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The closing of the subreddit

I’m trying really hard to express my feelings on this in the least confrontational way.

I’m a patreon backer at the $5 level currently.

I’ve been a sub to the channel since sc2 days off and on with breaks ( I have 2 daughters. One’s 11 months old now. They take financial priority obviously).

I’ve been subscribed to the subreddit for that whole time since 8mmspikes and co created it.

Reddit is part of my daily routine. It’s accessible behind work filters. It’s a core part of content distribution on the internet today. Ask slasher or Richard Lewis. I use it to keep up to date on schedule changes and news and such.

I can’t make this site that same part of my daily routine. Twitch is blocked behind many company filters and that includes the API.

Twitter is a complete mess but looks like my only alternative at this point.

Killing the subreddit and not letting the community that created it take back control of it seems like a huge personal blow. I love the content and have happily paid sub fees for vod access because my schedule normally doeant allow me access to watch live.

I understand the reasoning for wanting control of the conversation but can we at least have the subreddit back.

People suggest creating an alternative unofficial one but how would anyone know it exists. You can’t post to the existing subreddit. A link here would almost surely be removed. A link in chat would be purged.

How do I keep up to date with channel happenings if I can’t access this site?

I’m just questioning my support at this point because of how all of this was done.


I understand your concern however, and here’s the interesting part, the reason why the subreddit was shutdown without warning (even if it’s been talked about for a long time) was due to the ones that advocated for the subreddit to stay. Now you might think they got under my skin but actually they gave some great feedback, even if it misfired. A lot of them said “don’t do it, it will split the community” so alright let’s not split the community so the subreddit got closed by me.

Here’s the funny thing I was against closing it down completely and the reason why it was open even after the launch at first was due to me not wanting to do it right away. However the subreddit advocates convinced me that it was needed to do it to not split the community.

I’m not blaming them, and neither should you, but it was their valuable feedback that made us do it. They had plenty of valuable feedback like “you shouldn’t try to re-create reddit”, so we didn’t and instead made something different. Change is strange but change is also great.

That’s the true story behind the closing of the subreddit.


Right so this is the weirdest argument that was brought up. It’s both possible to remove posts, threads and ban users on reddit as a mod of a subreddit. The weirdest argument was the one about a thread that was removed “fast”… it was removed after three days and it was removed because people kept telling the OP to grow up (and that wasn’t fair to that user) and not because it was critical of JP.

In fact I’ve made sure (by constantly communicating and sharing our values and ideas in the staff category) that there’s a different process of banning and handling of certain situations here.

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I’ve made your post into it’s own thread since it didn’t have anything to do with Reddit archives that the OP was talking about.

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I take nothing negative my friend :itmejpbro:
I still stand by that there’s no difference in control neither here or on reddit. Actually due to me putting processes in order the control will be less strict here. This isn’t reddit, we can’t treat it like reddit and I will make sure we don’t. JP is of course the final boss but I’ve worked with him for over 4 years so there’s a trust there and I intend to use that to make a few adjustments to keep this place the good place. :itmejphappy:


I’ll make this my last post.

What you’re saying and the venom behind JP’s tweets don’t line up.

Ive never posted to the subreddit and my only comments there were made before JP took up ownership.

But that was still my main way of keeping up to date with what was going on.

People who want to be part of a community will be happy here I’m sure but there’s a larger silent majority that used that subreddit for staying up to datr that are feeling disenfranchised now. Or they aren’t actually because


Especially with a mobile Reddit client or otherwise disabling CSS. The only way to know is to have CSS enabled and to actually visit the subreddit on a PC.

How many people who don’t post like myself even know it’s closed?

JP has constantly reiterated that he wants to be a content creator not our friend. That’s fine and I hope his new community the best of luck.

I will be cancelling my patreon pledge and the subscription I’ve had for the better part of 4 years.

This isn’t even in protest to this. It’s because I have no idea what’s going in anymore. Like blades moving days. I had plans to watch it with my wife. Where was the date change announced?


It’s something I am aware of (actually one of the twitch mods has the same issue) and I’m thinking of ways to work around the issue. My first though is to have an option to link your account here with other login provider (lets just say Google for now) so you can connect your twitch account from home to here and then link your Google account to your account here. That way you can log in with either login system.

This will take time as their are other things that need fixing first. But this will help solve the “I need a twitch account” issue.

The whole “login with Twitch” thing is for a couple of reasons 1) we are planning to be able to link your twitch sub to the system (we are also planning to link your Patreon too) which may give you perks in the future. For that we need an uniformed login system to match everyone up. It was a no brainier to use Twitch for this 2) username stealing. On the net people can be jerk and ATM the software is heavily based around usernames. If someone was active in chat was was able to take their twitch username it would be a shame for them. So ATM I’m favouring twitch.

I hope you understand the reason for going with Twitch as a login system was purely down to having a uniform login system and not down to any malice or trying to surpress criticism (I almost coded the login system to say your twitch account needs to be a day old before you can register here but JP and Daniel talked me out of it).

