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[Spoilers] The Farang, a thread about all the known facts so far


(Twitch: Brooster) #42

I’m a bit late, but I wanted to chip in my two cents.

i’m curious where the gold versus silver divide in factions came from. I was under the distinct impression that the “Protoss” Farang (high elves?) were one faction, while the other faction was heretofore unseen in action - before this week, at least - the “Illithid” Farang (drow?) - which may be the same as the “silver” that’s been mentioned before. Think High templar vs dark templar Protoss.

EDIT: I retract the assertion that the “Illithid” are Farang, pretty sure they’re githyanki, wearing the mask of their ancient oppressors. I got caught up in the idea that the elves ARE illithid (having just read about the Gith), and had come to reclaim their former slaves (reflecting D&D canon). May still be true, but the People / Others dichotomy seems likely to be both branches of Gith. If the elves are in fact illithid, both ought to fight them, perhaps Inanna will end up helping our heroes rally a resistance alliance.

I got the impression that the farang (Protoss/golden/high?) that self-destructed/blasted the artifact in the jungle was hunting down an opposition member, i.e. the same faction as the one in the crystal (silver/drow?) that granted boons to Azriel, Berg, and JBG.

As to the prisoner in the oubliette - I recall Adam referring to the prisoner as either an objector or a traitor in one of the more recent GM prep episodes (referring to the reason for his imprisonment); I thought he might be a Farang who switched sides.

I’m curious about the word “Farang;” the party encountered mogwai which were really just goblins for all intents and purposes. I believe mogwai is Chinese for gremlin/goblin. I’m curious whether there is an elvish or Farang equivalent in South Asian mythology from which the name is drawn.

It just occurred to me that Azriel, who likewise had the “Passenger,” and gets to keep his memories when he dies IIRC, has now returned to heaven. I suspect this may have substantial consequences if he is able to alert heaven to the presence of the Farang or, alternately, if the Passenger had its claws in him firmly enough to have tagged along with his more-highly-conserved soul.

(leacim88) #43

The boon Azriel got was Balder. The same owl that was there when they fought the vampire!!!

What if Azriel did not get a passenger but he relised a part of the farang in to the world instead. And now the farang is infecting souls to become vampires

Was not the vampires soul discribed as black void to? I can not realy remember

(Twitch: Brooster) #44

I had no memory of that; I’ll have to go back and watch that arc. I was gaming while I watched it originally. That’s a really interesting thought.

Another thought I had was that the schism between the factions of the Farang may have been triggered by a difference in opinion as to what to do after exhausting their energy. I suspect that one faction decided to seek power from the outer dark (Warlocks), while the other decided themselves to find it elsewhere in the universe and seize it; thus the CE vs LE analogy would hold up. Although… in CoS, the alignments are the four elements and Void; do we think that there are subdivisions of Void? How about the other elements?

I’m going to go sub to Adam’s channel and watch the new GM prep now. I need answers.

(Pierzing) #45

Yo, that theory is tight. I completely forgot about Balder and the dark entity in the House of the Falcon. At the time I assumed it was some Aasimar/heavenly being researching the Mara, like Raziel (JP’s warlock), but if it was some other version of the Passenger possessing the owl, that would be insane. They are beings that are voids and crave the energy of the Fountain just like the vampires, so it could be a mutually beneficial relationship.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #46

Anything is possible, though I’ve been avoiding drawing too many conclusions based on my knowledge of Spelljammer and Planescape (Utrix had a freakin’ Modron on display in his Seclusium! :grin:). Adam is clearly familiar with both, but he likes to pull things from multiple sources and then put his own spin on them.

That said, the idea of the Farang originating from an entirely different Prime Material sphere where they have their own version of the Fountain is really cool. Regardless of where they come from, I agree 100% that they’ve conquered other worlds/peoples prior to this.

EDIT: …and I just remembered that in one of the visions (Ramus’ I think), he saw a room that was basically a massive orrery. Normally used to represent the orbits of celestial bodies, what if it was actually a map of various Prime Material spheres?

(Joshkie1973) #47

People are focusing on the Farang but the rings where designed to keep out Mind Flayers, and they are the ones that came to colect their slaves Gith (one or both). My question is does this mean that Gith lost in this time line/reality? Because the Mind Flayers seem to be the ones still in charge and not hiding from the Gith.

The player/Factions on the Field as I see it.

Heaven and the Arcana

Annepire benefactor?

The 4 Courts.

The Immortals city of brass.

The gnomes.

The Yanti snake god old god being, and all the other primordial gods that didn’t join heaven.

The Mara and the Undead hord (Same or diferent?).

The… Wizards.

The Mind Flayers and Gith.

The Farag (silver, gold, others?).

There probably half a dozen other factions we havent seen yet.

And the Factions listed above have different factions within them working counter to the main factions goals and for their own purpose.

