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RollPlay Scheduling & You


(Epitome22) #42

So I voted "8 hours is fine" on the poll, but that's because I'm in the EU and subbed I always just watch the shows on my own time. Normally the day after, I assume the hour it's at now was chosen because it's easiest on the cast. I'm in favor of whichever slot makes it the most likely a show will go ahead on a given week.

(TwoToneTerran) #43

Blades is my favorite show you've ever produced but I can never watch it live. It's just a bit late at night for me, ending at 1 am on a weekday. Also I usually catch the latter half of CoS and 6+ hours of Rollplay in a single day is a bit much, good as the shows are. If I want to watch both I have to commit to not doing much else the entire day and going to bed a bit late. The biggest regret is that I don't get to participate in the post show Q&A as promptly. I had a similar issue with BoP but that was my own doing, as that's when I play RPGs with my friends.

I have no clue how the schedules for you or the cast work so I'm not going to presume there's a better solution, doubly so with the Spacefaring Adam/Jesse/Pokket/Strippin/Dodger game coming up and your one shots. On top of that you have your own, non-rollplay content so I get how spreading out across more days could burn you out (iirc this happened during the Mirrorshades/WestMarches/SwanSong/R&D times, great as they were)

As much as I've complained here I trust your scheduling and would rather the shows be consistent and me catch them later than inconsistent and me be able to watch them live, for what it's worth. You're doing a great job either way. If Tuesday nights are the best way to keep the show weekly then I say keep doing it.

(anaconda156) #44

Being in EU both shows are too late for me so I kept my subscription only for this and am OK with watching the VOD on Twitch later.
I would say do what is best for the cast and yourself as this would ensure that we can get the two shows every week which is what is important for me.

(TheDesec) #45

This. I said earlier that I'm in favor of a different schedule for my convenience, but the cast should be priority. I (am in the EU and) am fine watching the VOD :itmejpcute::itmejpgg:

(Possibly Batman) #46

I feel this sums up the general feelings. Scheduling is always a pain in the ass, and you can never make everyone happy. So go with what works best for you and the cast @itmeJP. Regardless, I'll be here for any shows I can possibly make and hit the VOD for those I can't.

One thought someone mentioned, which I think warrants another mention, is a rebroadcast of Blades during an EU time-slot. I know logistics would be a nightmare, but I really like the idea. There would still be interaction within chat (although no cast interaction obviously), but it is a step up from a regular VOD or waiting for YouTube.

Thanks for all the amazing content you continue to provide :itmejpheart:

(Olf_Himself) #47

I like CoS where it is. I wouldn't mind Blades moving to a more EU friendly slot but only if it doesn't inconvenience the cast. I'd take a show in the middle of the night if it meant that shows were as regular as possible.
It makes me really happy that JP is doing CoS even though Sean went on vacation because missed weeks hurt me more than not being able to watch something live.
So personally, I'd take times that suck for us in the EU if it meant that shows always have a stable schedule.

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #48

Ahhh yes... the can we have earlier weekly "discussions". Those always make me laugh :itmejplol: :itmejpoversalt:

Sincerely, Grumpy_Mask

(AcidSkass) #49

Blades taking WestMarches slot on weekends sounds just fantastic but then again, we "the fans" might want many things but overall it lands on the cast and JP production to schedule it.

(lady8jane) #50

I would love to see Blades in an earlier slot as it's really late for Europe. I'm usually not able to catch it live and have to watch the VoD afterwards.

But then I'm happy to get the content at all and whatever works best for the team is good for me. <3

(Twitch: casskayd) #51

Agreed, this would be great especially if there's anyway to do it on the weekend. I'm not EU, but I have to work really early so the late night time is impossible for me. A set rebroadcast time, where people expect to show up and have chat interaction, would be cool. I watched West Marches most consistently because chat interaction added a lot to the fun. I still try to watch/listen to VODs, but it doesn't have the same "must watch" dynamic as when I could watch live shows.

(disusedgenius) #52

I do think that rebroadcasting is an interesting thing for the channel to look into, especially if JP is looking to cut back a bit on streaming. I don't know how feasible it would be to have scheduled re-runs of classic RollPlays as well, at that point you're almost making a RollPlay TV channel on twitch.

(Olf_Himself) #53

Rebroadcasts would be really cool. I often find myself rewatching the latest episode a day or so before a new one comes out just to remind me of what happened in the story.
Would be cool to watch it with Chat.

(Nuptraptor) #54

Since there have been a few additional comments about rebroadcasting after I initially mentioned it I feel it's important to keep the context.

Rebroadcasting spits in the face of his business model for the channel and no one knows the potential trickle down. I'm sure longtime fans would remain subbed etc, but maybe the new fan wouldn't if it fits their "live" viewing ability.

Does it hurt sub count either currently or in the future?
How about youtube vods, what happens there business wise?

Not to mention how does it play with the actual live viewership? If (example numbers) 2000 watch live now, but 500 of those only watch live because their diehards.. how many catch it later instead. Might not be best for optics.
Plus JP would likely need to babysit the rebroadcast, since currently (to my knowledge) Twitch's playlist gives zero discoverability.

Since I originally brought it up in this thread, I think it's a decent "meet in the middle" idea at it's basic level. However it may be a bad idea for business long term from the only point of view that truly matters. Which is JP's.

(Quadclops90) #55

I think that having both shows on Tuesday can be kinda lengthy and may cause viewer drops for the second show. I am fine with whatever time is scheduled but I think ideally putting them on different days would all around be better.

(BorisIgnatievich) #56

that's a valid concern fr sure, maybe do any rebroadcasts the day before the next ep so all the parts are up on youtube or something? It's something I would love personally, because getting hype with chat is part of what makes the shows so fun - and Blades especially is impossible to watch live for me, but I appreciate that it's got logistics behind it that perhaps JP cannot be bothered with, or don't make sense for him financially

(the_pizza_party) #57

It would be best if all this content could be aired simultaneously, having to wait for you to release each episode week by week is very tedious when I could just absorb all the show data at once. can you consider this please?

(Vukith) #58

If we get less blades shows due to the time moving I don't want it to move please. This is in regards to Jp talking on his stream today.

(Vukith) #59

So Does this mean you'll dm multiple shows at once?