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[Spoilers] The Farang, a thread about all the known facts so far


(Joshkie1973) #62

…All those moments (memories that makes us who we are) will just disappear in time like tears in the rain… Time to die!

(apepi) #63

Makes me think, if the blind monk/heaven can’t really see Ramus…can the Mara? I am trying to think of a situation where the Mara walked up to soulless Ramus and tried to give him power… But I can’t think of it.

(Olf_Himself) #64

It wasn’t directly to Ramus but he was there when the Old Man Mara appeared just after Ziva got taken by the Lord of Falcons.

(leacim88) #66

Hello my fellow Farang hunters! We got lots of new facts to put in here :slight_smile:

[Live Show episode 63]
The Farang began invading the city of brass about the same time as Utrix fell.
The Heavens knew that the invasion was a possibility beforehand.
They are extra vulnerable to psyonic damage.
Their armours are equiped with wings and can fly.
They got selfdestruction wired in their armoure.

Did I miss something? :smiley:

(notNOTjack) #67

They use magic dampener beacons and they hesitate leaving their areas of effect.
And they appear to not be immune to their armor self destruction, even if they are also wearing armor (that might not have been the reason the other Farang ran but I guess we can assume as much)

(leacim88) #68

yeah thats great!!
I also edit in “When the beacons gets destroyed their armours need to reboot.” in the facts above

can we also assume that Tulpa is of the opposite faction of the invading forces?
It fealt like it in the joy he found when fighting them.

(notNOTjack) #69

I believe we can certainly assume that, if it wasn’t already confirmed on a GM prep (I have the vague idea it was)

(leacim88) #70

Okey! :slight_smile: i have just returned from a ski trip. So i have lots to catch up to. Need to listnen on the latest gm prep and all of episode 64

(leacim88) #71

Oh yeah right!
[Episod 63] [fact]
Hasan (i think?) confirmed the teory that they emit nostalgic emotions to people and may appear like someone you want to see.
So i put it in the above facts :slight_smile:

We got lots of fact above now :wink: please read them througe and let me know if i need to change anything or if i have missed something

(apepi) #72

So I was thinking, what are the chances that little miss Vortex is a Farang in disguise? Crazy idea but… Hey.

(leacim88) #73

Prity low i would guess. But we’ll see what Adam have planed

(Elyoslayer) #74

No, since Farangs are not in the circle of reincarnation but Vortex was reincarnated into a farm girl.

(DesmondDentresti) #75

Alternatively - And this is my headcanon…

What if the mortal races could be ‘Converted’ to Half-elves at any time (wwoooo alien abduction and assimilation!) through a series of cybernetic modifications that the race usually install at birth (from pods, because, of course) to make them ‘better beings’.
The resistance to magical charm; parts of the brain are replaced, half the brain is unaffected by magic like the full bodies of fully converted Farang. These replacements make the mind more efficient - granting Skill Versatility and the ability to suddenly be able to piece together information to learn language - one of which, Elvish, being ‘auto installed’ on the hardware from the start actually requires a laryngeal replacement to modulate the sounds you make because for ‘common’ speaking races it is incomprehensible sound thats why the courts only vaguely understand the written language.

Honestly, I have been stealing and building on this for so long, I have so many random ideas.
But thats fanfiction - this is a thread of FACTS… So this WHOLE POST was a waste of time. :adamwizard:

Sorry. :frowning:

(leacim88) #76

No waste of time. As i said in the beginning you can feal free to tinker. Just be clear if it’s a fact or theory. And some substans there is in your thoughts if you listned to what Adam said about half-elves in the GM prep [live show].

(DesmondDentresti) #77

I did indeed. Thats what sparked my imagination. He used the words like ‘replace’ and ‘sleeper agents’. So my idea of partial conversions is off as of right now.

Although when we get there, this topic will have to be renamed ‘The Farang, and also those Half-Farang ones too - All known facts’.

(Elyoslayer) #78

This ain’t Warhammer 40k boiiii it’s D&D :stuck_out_tongue:

(DesmondDentresti) #79

Which leads me to my NEXT theory, Adam is slowly driving the story…
To an alternate dystopian science fantasy dimension…



(Possibly Batman) #83

Let’s keep the discussion on the Farang and open a new thread to discuss 40k

(Joshkie1973) #84

Plus they missed that Dark Heresy was a reference to the 40k RollPlay show we already got…

But I too digress.

(apepi) #85

Forget 40k, how about some Space jammer?