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(Twitch: LiveSpace) #43

So you can actually do that a lot simpler and also create an index on the page itself.


<a name="daniel"></a>

## [Daniel](#daniel)

Maaaan I was saving this trick for when we open the Wiki section and I could style with all the wiki tricks. This should however cut down on the amount of code, I think. Still a really cool trick that can be used in more than just wiki posts.

(TheDesec) #44

this would have been awesome to know half an hour ago :itmejphax: be right back

back: did I do it wrong, it doesn't seem to work with the short code...

back again: sigh ... the name="" is basicly what I did... then undid because I misunderstood your answer

back again: done :itmejphappy:

back again: doesn't work when I link from any other place than this page itself? :itmejprage:
-> showing the right area for a moment, but then jumps to top of the page?

(TheDesec) #45

it's time to tinker! new social links done for solum... @moderators please let me know if there is a way to disable click counters for a link... they are annoying me :itmejpded:

(TheDesec) #46

Body is limited to 42000 characters; you entered 42359.

@twitchsurgeon @moderators and/or @admins... HALP - I'm not even half way through with the new social links...

a) more characters give :itmejploot:
II.) rename the little icons that I uploaded (would probably return 20-25% characters?)
3) I don't know :itmejpbot:

how about that: > loupe.png > yt.png > twitter.png > twitch.png > web.png

I'll finish the edit in a text file and report back when I got a character count :wink:

also: official LOGOS might help with characters expended, since those that I grabbed from google and uploaded here, got the same issue with super long file names.

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #47

A better option, albeit not as pretty, would be to reduce the amount of icons. There's really no need to have YouTube icons if you give them a separate column. Same can be said about having Twitch and Websites as well, since they're accessible from the Twitter accounts (the reason why we have them on the RollPlay overlays).

(TheDesec) #48

well, then we might aswell roll this back to the twitter only version without the summary-drop-downs

I don't mind! I thought it looked better with their names in orange...
New code looks tidy and pretty though...

Edit#56 is the pre edit version... I don't know how to roll back! Got the text file here about 50-60% done at 47000 characters ... Westmarches will add a lot...

Edit: I'll leave it for now... checking back tomorrow, waiting for instructions!
Again: I don't mind it either way. Someone asked for twitch links and the old guide had them...

(TheDesec) #49

Since there was no other argument, I went back to the old style. I preferred the old one, with the names in orange, and I agree with @TwitchSurgeon - everyone has their own social links on their Twitter!

Got a backup of the new style, just in case!

(Twitch: LiveSpace) #50

Yo I'm out for the next coming weeks with working on the live show and other projects. So it's up to the head mods (they're admins as well) to make the decisions while I'm "gone", I'll still check in from time to time.

Ping me if there's any fires!

(TheDesec) #52

Added Nebula Jazz.

(TheDesec) #53

Modified Court of Swords to always display guests.

(boeiee) #54

FYI, Geoff got a new twitter handle since he left EG, His name still links to the old one^^

(Might be Captain Marvel) #55

Updated. Thank you.

~ 20 Chars.

(TheDesec) #56

Added playlist links to both BoP and CoS live.

(kaitlyn) #57

just letting you know that my twitter link is spelled quite phonetically in the ehbon/vigil link :kissing_heart:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #58

updated. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

(TheDesec) #59

oops !

that's why I asked for spell checks :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

(TheDesec) #60

Added Anne and Ken to the CoS guest list and a quick link to the playlist entry for the 2-shot...

(Twitch: lambeternal) #61

Why is there no wiki for Nebula Jazz, that's the show i need a wiki for the most!:

(Might be Captain Marvel) #62

Feel free to make one. All the others are made and maintained by awesome community members <3

(TheDesec) #63

Added Morgan Webb to CoS... apparently I've missed to add quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
Also the West Marches guest list now shows by default. I like it. List is not getting larger... so...