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I’m not JP and JP isn’t me. It’s not only JP running this community. It’s actually me, other admins and moderators that have made the majority of the decisions here and we’ve done so based on the input from the community. JP is allowed to say and think what he wants and so are we.

I didn’t think about that and I’ll have that fixed when I wake up tomorrow.

We can actually see the numbers on reddit.

I don’t know. I don’t follow every move that JP makes. Again I’m not JP and JP is not me nor is he the other admins/moderators or users in the community. He’s just JP. If there were a decision to move it I’m sure it was a valid one. Would I have handled it differently? Sure. But again I’m not JP.

I’m sorry to hear that. I hope one day you’ll make it back eventually.

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Since this community has a built in API. Would it be possible to create a off-site where people can see things tagged (with the tagging system) with let’s say #announcement::tag and be able to see that information?

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Yup (as long that that place as an API to allow me to post to it). Slap it on my ever growing TODO list :stuck_out_tongue:


The delay was posted on Rollplay’s Twitter account as well as retweeted by JP as well as the cast members of the show.

Twitter is always the first source of information, especially when it’s breaking news. After that it’s the schedule ( The show was rescheduled to Tuesday at 9PM EDT, yes Court of Swords is also that day at 4PM EDT meaning that this Tuesday is a double-filled day of Rollplay goodness.

The show was rescheduled because Zeke had an event he needed to attend in honor of his father.

Sorry to see you go and hope you reconsider in the future once all these launch kinks have been ironed out!


You will never take my kinks away from me…

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Not kink shaming you :innocent:

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I’m sorry, what? The solution to not splitting the community, is to shut down any Reddit-based discussion about splitting the community, even though chances are most of those complaining about the community being split are against the site, not the subreddit? When people said “Don’t re-create Reddit”, they weren’t asking for something different, they were asking for everything to stay the same because it works.


Friendly reminder to keep this topic civil and to take notice of your tone/phrasing :heart:

the FAQ for those who have not glanced at it yet


The comments about splitting the community were about creating the unofficial migration subreddit to early. The thought in that thread was they wouldn’t just shut it down out of nowhere. That there would be some kind of notice. And that creating another subreddit would split the community across the subreddits if they just transferred ownership. Someone would have had to create such a subreddit in advance. Something like /r/itsmejp or something.

Here’s the thing I didn’t look at those posts as complaining. Looking at any feedback as complaining would be counterintuitive and there’s nuggets of information to gather in every post. I looked for data and feedback for the decision that we where about to make and I get that some thought it was a vote and tired to argue as such. Sure the intent might have been different from them but it’s still valuable feedback in the decision that were made to move. Our intent was to move, and that was clear, how that happens was shaped by their feedback.

And saying that reddit works is an opinion and not a fact. It didn’t work for what we wanted to do for the future. It also didn’t work for plenty of other people that have come forward and said that they never used reddit.


Actually those comments started when we first talked about the community more than half a year ago. To be even more exact it started when JP had bought a vbulletin subscription way back, but in my opinion that wouldn’t have worked at all and it was abandoned.

You can still create a subreddit. I get that it won’t get a bump from promotion in the old subreddit but if there’s content people will find it. It’s hard work but it’s how most unofficial things work.

I really hope that you stay around since you seem to be a awesome person that would be valuable to our community. We’re working on solving the issue of a blocked Twitch API and I already have some ideas. If you have some feedback on that I would love to hear it.

The subreddit had over 8,000 subscribers. Exactly how many people came forward and said Reddit doesn’t work for them? And when you say that Reddit “didn’t work for what we wanted to do for the future”, what are you referring to? What was so important that’s worth losing who knows how many people who can’t be bothered to add another site to their rotation? Is splitting the community really so much worse than throwing some of the community away entirely?


This is a common misconception and the truth is there wasn’t 8 000 active subscribers, neither in views nor activity and we we’re around 1 000 a day we hit 2 000 here in a day. The same way that a YouTube can have millions of follower but only get a few thousands views on some videos. And the key here is engagement, be it on Twitter or on Reddit, what really allows for a community to actually grow (not bloated numbers) are engagement with and for the community.

As I mentioned about the move forward in other posts here, we wanted to bring people together on more than the itmeJP/RollPlay topic. Reddit is great for one topic issues or interest but when you actually want people to talk about more than that one topic, and when you do that on Reddit you end up with a mess. We can’t build more or better features on Reddit since we can’t change the source code or make changes to the server. We can’t integrate different API’s like Twitch subs, Patreon subs, Roll20 API and so on.

Looking at the number right now we didn’t split the community and actually brought a larger part of it together. We thought that we had to take one step back to over time take two steps forward. Instead we took a step forward immediately, that’s at least what it looks like at the moment from the data.

Of course we’re going to keep observing the data and the feedback we get.