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That Court of Swords Tarot Project

Hey guys! I’m still pushing for that full tarot set idea that started some time ago (just the major arcana for now). Here are some samples.

0 The Fool - Thuy

1 The Magician - Zzawazz


FUCK YEAH :itmejp10: I think I prefer this magician to the orb, as you said it’s hard to get the point. This one is moe straightforward.
Zawaz Wazaz personality didn’t represent the meaning of the card at the end of his story, but what we thought he’d represent at the beginning do so it works out !

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Thanks! Figuring out the next cards as of the moment.

If i may make suggestions, I think hazan would work withe either death or the tower, though I think the tower would work better with berg. I think it’s obvious for the cleric and paladin characters, just make there god what tarot card they are, maybe with azriel as the world? Just throwing some suggestions out there, love your artwork

Well, if I get there I’ll use that. I have little to no clue what Hazan actually looks like. Berg is the pinnacle of tragedy so he fits the tower.


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Welll there are some good drawings of him on this website if you’d be interested

Looking good. Keep it up :smiley:

Something with the elephant?

Maybe Strength? I’ll think about it when I get there. I’m currently working on Empress.

You guys have any suggestion for Emperor other than Zephyra?

Hmm Authority, order, structure …
The Necromancer King ? Kinda ? It’s the only suprem authority figure we’ve heard of. But he wants to destroy and build anew so meh

There was that episode where the first crew met the King and the Queen of the town I forgot the name of.
It’s hard to remember NPCs with no name but lands and titles :laughing: But I remember the King to be a cold badass lady in brass armor
[spoiler]Especially when they are in the few episode before the party wipe haha[/spoiler]
Week 6 part 3 Adam describe them.

Hmmm I’ll check on that. For now I’ll jump straight to heirophant. Thanks.

II The Priestess - Nak’ana Ino


dude, you should tweet this one out to @MorganWebb and probably @RollPlay:itmejpo::itmejpgg:

This looks cool i hope it becomes fully realized.

Dude, you’re awesome :itmejpsword::adamwizard:

Just gonna throw it out there that I think Kukrit would be perfect for the Heirophant.

It’d help if you could leave a link of an episode that highlights him.

This is amazing! I can’t wait to see the full set

As far as I know the Heirophant represents captivity and servitude. Kukrit is the guy who controlled Berg and the criminal party with the slave bracelets, and then put a bounty on Berg’s head when he realised he ran away.

We would typically see him at the beginning of an arc. Both Geoff and Shaun’s had him give them their assignments.