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SWN Stats - Which factions will you join

Being part of a minor house, will be most likely a political shit-show. But I have a character in mind, only house Phyxis will do justice. Space Rangers hype!

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Pyxis Party for LIFE! I feel like Pyxis is going to be one of the Houses the others all try to please and make alliances with, since they don’t have an agenda of their own. Buying off Pyxis’ vote will probably be much easier than any of the other Houses Minor. Getting Pyxis to be friends with you is basically a free House of votes supporting your policies in the Minor House Council (as long as those policies aren’t anti-cool stuff).

The funny thing is the opposite will probably be true politically between the Houses Major and Pyxis. Granted, they don’t really have to care about the Houses Minor, but still. One hates aliens and fun, and the other one is A BUNCH OF BORING NERDS (who also hate fun). We’re probably buds with Fornax though. They make our ships, and are generally a-political. I’m personally pushing for Fornax emperor, since the Minor Houses don’t have much of a chance, and Fornax has never had a member on the throne before.

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Hey! Hey! Hey!! Get your propaganda outta here Sir! :01jp:Kappa

So I dug out my free version of SWN 1e and rolled a random character to figure out where I sit. Conceptually they fit pretty well with with House Pyxis or House vagrant, and I think Pyxis is way more interesting, both as a standalone group their love of exploration “speak to me” a lot more than Vagrant, and also becasue the Minor Houses politics might be good fun. Pyxis’s lack of obvious investment in the “centre” of the sector makes them an interesting look too, I think a lot of what they might angle for is with the “non-noble” factions becasue they need to be a bit practical out on the edge

So Pyxis it is! (and if I wind up frustrated with it, well there is always the asteroid belt waiting there for me, arms open :itmejpcute: )

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Same way house vagrant will.

Regardless every faction will have disputes on what to buy because its a group of people that have to agree on what to buy. Perhaps the houses minor have a rotation based off of months where each month each minor house gets to spend.

I believe house vagrant should have a elected pirate king but thats just my opinion. :smiley:

Here is a proposal on how a Faction with multiple Houses / Leaders can decide on what to do on each Faction Turn.

True. I was just wondering because those minor houses are defined as something big enough, relevant enough, to be given their separate function and flavor and whatnot by Adam. But of course, now thinking about it, we are supposed to do that same thing with the other factions, have our own smaller divisions and flavors to roleplay and it all possibly or likely comes out to the same thing, electing representatives and voting on actions. :wink:

As I read the SWN faction turn more it isn’t honestly as bad as most people make it out to be. Really each house can function separate, however, they can only do one “Action”. So as an example they can only choose to “Buy an Asset” they cannot choose to “Attack,” and “Buy an Asset,” however once that “Buy an Asset” action is chosen, every minor house can buy whatever they’d like. Just means we have to do some internal tracking, on who owns what assets, and agree upon multiple scenarios.

IE: Each House Minor will need to decide “What to do if our faction uses the “Use Asset” Action or the “Attack” action, which asset will we use and against who, etc.”

I personally like the point voting system, because in theory it’ll let every House Minor know what is going to happen and then spend more time deciding on what to do with that Faction Turn Action instead of coming up with 9 different Actions based on what COULD happen. Though this depends on everyone playing fair, and agreeing to some sort of base rules on how the Houses Minor Faction works.

The other thing that slipped my mind is that currently, this also prevents the Houses Minor from beating up on each other, so temporarily they’re sort of united to take on potentially bigger goals.


Kumari Vagrant Usha Valerius backs the notion of a King Vagrant, but I’m betting a hell of a lot of the other captains are just as vehemently opposed.

Pyxis has jumped to second in the Strawpoll! Which is saying something, since I’ve seen a LOT more support for the other factions in the discord. Hopefully more people realize the true freedom that is House Pyxis, and continue to make the right choice.

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The Fac Cred rule you made could be a bit unbalanced. For one, it will be hard to track who is getting what portion of the money. Secondly, it will set other Minor Houses back significantly with regard to the flow of the game. If the faction votes to make money, then the particular Minor Houses that don’t play along effectively lose an entire month of play and get nothing at all for being forced to participate.

If all of the Minor Houses reap the rewards and suffer the consequences of every other action taken together, then they ought to be subject to the gains of financial operations too. For instance, everyone benefits from the use of military assets to protect the faction.

