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That Court of Swords Tarot Project


(Darkvlagor) #21

Kukrit's Description

(putridcheese) #22


III The Empress - Ziva

(putridcheese) #23

An update!

V The Heirophant - Hazan

(putridcheese) #24

IV The Emperor - Zephyra

VI The Lovers - Berg and Azure

(Twitch: GustavWang) #25

The lovers one is amazing but berg is half orc that dude looks human.

(boeiee) #26

Really awesome cards, Especially the "The lovers" one.

(putridcheese) #27

You're right. The underbite is in my rough lines... but I forgot to put in the final.

And here's one more.

VII The Chariot - The Rock Gnome King

(Darkvlagor) #28

Damn, these are Awesome :itmejp10:

(Twitch: Solum31) #29

Glad that you continued with these! I made that discussion topic months ago and I forgot all about it! This is some great work!

(putridcheese) #30

I wanted a topic to draw about, and the cards aligned. :smiley:

(putridcheese) #31

Just finished some freelance work. Time to get back to this.

Any idea who should represent the next 4 arcana, Strength, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune and Justice?

(Darkvlagor) #32


  • Strength : Bravery, Compassion, Focus, Inner Strength
    I Think @CinnamonToastKen's character would work, despite a depressing beginning he showed he was a good leader by charging into battle with the remaning of his troupe. He seemed to be a good guy, stayed focus on the task at hand and wasn't afraid to be on the front line.

  • The Hermit : Contemplation, Search of truth, Inner guidance
    Old Berg ftw, with Hazan maybe ? The narrative elipse kinda fits in I think

  • The :adamwheel: of Fortune : Change, Cycles, Inevitable fate
    This one is the hard one. I guess the metaphorical Wheel we have here is the cycle between parties of characters. It's a cycle for the show but also for the story. Maybe for each quarter of the wheel we could put dead characters in them ?

  • Justice : Cause and effect, Clarity, Truth
    "What you get is a direct result of your actions"
    I have no idea for that one. There hasn't been any feels of justice, just of towers :itmejplol:

(putridcheese) #33

Yes, I was thinking ken's character could be either Strength or Justice. Or maybe Persnidgetron could do Justice instead.

I'm trying to avoid the reusing characters. If I commit Berg to Hermit, I will most likely not use him for Tower. I'll note this either way.

Wheel of Fortune vignette of the life and death of characters is a good idea. It's going to be tough to fit a whole party in it. I think Ramus could fit specifically.

Thanks. I'll have to do reruns of episodes now. :stuck_out_tongue:

(putridcheese) #34

XII The Hanged Man - Azriel

(saberthedarklord) #35

This is my favorite out of all of them so far

(saberthedarklord) #36

Are you gonna do the fountain card? If so I'd draw Adam for that, it's basically a card zero, it's number being infinity

(putridcheese) #37

A fountain is not in the Major Arcana, 0 or 22 is the Fool. So I'm probably not going to do a fountain card.

(putridcheese) #38

Unfortunately, this are all coming out of their order now but what can I do. Any opinions and suggestions I'm very much open to. :slight_smile:

Chuckles was the elephant right? He should be somewhere on this list.

X The Wheel of Fortune - Ramus Krill

XI Justice - Luther

XV The Devil - Grasping Hands

(Darkvlagor) #39

Good job on the Wheel ! It was the hardest one I think.

And OMG Justice and The Devil look SO COOL :itmejp10:

(putridcheese) #40

VIII The Strength - Chuckles

IX The Hermit - The Sphere