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Should we have a fan voted GotY?


I like it as well. I'll check the settings tomorrow and see how we could best handle that.

(Aureylian) #22

This is a pretty good idea - let the DF crew come up with a list, and have the community here vote on it. :itmejp10:

(gkar2012) #23

Great Idea. Always hearing about games ive missed from these kind of things.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #24

I think a live poll during the show via Twitch Chat with graphics updating in realtime would be cool. Let it run for 2 or 3 minutes, then discuss the results on air.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #25

I would actually prefer it if it was voted on beforehand to give people in the community the chance to vote even if they can't watch the show.

I hope the poll will be advertised during the DF streams before the GOTY episode to give more people (especially from the other communities) a chance to vote as well.

(AcidSkass) #26

But why not both options.
Both seems like nice ideas, one of forums and one live.
Forum one would be nice to have on record (each year onward) and live one would add a nice feature.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #27

As long as the people who can't watch the show live can participate. When the time moved to 1 hour later it became too late for me to watch (even partially) live so I have been watching DF vods. Others may different reasons that prevent them from joining in the poll if it was just open on the live show even if they wanted too.

(DevilsGrin) #28

Yeah, that would be great. Maybe cull for each game type and then do a straw poll for each category? Then use the winners of the straw poll into the viewer GOTY poll.

(Samstein_) #29

I like this idea!

Other suggestions in posts here that I agree with-

Let the DF Crew nominate which games we can vote on.
Make the votes before the show so everyone can participate.

I kinda like the suggestion to also have a live poll with graphic updating but that really sounds like a big effort to pull off.

(ShakenNotSturred) #30

It would be a great idea! We can have like a side section in the GOTY Dropped Frames like the "Judges picks" from you cohh and zeke and the "Fans' picks." instead of a strawpoll or something like that, there could be a google doc and everyone can write in their own pick so it can be a giant database instead of you manually putting game titles in for a strawpoll

(mwthecool) #31


Perfect! Closing the poll so it doesn't change :itmejpexcite:

(Allcor) #33

would this be the games i liked playing the most or the games i liked watching on stream?

(elSilvan) #34

I think a top 'Game to watch streamed; Voted by Viewers' would be a better category.

(Twitch: no742617000027) #35

Oooh that's actually really interesting! Have the hosts go through their GOTY lists and discuss those and then reveal a community poll to them where the community chose the games that were their favorites to watch and then compare this list with the GOTY lists and see if they overlap. JP's mods could manage the community poll so the results are unknown to the hosts until revealed live. I think that would be pretty cool :smiley:

(Skeptikkos) #36

I like this idea! It would be really cool to see the viewer list along with the hosts lists.

(ChrisMRobinson) #37

I like the idea but like you said not sure how unless yall just give out a list of games yall pick or do it by catagory & have 3 or so options to vote for.

(ProxyClouds) #38

Could be fun to have a community GOTY.

(TucanSam200) #39

You could try limiting it by rating, so any games below like a 60 or 70 wouldn't be allowed in? THat may help the number narrow a bit. Could also try sorting it by game platform maybe, and have the winners of those rounds (assuming they arent the same,) compete in a vote at the end. Then, if any games tie, you jsut narrow down the final vote to whatever games were different. It's doable, and then maybe at the end you could have a write-in for honourable mentions that people could vote on for whatever else didn't make it into the main vote.

(bigyellowtruck) #40

Idk if its been said, but if you could do live polls or something it would be cool with the viewwers