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RollPlay Viewers Guide - Wiki


(itmeJP) #64

Hey! This is awesome! Thank you so much for handling all of this!

(TheDesec) #65
  • Added Aureylian.
  • Added Playlist shortcuts/links to S2, S3 and the Primodial Arc.
  • Added link to the new Fan Wiki.

(TheDesec) #66
  • Added @Ezekiel_III to CoS guests.
  • Added S4 Playlist hotlink shortcut thing (from here on referred to as PHST)

(TheDesec) #67

(TheDesec) #68

CoS playlist links getting crowded… changed them up a bit. Liveshow Feb 2018 link is a dud (until it gets uploaded you YT)

edit: link added

(TheDesec) #69
  • fixed a whole lot of formatting, which was F-ed up by the 1.9 dircourse update.
  • added far verona, since I’ll be on vacation next week!


(TheDesec) #70
  • added RollPlay: Oddballs

@mods do you think you could purge the comments to I can add a single changelog comment?

also: is there a logo for oddballs without the grey background?

(TheDesec) #71

updated. links significantly shorter. about 30% characters returned. order reversed, newest up top. not sure about that, but I think it’s way easier to quickly find the new stuff. also updated the oneshot guides.

would appreciate if someone could keep an eye on these, because I don’t have lots of time these days, since my sister is sick and I kind of have to be an adult and take care of mrs. niece and mr. nephew.