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THE GRIM AMA with GM iNcontroL


(iNcontroLTV) #1

Thoughts? Had fun?


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(AdamKoebel) #2

fun stuff and chaos and like, guns and stuffffffff

I'm gonna pay attention to this thread too!

(TwilightBorealis) #4

Great job all around. You seemed to have fun, and chat had fun. That is really impressive considering how bad a game Dark Heresy is :P.

(Darchon_) #5

Had a great time! I just imagine everyone died to the Exterminatus at the end.

(MarikBentusi) #6

Fanart repost! Awesome show, the banter was fantastic.

(Th3_Dreadnought) #7

I love 40k! Wish I could see more produced ttrpg stuff from 40k! Deathwatch was my first tabletop RPG I played :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sardren) #8

It was Amazing! Especially all the banter between Adam and TB.

(RedEye92) #9

Amazing show, Geoff. Thank you so much for the show. Despite the time being 4am, I really hope there will be more Dark Heresy in the future!

(Plofabelman) #10

Absolutely loved the Adam and TB interactions.

(Xorgon) #11

I really enjoyed it, some of it was a mess but you handled it well! What did you most enjoy and least enjoy about being on the other side of the 'table'?

(Twitch: UnkindledChaos) #12

So i am going to ask the obvious question, is there any chance that will might leave the door open for a reboot of dark heresy with a new cast and crew? I would love to see that

(ATimGun) #13

Brilliant show Geoff. Loved the return to the 40k universe which is where I first came across you during the Dark Heresy show 4 years ago. GG.

(Schpindoctor) #15

Geoff, would you want to replay a particular scene? If so, which one and Why?

(Lancaster676) #16

Loved it. The characters were both interesting and entertaining and the dice made the intimidation rolls particularly enjoyable. Since it was a one shot I was also happy with the GM horeshit super powerful NPC ending...I think without the psyker showing up and putting a cap on things it would have ended a little flat.

(Samuraiking75) #17

Loved watching that so much! Great job by everyone. Was awesome getting to see the roles reversed for Geoff and Adam and John as well. Was hoping they'd lawyer Geoff as much as he does them and was not disappointed in the least. Loved seeing TB back on a Rollplay show again as well, he's a lot of fun to watch especially in the 40k universe. Reece did a great job as well and really played up to his mediocre stats and pretty terrible rolls as well.

(Twitch: UnkindledChaos) #18
  1. who said adam is going to run it?
  2. who said TB will be on it?
    i said with a new cast :slight_smile:

(Drumurboy) #19

Loved it so much! The banter was amazing and the end rolls fit so well which just added to the hilarity.

I'm sorry that so many of your key NPC's got Randy'd

What was the scene you had in mind for the Countess or did you expect her to get rekt pretty quickly?

(iNcontroLTV) #20

Yeah we never got to the culexus >_< Wanted to have it roaming a specific spot and have them basically have some rolls to see if they encounter it. We just ended up with no time for it!

(iNcontroLTV) #21

Thank you! We did have fun.. was a great group to work with and play with our mind bullets .

(iNcontroLTV) #22

These are all SO damn amazing!