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RollPlay Scheduling & You

We’ve been trying a few things out the past three months when we started Blades with regards to scheduling, and since it’s been awhile, I wanted to get the communities feedback on it.

If you’re coming in from Twitter having just voted on the poll: thanks for voting! If you have your own thoughts to contribute to the discussion, please respond here because they’ll get lost on Twitter replies.

Anyways, do you guys like the 8 hour RollPlay Tuesday’s? Would you like see Blades move to an earlier time on the weekends? We can’t do weekdays because of @djWHEAT 9-5 at Twitch, so we’d have to move to weekends if we move the show. What is everyones opinion?

I’m pretty comfortable with where Court of Swords is. It goes up against the Co-optional Podcast, which has a lot of crossover with us, but otherwise it’s fine I suppose! What do you think?

And for the new show, we’re not sure what day of the week that’ll happen. Possibly on Sundays? I haven’t talked with the cast at all. We do have a name, though! Once the logo gets finished we’ll reveal that to everyone along with the launch date. Still TBD.

Anyways, I’m rambling on cold medicine so thanks once again, I’ll read these in the morning!



It’s 7am for EU/CET people while they are doing XP… I love watching live, but if I weren’t on vacation there would be no way for me to be here right now!

RIP sleep cycle :itmejpded::itmejprekt:

I’m fine with watching late, but live is always just a bit more pleasant. So for “us” a different slot would be nice, I’d say.


The only thing that makes me less inclined to watch Blades is the late hour at which it finishes. Can’t imagine how it is for peeps in Europe time zone. Other than that keep up the great content!

I’m fine with the current scheduling, but I can see how it would cause fatigue for viewers.

Yeah as with the previous comment while i super enjoy the back to back shows if i wasnt on vaction there’d be no way for me to catch both shows live, and while i am subbed and that isnt as bad of a problem i think it should be more fair to everyone else. I feel a weekend show might be a nice bookend to the week? maybe a Friday or Sat show? but if the new show is on sundays that might be more rough im not sure. Im also completely fine with CoS’s show hitting just the tail end/mid point of Coop isnt as bad.

If moving Blades to a different day means it’ll get an earlier slot, I’m all for that. I’ll keep watching no matter what, but if I can get to bed before 1 AM that’d be great.


I’m personally fine with the scheduling. But if it were to change, this would be a great show to take the old West Marches time slot on Saturday afternoons.

Depending on the scheduling of the third show.


As an EU viewer I would like it if Blades was earlier,


I say whatever is easier on the cast. I rather increase the odds of there being a show for the week then have it cancel due to it not being on a solid day schedule wise for whoever can’t make it.

Either way I’m good, I’m subbed so i always watch the vods when I miss the live cast.

Only downsides to being double show tuesdays is any toll it takes on Jp running two shows or if a problem arises like… internet is acting up on that day then suddenly that’s two shows on the fritz or just canceled because of random issue.

Oh and I guess if you ever want someone on the Co-optional take a Swords 4th slot then you would be forced to move the show from tuesday anyways which can always be temp for said guest.


I’m with @TheDesec here, if I wasn’t on vacation right now I would probably not have watched, 3am-7am is rough in EU. But personally I would keep it anyways, because I would probably just watch the VOD for both shows anyways since giantbomb bombcast/co-optional podcast is on when CoS is on, and blades is on way too late for me.

Absolutely love blades and I look forward to watching it every week. I agree with a lot of comments above that as an EU viewer it’s difficult to watch live (which is the preferred way to watch). A bit more EU friendly would be super nice, if it doesn’t work out it won’t change the fact Imma still be watching as much as I can! :smiley:

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Blades is very late for me. I personally can’t really catch the show live right now, but I’m also busy weekends.
I’m alright with watching the VoDs whenever I have time though.

I work from 11 AM PT to 7 PM PT 2PM ET to 10 PM ET on Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday, so don’t move it to the weekend, please. If you did Tuesday and Thursday at your regular time, that would be 8 hours a week, or some other way, if you wanted to get 8 hours, but not weekends.

Hi, well this is the first time posting here proper but I’ll give it a bash and throw my two cents in;

I don’t mind the current scheduling of today with Court of Swords followed by Blades on the same day, both shows have hit their stride now and makes for great watching and it’s great to see the contrasting GM styles of both Adam and John in one go. However, I do think either Court of Swords or Blades might need some shuffling of days or times because as stated, Court of Swords brushes up against Co-Optional podcast which I follow religiously but don’t mind bouncing between the two and then watching a VoD for whatever bits I missed later.

Blades however might be running against the Talks Machina show over on Geek & Sundry which is the Critical Role Q/A program for us Critter types, not sure what the crossover would be there but I’m sure it’ll eat into potential live Blades views a bit which would be a shame because I REALLY love Blades and wish for it’s success. Fortunately I am subbed to all three on twitch, TB for Co-Op, you for Rollplay, and G&S for Critical Role / Talks Machina so I got no problems with VoDs, others might not have such free time or be as patient to be at the mercies of waiting for them to upload their respective content on Youtube.

Due to work, it’s hard for me to catch 8 hours of content on one day, so I’d be happy for a Saturday schedule or something.

Rollplay kinda takes priority for me vs. Co-Optional, but I would like to catch both live when possible… Maybe Mondays?

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I’d like the content spread out so I have more opportunity to watch all the rollplay shows, but I’d prefer it be as convenient for the cast as possible.

I’m really enjoying Blades so far. However as someone who lives on the east coast, the 1 in the morning finishing time of the show is a bit rough to deal with during the work week.

Totally selfish reason for splitting the days. Due to timezones reasons I have to pick on or the other.
The Blades time is good because I would just have to wake up early which I usually do.
splitting it up in different days means I can catch them both live without changing my sleep schedule drastically.

this was a great time slot.

In the end whatever makes the cast and JP comfortable. I am fine with watching vods (except for the fact that I can’t clip them :itmejprage::itmejprekt: )


I concur with other EU folks above.
I straight up can’t watch Blades despite me wanting to because it ends at 7am for me and I have to go to work.
A more EU friendly time would be appreciated.

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I REALLY like the timeslot CoS is currently in. i do not watch Blades so i can not comment on that show but i can see how 8 hours of content can be tiring for some yet awesome for others.