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RollPlay Update [May 26th, 2017]

As many of you may know, SirScoots paid a visit to Casa de RollPlay™ last week, to help figure out the logistics of running live shows from our new location. With the last live show in February (Swan Song: check out the VODs here if you missed it), there’s been a few road bumps that have prevented us from doing another in the quarter immediately after:

  • right after Swan Song, JP’s landlord put the house he was renting up for sale, so he was forced to move to a new location. This meant that the previous set has to be rebuilt to fit the new place, and required our previous tech solution to be reconfigured
  • planning into late spring and summer, scheduling becomes much more complex between multiple cast members, along with conventions, holidays, and misc travel
  • we’d been working the past several months with a vendor to build a custom table designed for RollPlay™ live shows, and that deal fell through at the last minute, which meant our set is currently undergoing another redesign.

With all that said, it has us tentatively planning the next live show for August, with a proper date to come later this summer. Before anyone panics, we want to be clear that our goal is still to do four live shows for the entire year. To make this possible, we’re hoping to have a third live show in September, and the fourth and final one most likely in December.

We know this sets our schedule a bit later than anticipated, and want to do our very best to continue to support our Patrons as much as we’re able. As a way of saying thank you for your patience and continued support, from now until June 30th, there will be an active 20% discount for Patrons of any level on the RollPlay™ store. More information and the discount link can be found over on on one of the latest posts. (In order to continue covering the cost of goods and production, the maximum Teespring will allow us to discount is 20%. We will continue to look for more ways to provide benefits to Patrons, so if you have suggestions, please feel free to post them on the community.)

So now that we have the date, the next question is what show the next live show will feature. To decide that, we should talk about the state of the current RollPlay™ shows.

Court of Swords: Since the CoS Live Show, we’ve had many more adventures with JP, GassyMexican, and DansGaming. After Day9tv, we were joined by Morgan Webb for a short time, and now the trio sets forth on a new adventure. They’ll be returning for Season 3, with special guest AnneMunition joining soon.

Nebula Jazz: After the Balance of Power: Dark Side Live show, we’d wanted the chemistry between the Jesse Cox, Strippin, and Pokket to continue to lend itself to crazy adventures. With the addition of DexBonus to the cast, we haven’t been disappointed. The show is going great, and we’re excited to continue seeing where the story takes us next. In regards to scheduling, Dodger and Sam are getting marrrrrrrrried (congratulations!) so June will be a little light in shows but should kick back up in July and onward.

Blades: We’ve always talked about Blades having a finite end (much like Mirrorshades), but we never really knew how many episodes it would take to get to that point. After talking with the cast, we concluded that Episode 25 makes the most sense. However, we really wanted to do at least one live show before the show concludes, so we’re going to attempt to schedule it so that the final episode is our live show this August. We’re working hard to finalize a date ASAP, as soon as the entire crew has confirmed other commitments and discovered potential conflicts.

Future Shows: Obviously with Blades coming to a conclusion, we’re actively working on a show to replace it this fall. We’ll have more news on that as 2017 progresses forward.

Until August’s live show, we’ll be working on redesigning the live show set. It won’t be the same set we had before, but we’re excited about the changes, including a brand new table that will lend itself to the more traditional Tabletop RPG style and help with camera angles. Upgraded set designs, production tech, and props will replace the previous cosplay patreon goals, now that we know these benefits provide a much better viewer experience and allow us to exceed viewer expectations than cosplay for the cast.

As for the other Patreon goals:

  • RollPlay™ Animated: We’re planning on putting out another animated episode of this summer, alongside another 2 to 3 this fall. Likely, they will coincide with the live shows, since those tend to be the perfect place to make their debut.

  • One Shots: The goal with our One Shots is to bring unique casts, worlds, and rulesets you don’t usually see in our standard RollPlay™ shows. Discovering new players, reaching out to confirm participation, and managing various schedules outside our core cast has proven to be a tough job. We’ll continue to make these happen as frequently as possible. Don’t forget to tune into our next One Shot: Tales from the Loop on June 3 at 4 pm EST with Aureylian, Austin Walker, DJwheat, and Jerry Holkins!

  • Artwork: Wallpapers and art from Geers will now release every other month from here on out. We realized after adding, that with how detailed he can be with his artwork, he wasn’t going to be able to stick to the monthly schedule and still produce the quality we wanted. We’re looking to potentially add another artist to this series to help boost the quantity in the coming months, too.

