to the depth of the setting, knowing that there was more to the world than what we got to see.

(AdamKoebel) #28

one shots are the hardest shit when you want to do anything cohesive. your efforts were valiant and appreciated, brother.

(TwoToneTerran) #29

Two questions.

What do you think went better than expected this session? What do you think, now with hindsight, you could've improved (with the exception of being a super computer who could memorize the dirge of 40k RPG rules)?

I know they sound like job interview questions but I'm actually curious in your high and low for tonight's hilarious antics.

(TheTrueAndOnle) #30

No One Expects The Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition!!!

(happylittlelark) #31

TB and Adams interactions were fun, do you know if TB made his character the opposite of Adams on purpose or was it a coincidence?

(banned) #32

Yes, the after show talks about it.

(disusedgenius) #33

Well that was fun.

Kudos to Geoff for doing 40k RPG on hard mode and choosing a Tzeentch plot for a one shot! Could've chosen a nice, simple Khorne cult with straightforward needs but no, gotta go ironman mode. :sunglasses:

I could've happily listened to TB and Adam argue for at least another hour so I was fully on board with pitch at the top of the 4th hour. I'm also definitely pleased with getting more John in the PC chair, although I'm not sure Reese's character would agree - he took it like a champ, though, to be sure.

But, most of all, now I want to do another Dark Heresy campaign, damn you. I know it takes a lot of flack, but I did love running it. My only real issue with the system is the God-awful Aptitude method of working out XP spending.

(Utherix) #34

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(Bezier123) #35

It was really really good. I mean - except for the ending and time management Geoff done a very good job od DMing.

I can't believe I am saying this, but having Geoff as a DM on a weekly game would mean a whole lot of entertainment.

(Mardymarve) #36

Just finished watching the VoD, and I have to say that was a great 4 hours.

Geoff did a great job as GM, keeping everyone reined in and moving the plot forward at a brisk pace. The players worked together nicely, and dealt with their mix of horrible and amazing rolls (seriously, how many rolls were there that just succeeded and didn't crit fail or crit succeed). Everyone seemed to enjoy it and roll along with the slightly borked Dark Heresy system and take the bad bits along with the good.

It was great to see the two GMs in player roles for a change. Reece was a fitting addition to the Rollplay cast, and of course, it is always a pleasure to see Totalbiscuit.

My favourite thing was probably either the banter and put downs between the players or Geoff having to eat up the GM horseshit from those he normally horseshits.

Congrats on a great one shot guys.

(OneSevenDesign) #37

It was fun to watch TB and Adam trade banter, Reece was a great addition to the RollPlay family, Geoff did a great job GMing, and I got to play a zealot psycho killer. Good times all around.

I really liked the 40k vibe that you created, Geoff. It felt just right. Thanks for rolling with the punches of our crazy murder gang. :slight_smile:

(kh_l2k) #38

It's been said already, but I am not sure it can be emphasized enough: it was so great to see Reece be the guy who the dice betrayed time and again, and just steer into that skid and embrace/enjoy it. That can be such great fun, if you can get in that mindset, but it can also be so supremely frustrating when you really have in mind how you want things to go and just cannot for the life of you get anything going. I can only imagine that in a one-shot, if you're in a mindset where that is going to get to you, that would be even worse. But he rode the dice like a champ and came out of it with a great character. I hope that we get to see him again sometime.

(Utherix) #39

Have you played Eternal Crusade, Geoff?

(iNcontroLTV) #40

never! It any good? I love all things wh40k typically..