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Spoiler etiquette

continuing from here: Character Q&A: Azriel (Dan)

Spoilers have been issues a few time on the forums. The blur tool helps, but maybe it’s time to add a little message about spoiler etiquette.

You know how twitch chat has these “how to behave” info boxes, that you have to confirm before chatting? Maybe something like that could pop up when the spoiler tool is being used? “add info for what or when you’re spoiling”

Like: (Week 78 Spoiler) [spoiler]Someone did a thing.[/spoiler]

Takes away the guessing work when we decide whether we want to read the spoiler or not!

A similar info could be in the text box before a message is written, to make sure the spoiler tool is being used.

Just saying there is an issue, and asking for someone to come up with a cool solution! :stuck_out_tongue:


While this could be a cool feature I personally don’t feel like this is a major issue on this forum. Most of the spoiler talk is done in the Q&A threads and one should expect to see spoilers in there. It might deter someone from writing the message or just leave the spoiler tag off if they wouldn’t know for certain when the spoiler occurs.

For me this feels like too much hassle for little to no gain. Designing and implementing something like this would require quite a lot of work. If it would be something that people just type before the spoiler, i feel like best way to promote it would be by using it so people can see how they can preface their spoiler. I’ll actually try to remember stating the week in front of my spoiler if i end up using one.