  • Overlay Redesign: we’re getting closer and closer to revealing our first overlay redesign. With this comes automated visual notifications of current HP, AC, ability uses, and more. We aren’t sure just yet of a launch date, so stay tuned for more information!

We know it can be disappointing when we experience delays and setbacks, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. With our goal of returning to the community the same support they’ve given not just to JP, but RollPlay™ as a whole, we take these delays just as hard. We will keep doing our very best to push RollPlay™ forward and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to build together because of the support from our Patrons. We’re humbled that so many of you continue to enjoy the products our cast and crew produce together, and are excited about all of the live shows and changes coming during the rest of 2017.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread and JP will be answering them over the next couple of days. Thanks again!


All seems like good news, looking forward to all the future content :smiley: The Blades live show will be a great crown to end that series with.

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Dude you are pushing out more content then I have time to watch. :grinning: Take your time and make sure you are happy with the end product!


I hate finite ends, replace Blades with more Blades… but alas.


Looking forward to all the new fun stuff! Keep up the good work!

Maybe blades will be replaced with the RollPlay Burning Wheel Adam has talked about a couple times in his channel.

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Unfortunately I think a show Adam is on would have to end for that to be feasible. He’s already DMing 4 shows online a week typically.

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While I love CoS, I have watched quite a bit of Nebula Jazz and Blades, I like them, but I don’t love them. I love the hardcore aspect of CoS where at any encounter you have a very real chance of dying. I have pretty much stopped watching all other D&D shows because they are too soft, it’s so much more interesting when you’re playing for keeps :smiling_imp:


Happy to support Rollplay and all of their productions. The oneshots are gang busters and the GM notebook is turning into quite the catalog. Landlords suck and shit happens, I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

Why sorry? This last year have been great, the content for just a buck on the Patreon have been more than expected. Sad to hear Blades will be coming to an end as it have been the “Dark” show that I’v always felt Rollplay would need.


HUGE THANKS to everyone that makes Rollplay what it is: JP, Scoots, the resident player-killer Adam, John Harper, all the players, all the patrons, you guys all rock. Love all around. <3


Thank you for the update! I’m very excited to continue to support through Twitch and Patreon and look forward to everything that you have coming up. I am curious, though, as to whether you have any “new” rewards planned for those of us supporting on the $10 tier since it seems all of the classic Rollplay shows have been released. I am still more than happy to continue to support at this tier even if there aren’t any plans for anything else. Keep the awesome content coming and don’t let the loud minority discourage you in any way. The majority of us realize that it’s insanely difficult to schedule all the time and will be here to support you through it. Again, thank you for everything!


Dont worry about the delay, I am sure that all those that support either through twitch sub or patreon or both can see the effort and heart you put into the shows and giving those who help support financially the best value. Set backs happen but as usual you show your dedication to your community by being upfront with the problems instead of trying to pretend it didn’t happen. Keep up the great work

Scheduling difficulties are completely understandable IMO, especially regarding con season and people’s personal lives taking precedent. Even TV takes seasonal breaks.

Maybe during the “slow” months you could throw together some one-shot quickies to fill the gaps, if feasible (as opposed to the regular schedule-intensive one-shots that are loaded with busier cast members).

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Dunno if this is a thing for other people as well, but reading white on black background makes my eyes go all weird. x_X

Everything you do is live, that’s intense and although I find myself disappointed when there are issues it is only because I love the content so much. I don’t put any blame on the cast, crew or equipment however I just appreciate all the effort that goes into it. I will take the 20% off though, thanks for that!

I also really appreciate the update.

What is the status of the Teleconferencing Solution goal tier?
Will the new overlays be out before the one year anniversary of the Patreon?

the burning wheel is a good idea and who said adam has to be the DM?

Totally understand JP. Hopefully everything settles down for you.

I’m a huge fan of CoS, it’s like everything I ever loved about the long-form of West Marches. Lethal, contiguous, big world, and a fairly consistently changing cast of characters.

I’m excited for what’s to come, and I look forward to what happens next.


If the aim is to have 25 Blades episodes and end with the live show in August, does this mean you plan on Blades being sporadic in the coming months? Since we are at 19 episodes now, if there were an episode every Sunday until August we would hit 29 episodes.