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SWN Sector Generator

So hey, since emichron doesn’t seem to be in service anymore, I was wondering if anyone has found a decent sector generator? I know there is the Sectors Without Number generator(link below), which starts you out by generating planets and their positions, but doesn’t have all the neat bells and whistles that emichron had by generating planet backgrounds and alien species. So it’s a good start, still leaves a little to be desired. Anyone know of any others?

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It does do planet backgrounds, just generate a sector, click on a system, then click on a planet in that system in the system overview on the right. It seems that it doesn’t have an option to generate factions or alien races though. Here are some generators for these things (they aren’t taking into consideration the Revised edition of SWN).

The main gripe I have with Sectors Without Number is that you can’t download your sector in database format. I find it cumbersome to only be able to access information regarding systems and planets through the website by clicking stuff. In my SWN game I transferred all data manually into an Excel sheet.

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Alright, I won’t lie, I didn’t click on the planets so i didn’t notice that the planets had background lol. That’s entirely my fault. But it is cool there are other generators for the other components.

I know you can’t download it, but you can at least save it if you log in with your google. I generated a planet with cybercommunists lol.

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Hey all,

I’m the creator of sectors without number. You can print the sector now in a condensed or expanded view which isn’t the same as downloading an excel file, but would give you a way to take the content out of the website.

In addition, there is now an overview section (available on the left navigation bar) where you can see your entities in a table format and even sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

@grafzhl Do you just keep all your planets in a nice big spreadsheet? Or do you keep multiple sheets for different things? I’d like to build a way to export data here very shortly.

If you have any other pain points, let me know. I’d love to smooth those out for you and the rest of the community.

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Hey, very cool! The overview feature is pretty much what my sheet provides aswell, but I like the points of interest your website generates!

Yes, I have multiple sheets that link to each other when needed.

This is what the planets sheet looks like (best open the image in a new tab and don’t mind the English/German mix on there :grin:):

Other sheets pull data from this sheet (like the AssetTracker sheet that keeps track of faction assets or my cargo calculator that sits in another document and requires the hex coordinates) What’s missing in the sheet is a detailed description of the planets, just because there’s not really room for that. Basically, I modded the sheet @AdamKoebel was using for Swan Song with my own stuff :slight_smile:[quote=“asychronicity, post:4, topic:2409”]
I’d like to build a way to export data here very shortly.

For me, just a .csv file with all the information of your overview table would do. Maybe as extentsion of your website, you could also provide a template Google Sheet where the .csv can be imported so that its content automatically populates dropdown menus and so on? Like providing the full package :smiley: Don’t know how feasible that would be though.

Thanks a lot for your work, the tool is pretty great as is already!


This is exactly my plan. Ideally just an export button in the overview when you select in on a specific entity type.

The google sheets template is interesting. I’ll have to give that some more thought. I know a lot of people use GSheets already for SWN (I did for a long time).

Thanks for the insight! It really helps figure out what to build next!


Do you speak German as well? If that’s the case and you’d be willing, I’m looking for help internationalizing the application. Already have someone helping me with a French translation.

No pressure and not a big deal. Just thought I’d ask.

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Yeah, I’m German and sure, I’ll help! :slight_smile: Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if you find other people from other regions who are also willing to help here, as long as the @moderators are cool with a recruiting effort like that :smiley:


That’s great! I’ll put together some sort of google doc and post it when I have something.



The only thing I find tricky with Sectors Without Number is that the names of the sectors, more often than not, come out kind of a jumbled mess of syllable soup. I can’t really use a sector called Zazobiienlee. One thing that helped me as a GM when I ran the game last time using Emichron was that the names were derived from real world cultures, peoples and places - so it gave me cultural context for the worlds I was using in Swan Song.


Hey Adam!

Yeah, I totally agree with you. I love the fact that you used the randomly generated names to help give you that cultural context. I’ll add an item on the road-map to look into making that better.

You can always go in and modify the names, attributes, and tags of any sector, system, planet, or additional point of interest if you don’t like what the generator created.


Totally! The trick is that I want to be surprised, so editing it myself means I have to pick all that stuff myself. Thanks for giving me some space to ask for that!

I’d love to use Sectors for the new show!


@AdamKoebel It would be great if the website could be used for the new show! Please let me know of anything that could help facilitate that.

@grafzhl Here’s the translations google sheet. There are still a lot of world tag enemies, friends, complications, etc. that I need to add in there. And again, it’s not a big deal so don’t feel required to do all of them. Anything helps!


@grafzhl don’t translate names and locations. I don’t know how the sector generator works, but Blizzard allowed it during Vanilla WoW (when they changed it from the proper way to the imbecile way) and massacred the German translation of the game with it.

For reference: ‘Jaina Proudmoore’ is called ‘Jaina Prachtmeer’ in German. Looks good, doesn’t work. That translates to ‘Jaina GLORY-OCEAN’, or ‘Jaina SPLENDOR-SEA’. Other equally stupid “translations” are available, however not a single one that comes close to ‘proud’ (stolz) or even ‘pride’ (der Stolz) and the the name(-ending) ‘moore’, which has no translation; only a relation to the word ‘moor’ which is either ‘das Moor’ (swamp) or ‘der Maure’ (someone of North African ancestry) in German. They did that to most locations or characters. When translating into German, that’s one of the biggest no-nos! There are rules about grammar and vocabulary, and changing names is not allowed. ‘The Grand Canyon’ is ‘Der Grand Canyon’ and not ‘Die Große Schlucht’.

I’m still salty about this, and it happened 14 years ago in a game that I no longer play. :itmejprage:

Long story short: I’d be willing to help out with the translation!

P.S.: Damn, I got myself wound up about Jaina Prachtmeer, again.


I’m just going to say that I love it when communities come together. :grin:


“Luke, es gibt noch einen anderen Himmel… Himmel… Skywalker!”

Just a heads-up, since I saw there are things like single adjectives in the list: in German (as in French I think) there is declension of adjectives if they are used attributively, so their spelling depends on the context they are used it. So it’s not necessarily correct to just combine single items from the list with each other—e.g. if you wanted to say “corrosive atmosphere” it would be “ätzende Atmosphäre”, not “ätzend Atmosphäre” (which is what you would get if you were to just combine the entries since I entered the adjective’s non-declined basic form).

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It’s that way in Spanish too. But at least you get the base word, and then all you have to do is conjugate. Hopefully.

Yeah, so I won’t be combining any of those translations. Each line is a word, phrase, or sentence that is used as a title, item in a dropdown, or elsewhere by themselves.

Also, you should be able to request access so you don’t have to create comments. Thanks for your help @grafzhl!

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I’d love to be able to use it for the show. Right now the name thing is my main concern. I’ll take it for a fuller spin sometime soon just to see if there are other things I’d request.


I’m noticing that for a large amount of the translations, their exact wording really depends on the context in which they appear on the site. It’d probably be best to start by using the translations from the Google sheet and then have us look over the not-yet-gone-live site before going live with the translations. There might be some really funny and out of place text snippets otherwise :smiley:

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