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SWN Stats - Which factions will you join

So after Adam’s tweet

I thought it would be fun to have stats on that

More info on the factions can be found here :

Edit : As some people observed, lots of votes are in House Minor because they are composed of several houses. So here is another poll to have data on that too !

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Minor houses faction. Long live the space HRE!


I’ll wait for the vod on youtube, but The Trilliant Ring sounds pretty trill to play.

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House Crux. Law is my sword and order my shield.

I want to see a recount with each individual Minor House as an option to get the true detail. They total 30% of the playable factions.
Even in the small sample size here, ‘The Houses Minor’ has over 50% pick rate because its 7 factions that 7 different people want to play so all of them picked it.

I understand them taking our workers, them were heresy so said the High Exarch. But now we have no hands for the plantations. The people don’t want these jobs nor to be stuck in the lackluster, harsh, corners of the sector. Who would want to spend a season on one of those asteroids working on an hydroponic farm? Nowhere to go, black all around at every freaking moment, freezing when the inevitable power shortages come… I can’t really blame my colleagues for dealing with the Dogs or those self-styled “House” Vagrant, it’s either that or see famine ravage our worlds… I can’t blame them… I can’t… blame myself.

It’s because they will count as one single faction for the sake of the faction turn. Though it would be nice to see a separate adjacent poll to see how the that faction is distributed.


I have to say, I don’t quite get how all those houses, with very different flavors and agendas, will function as a single faction. Will that mean that all the representatives of these houses will have to agree on a course of action for the turn despite wanting different specific things? Curious how that will work.


I, too am unknowing.
My best guess is that once the factions has 7 different assets, presumably tools of their 7 different ideas, each one will simply choose to focus on their own.


Yeah, that’s a possibility for sure.

The Houses Minor are a single faction with shared assets. They’ll have to just work together to decide what to do with them.


I was initially really riding that House Reticulum-hype but I’ve decided that I’m gonna be an edgelord and roll with the Deathless.

If you have a problem and the money, we have the solution. We cover everything from simple security consultations to aggressive conflict management!


Lord Jordim “Fimbulwolf” VVen of House Crux, sworn knight of the high council, high chancellor of Tarsis Prime. Ours To Bear.

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Operating on this expectation is comparable to sabotage of the highest degree.

Right now, we dont even know how competitive they are. Do all of the minor houses combined have the clout of 1 major house? That would be unreasonable as they would only be able to pursue 1 house worth of agenda.

‘Work together’ how? If we want one faction doing one thing sure. But if what we want is SEVEN factions doing one thing… why have seven factions with seven specified ideologies? If you put seven distinctions on paper, expect there to be seven distinct actions otherwise time is being wasted. Some may not act, some may act against others.

Everyone needs to talk out of character to sort this faction’s extra chaos out. It is, at best, a slight disadvantage in organisational ability and at-worst faction breaking. I assume the aim of putting them together was to have them together, and having them crumble isnt an assumption we should have.

If the chaos is what Adam wants, he will get it. But lets manage expectation and not play expecting this game of Everyone is House John to not be a clusterfuck.

We don’t know anything about the Factions starting positions, assets, etc.

That being said, if the type of additional levels of diplomacy the Minor Houses will need to deal with isn’t your style, I’d suggest not joining one. There are 13 other factions to choose from.

I for one look forward to the chaos and making something out of the Minor Houses


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Votes. If everyone votes on the next course of action (I have ideas about how I’d like to implement voting in my own faction), then it will work. And he has said before that if a singular minor house has enough popularity over time, that it’s possible it could split off into its own thing. This is all in reflection of the significance of the minor houses within the “Empire” regarding the imperial throne.

It’s actually not gonna be that much more different compared to any other faction, since everyone will (most likely) be voting on issues, it’s just that the Minor Houses will be the most “politically diverse”, which makes for potentially the most interesting role-playing.

But, I would like to see the Minor Houses divided up overall into their own discord channels as a sort of sub-senate, with the leaders coming together for their final vote. We’ll see what Adam decides though.


I think I will sit this whole faction game out for now.
If its not political, this social experiment will be pointless and if it is political, there will be arguing politics.
I am a political nihilist. And so none of this is my style.

Originally I thought it could be fun to just talk strategy and attempt to build some form of functioning government but I realise now that I dont have enough information about how the political side of the game will work.

It took me several long conversations with people I know IRL to realise that. I’ll stay out of your way. Have fun.

First I wanted to join the Houses Minor and The House Eridanus, but I have decided I will join The Unified People’s Collective. I like political roleplaying and the discussions in there are going to be great.

I hope, when Adam makes the Sector that it is possible to see, where unrest and revolution makes sense. I will probably go in the direction of Socialism by extreme measures.

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That’s not necessarily true. There are no rules for “politics” in the game. There’s definitely gonna be smaller factions where people are just talking about what they plan to do for the faction turn. Different strokes for different folks - anyone can pop into Discord when it starts and just take a look at how the conversations are going to get a feel for who they want to join. No absolute anything.

The only core rule is that there has to be one representative for each faction that reports to Adam about their faction turns.