(leacim88) #48

I’m sorry but you might be writing in the wrong thread. Please let this thread be focusing on the Farang :slight_smile:

(Pierzing) #49

I’m not sure we can guarantee the rings we’re designed to specifically keep the Mind Flayer people out, since Berg’s Passenger had the adverse reaction to them as well. I think it’s very possible that our squidfolk are some other type of Farang or being from an unknown plane like the Farang. I agree that they seem to be a much more powerful entity than the Gith in this world.

A new factions thread would be super cool to better parse and talk about this stuff.

(leacim88) #50

Fact (might get changed)
[GM-Prep 60.5]

The Farang are “Body and soul united in form” they are “Mind”
They are outside the fountains influence. Maybe completely immune to magic.
If they got a God it’s probably only one singel universal “over God”

[spoiler]And then Adam prity much confirms that the Mind flayers are Farangs in masks and googles.[/spoiler] We’ll see in the future :wink:

Thank you @AdamKoebel for the information. <3

(leacim88) #51

Does anyone of you remember in what episode they turned in the first captured bug? the one in the pot

(profnesbitt) #52

Don’t remember the week number but pretty sure it was the episode with day9 as zawaz wazaz

(Joshkie1973) #53

Scionics - My theory is the rings where designed to keep out those with scionics specifically the Mind Flayers. This why it wasn’t as powerful or as effective at keeping out Bergs passenger.

The reason I brought up the other player groups is it not all the Farangs doing. Not all clues are or will lead to the Farang.

(Arraxis) #54

I was in one of the Patreon RP sessions with Adam where we played with Court of Swords and I asked if I could play as a half-elf since the elven mystery was something that fascinated me from day one. He explained to me that they don’t appear any different to humans or anything like that, and aren’t even aware that they are half-elves or that they have Farang blood. It’s been a while, but I think he also elaborated that they could be ‘activated’ like a Manchurian agent or like the spawn of a Deep One. While I don’t hope for player death, I would love if a player would choose to play as a half-elf so this could be explored more.

Naturally, I can’t exactly confirm this since it was a private session and it might have been retconned since, but I thought I’d share my little tidbit. If there happens to be a scene where the sun is suddenly is a spot where it shouldn’t be, however, that’s a reference to that session and our fight with the Mara known as Iblis.

(Plan_A_Has_Failed) #55

Adam just dropped a bunch of new info in the latest GM Prep session for the live-live show…

More Facts;

They cannot exist naturally within the world of the Court of Swords, but require some means of outside assistance; this could be their armor, special anti-magic networks they can set up (think Protoss pylons), or inhabiting the bodies of half-elves (Manchurian Candidate style).

They are naturally immune to the Fountain’s magical effects, although constant exposure from being in this world tests that resistance and weakens it somewhat.

“Tulpa” (Berg’s Dark Passenger) is trying a new method of co-habitating with Berg by riding shotgun on his soul.

The Farang consume magic as an energy source and are even capable of consuming gods/immortal beings.

The gods cannot perceive the Farang.

The Farang haven’t figured out how human souls work/how to use them as a source of energy… yet.

(LeelandGrant) #56

Oh man, one thing that hit me reading your post.
It seems that ramus can not be seen by people looking at the souls (as we learned from the blind monk).

Doesn´t that make him soulless and no longer part of the fountain, just like the Farang are described?
Could he be a Farlang sleeper-agent that took the form and the mind of the dead Ramus and even he himself doesn´t know it (yet)?

Does Ramus as do the Farlang stand outside the twists of fate?
Is he one of them now?

(AdamKoebel) #57

Technically, Ramus isn’t even Ramus. Like, he’s the animated flesh and lower soul / dharmic cruft that was once part of the soul that bore the name Ramus Krill. Eventually, they’ll find that soul and he’ll be purged from reality like he was supposed to be. He’s a glitch in the system, a hiccup.

(Joshkie1973) #58

Is the lower soul Purged as in destroyed or does it move on to a different realm outside of the wheel of reincarnation?

(sythmaster) #59

Some reason, the way you phrased that reminded me of the Zombies from the movie “Idle Hands”. Where they like… just didn’t follow the Light.

Its an odd reference :disappointed_relieved:

(Zectorman) #60

Sad in that i feel it short changes the strives that the “Cruft” has made considering his reveal that he will not above all betray Berg in anyway. Imagine that? How far this power hungry scornful cleric has come? That dhamric credit doesnt get checked into the soul for evaluation. Or maybe since his soul is gone he was able to overcome these things that made him who he used to be? Was he better with or without the soul is an interesting question.

And now he has the key, literally and figuratively, to attempt to go get his soul back. That is if it is still “Lost” and not flushed into the reincarnation toilet. Will he wont he, and what will it mean for the character as we know him.

(AdamKoebel) #61

It’s just crud and dissolves in the ephemeral space of the fountain and its flow.