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Schedule timezones

(Daer007) #1

When I change the timezone in the schedule and the new time is on another date it is not reflected in the schedule.

For example:
Blades on October 25th 2016, 9:00 PM EDT. when changed to CEST is shown as October 25th 2016, 3:00 AM CEST.
It should be October 26th.


Thanks for reporting! I've forwarded it to the developer. :itmejpheart:

(RolandHuxley) #3

Are more options going to be available for time zones doesn't seem like an Australian option is available, I might just be thick and be missing it .

(tx1ndoki) #4

Yeah some Eastern Hemisphere time zones would be appreciated. I'd love one for Japan.


Looking at the map shaping up in we would probably need to add time zones where we see a cluster of people.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention and I'll forward it to the developer! :itmejpbro:

Australian Schedule Timezone
(Might be Captain Marvel) #6

I am using the Eastern European Timezone setting on the schedule since I am in the +3 GMT/UTC timezone. However I was wondering if this timezone changes with daylight saving?
We don't have daylight savings in my country.


I would hope so. They're after the built in PHP timezones so they should adjust themselves when it's time.

(crowly_) #8

Since it's build in PHP, just use DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers() to get a list of all time zones. That list will most likely contain more timezones than needed, but you also don't need to manually add/select which timezones to show.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #9

Ah ok thanks. I will have to switch to UTC when that happens when that happens then.

(eag7e) #10

Just pushed an update to the site with many timezone related fixes.

@Daer007 Thanks for the bug report. The calendar is now taking your timezone into consideration, shifting events to the next or previous day when needed.

@RolandHuxley The timezone list has been expanded to cover the globe. I have tried to select only the biggest city in each timezone so the list doesn't get too long. I believe Australia is spread over 3 zones so either Hong Kong, Tokyo or Sydney should be yours.

@tx1ndoki Tokyo is now available.

@NoorElBahrain The summer-winter time transition, or lack thereof, should be applied automatically. If it doesn't please let us know.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #11

Thank you! using the Moscow timzone its the same as where I am at and it does not have daylight savings which we don't use either :heart:

(Twitch: adfraech) #12

Atlantic time :itmejphappy:

(BleuSuns) #13

Can you add a Tehran - Iran (+3:30 UTC) in the timezone?