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RollPlay Update [May 26th, 2017]


(TwilightBorealis) #21

If the aim is to have 25 Blades episodes and end with the live show in August, does this mean you plan on Blades being sporadic in the coming months? Since we are at 19 episodes now, if there were an episode every Sunday until August we would hit 29 episodes.

(sythmaster) #22

Thanks for the update on how things are working out w/ the new set stuff and some of the background production talks.

Moving to the set design/props goal over the Cosplay goal makes a lot of sense and seems totally cool!

Like others, always sad to hear about the ending of shows - however its great to know about upfront!

Looking forward to all the awesome content coming up in the 2nd half of 2017!!

(itmeJP) #23

Skype has actually kinda fixed itself and isn't completely shit lately, so we're going to continue doing that. I have looked into dedicated Skype boxes, but its a pretty expensive endeavor.

We're hesitant to try and meet a deadline with the new overlays at the moment. We have to do them show by show, and Court of Swords is the only one being worked on at the moment. Maybe?

(itmeJP) #24

I haven't spoken with John on what he wants to do post Blades. We'd love to have him for another show, though.

Not sure what we'll do for August. Perhaps try and fill with One Shots? It's so far out that my focus at the moment is E3 and 24hr FF14 stream. We'll get there in July.

(itmeJP) #25

With how the scheduling of the show is so far, I don't think we'll have an issue with the numbers.

(banned) #26

Does that mean in the future overlays are going to be made before shows air? Or do you think it will be easier after you make the first one?

(itmeJP) #27

While I'm not @TwitchSurgeon and can't speak from a coding perspective, I would imagine once the base gets put down it will be easier to duplicate them moving forward. At the moment the hurdles are how to present all the data given by the Roll20 API.

(Twitch: GustavWang) #28

Agreed Blades is great I'd prefer it continue.

(banned) #29

It was always going to end, much like Mirrorshades. Better to burn bright than fade out.

(anaconda156) #30

Thanks for the update. I was so disapointed that I bought a t-shirt :slight_smile:.
Irony aside I already do not have the time to watch all the shows so a quiet months or two might let me enough time to catch up on Blade before the live show.

(Twitch: cyan_83) #31

Thank you for the update, it's great to know the current status <3
I totally understand that the move shook up the scheduling, and I think most patreons will do.
Really looking forward to a new show in the fall, if we are allowed to express wishes, here are some suggestions:

  • SciFi. I love Nebula Jazz, great show, but I think a SciFi setting with a little more seriousness or maybe even hard SciFi would be dope.
  • We never had something Cthulu-like. Some horror/investigative stuff, maybe in the thirties or so? Or Delta Green, military horror in the nineties?
  • Post apocalypse. Since R&D we didn't really revisit this genre, could be something to look into.

However you guys decide, keep rocking :slight_smile:

(AbyssionKnight) #32

A little concerned that when it comes to one shots, it's gone from the promised 'monthly' to 'as frequently as possible'.

I don't regret donating as much as I do per month to help the franchise, but I still want it to feel worthwhile, and potentially losing content in the first year of the patreon doesn't inspire confidence, so I'm really hoping the desired outcome is still a monthly show, and that's just me misreading what you wrote.

(banned) #33

I've never stopped asking for something Lovecraftian myself.

(tandero) #34

Personally I love finite ends. Sad to see a show go, but also satisfying that it comes to a conclusion. The GM also has a chance to make sure lose ends can get tied up.

(Nummi_) #35

Now that I know Blades is going away I feel like buying a shirt for the feels :cry:

Excellent update JP, thank you! Love everything you do, I just wish you didn't have to stress so much. Have a great summer!

  • that mostly absent fan from Finland

(timofgatcity) #36

Bummed on Blades ending, but it seems like the current PCs are pretty close to max level. I hope we see more John Harper in the future!

(timofgatcity) #37

I would Love to see some Eldritch horrors, and noneuclidian geometry but it seems like CoC isn't a favorite among this gm crew though.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #38

Glad to hear Court of Swords will be here for a while, my favorite game by far. I don't want to see any end of the world style games, I'm a little burnt out on that in general. I would like to see:

I'd love to see other Patreon videos. I really enjoyed the review style video of Volos Guide to Monsters. I would like to see another one on just going through the Monsters Manual between @itmeJP and @AdamKoebel . Or have a video of @itmeJP and @AdamKoebel going through the new Pathfinder Starfinder book when it comes out. I find that really interesting and enjoyable to watch.

I also kind of wish they just ran Court of Swords without Berg instead of cancelling altogether this week, it could have been a little side story before they joined up with Berg.

(banned) #39

Personally if we see Lovecraft I'm more inclined to Trail of Cthulhu than Call of Cthulhu.

(Twitch: eyearcana) #40

I honestly don't have enough experience with it, I just want that 1920s investigator style feel. Both seem cool.