The houses can track their own assets and FacCreds and just tell Adam what they want to do as a whole, we can just dump it into a community spreadsheet for the house minor to see.

I don’t see how it will set back other Minor Houses at all, because the all 7 of the House Minor are actually one faction. It is no different than some of the members of House Vagrant wanting to attack, and the others wanting to buy. It all comes down to a voting system. Because of the way the rules work, if the majority of the faction wants to use the “Use Asset Ability” as their Action and each House Minor has 1 asset, even if they’re different assets they’re able to use them. The rules for that I see are “Use the special abilities of one or more assets, such as the transport ability of logistics assets, or the intelligence-gathering abilities of spy assets.” Meaning if a house doesn’t want to get barred from a turn, just make sure your faction buys enough stuff or is diverse enough to do things every turn. Regardless of the vote results.

This just creates a bit more fluidity, so that the faction knows what it’s doing and can plan accordingly rather than allowing one group to say what the other 6 are going to be doing.

Everyone does in fact benefit from the use of military assets to protect the faction, thus it is in the best interest of all 7 house minor to agree on what to do with their money. But if half of the group wants to save up to buy more harvesters and the other half wants to save up to buy more military ships, then I believe that both sides should say, “we’re not going to give you our share of the faccreds, and you’re not going to give us your share of the faccreds. Let’s not buy this turn and instead use assets.” This would allow for the opposing views of the House Minor to actually do something rather than getting stuck in politics.

The system I suggested at least allows the factions to see what the other factions want to do with their turn and allows for the discussion between themselves.

This doesn’t mean that each House Minor cannot give resources to the other houses to support each other if need be. I’m just saying I believe it should be divided up so that each House Minor faction has a say, and they don’t get tied up too harshly in what to do.

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Is the discord live already or do you mean JP’s discord?

well there is really only one option…which is The High Church of Messiah-as-Emperor…for as following any other kind of faction is as all good children knows…HERESY.

also a religion based on a long dead figure head who used to be kick-ass but is long dead…and the nobility and church is still trying to ride the coattails of it by forcing the beliefs is kinda my jam =)

The goodly legionnaires of House Aquila remain too ever faithful. A glorious day it will be when the revolutionaries and reformers are purged from the Emperor’s fine sector.

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well said good sir, may your warriors walk in the emperors golden light. and may your weapons burst with his holy fire. And may your legionnaires be his shadow that falls on the scum, criminals and heretics that dare defy his godly rule…

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I have no problem with the voting system you came up with, but dividing fac creds according to subfactions within the Houses Minor restricts the power of each subfaction (individual Minor House).

Everyone benefits from the purchasing of assets. Everyone benefits from military actions. Everyone benefits from the use of asset abilities. Everyone benefits from asset movements across the Sector Map.

To elaborate, using the military assets example again, if the majority votes to use the military assets in a maneuver to protect their other assets, the minority houses still gain the benefit of being protected by the military assets. And again, if any other asset’s special abilities are used that aren’t economic, the minority houses will always gain the benefits of those abilities even if they voted against their use.

But if you divide the fac creds according to economic ability votes, that becomes the one thing that only a few can benefit from. There is no actual gameplay power division of resources except with the division of fac creds if you choose to use this rule, leaving minority houses poor. Yes, they can negotiate, but this leaves poorer houses at a disadvantage every time because the distribution of fac creds becomes the only resource that they can’t freely pool, unlike every other asset and ability available to the greater faction. In effect, every Minor House within the faction is playing the exact same faction with all the same resources, except some of them have less money. The other subfaction alliances will never have any advantage over the economically-minded alliance, which ends up with everyone being forced to follow the money or never play if the natural meta-progression occurs after the wealth alliance gains a small minority at any point in the game.

If everything is shared for the sake of the game, then all fac creds should be shared similarly. Leave the power divisions up to the voting and RP in Discord.

That’s how the world works, you either are the money, follow the money, or become irrelevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not saying you are wrong, by the way.

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Oh, definitely. I was thinking about that while I was writing it, but then it’s supposed to be a game with actual balance, not real life. It just wouldn’t be fun.

For sure. There surely is a way to make everyone happy, and there are more details still to come from Adam.