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RollPlay Scheduling & You


(freakyalconns) #22

The time for Court of Swords is fine, the only issue for me is the time slot for Blades.

Blades is a show I looked forward watching live but unfortunately I haven't been able to because its to late.

I live in Europe and having a show start at 3 am is much too late considering I have to wake up at 6 am to go to work.

I always thought the Tuesday schedule of Blades (or Wednesday morning for us peeps in Europe) was a temporary thing, but seeing it never changed, it made me sad I could never experience the show live with the community.

I really hope Blades gets back to Saturdays like it was originally planned, then I would not mind any hour of the day.

(geooceanshaper) #23

As a British viewer Blades starts at 2 in the morning, meaning that it is nye of ridiculous to try to watch it. However, I am a ridiculous guy and a Uni student to boot so late nights are part of the package deal.

But yesterday (or I guess today for me), when the show was delayed till 3am, it became very clear that there was no way I could keep trying to watch Blades live. If it was moved to the weekend to a comparable hour to CoS then that would just make my day.

(disusedgenius) #24

I'm an at-work VOD viewer so obviously I'm the least impacted by all this. But I prefer the shows to be spread out a little bit more in the week, purely as it keeps the content viewable as opposed to something I 'have' to binge.

(Jura27) #25

I do not watch live often so it's not affecting me as much, but 8 hours in one day is a bit rough.
It forces me to choose which show to watch that day which resulted in me being 2 episodes behind on Blades now.
People mentioned old Saturday slot of West Marches and i feel it would be really nice if Blades was moved there. I remember WM being very easy to watch live.

Oh and about clashing with Coop podcast: i would prefer if it didn't clash with it because i had to choose which one to watch multiple times, but it's not that big of an issue if it means that CoS is more regular because it's in the good time slot for the cast.

(banned) #26

Maybe you could move CoS to Thursdays?

(LongdirtHarri) #27

I think the slot for CoS is great. Blades starts at 3am my time, so I cant watch it live. I dont mind watching the VoDs but if it were possible to move it to another day and to the same timeslot as CoS that would be fantastic. If its difficult for the cast to move the show and they are comfortable with where Blades is now, I think you shouldnt move it.

(ifandbut) #28

The 8hrs of RollPlay on Tuesdays is fine for me. I always watch the Twitch VoD regardless. I dont use chat and I only watch a hour or two at a time (thanks for those breaks btw, makes it easy to split my viewing up).

(Darkvlagor) #29

People already said it maybe but, I can't watch :itmejproll::itmejpplay: live anymore because CET timezone.
I'm okay watching the VODS wednesday while working, but having at least one of the show schedule friday/saturday would be great. I myself watch the 2 first hours of CoS then go to sleep cuz it's mindnight.

I don't mind staying up until 2/3am on the week end, and I think it's the case for some peeps out there who work in the week (in EU or elsewhere)

I miss the chat hype train, the audio fuckery WutFace train and the :itmejpcrit: spam. But I know that doing this in the afternoon in US is hard cause guests are streaming ^^ So no hard feelings, do what you gotta do I love the show either way :itmejphappy:

(Nuptraptor) #30

Overall do what's best for the cast, JP and for business.

However, I want to look at the logistics of this logically.
We know a weekday time slot is locked in at 9-1 eastern. Mondays could interfere with early access to midnight game releases for JP, but perhaps that's nitpicking. Thursday goes head to head v. Critical Roll so no go there. Friday - doesn't Zeke do a comedy thing that night?
Wednesdays could work, but that requires Zeke shutting down his stream for an entire day to make content for JP. Seems unreasonable but not up to me.

I understand the desire of weekends especially for the EU crowd, but I truly fear weekends particularly for the Blades cast. Already in the shout outs last night Geoff mentioned Warhammer on weekends next month. Thinking more long term through the year, how many events are Zeke and/or Wheat going to be working/hosting for twitch. I don't just mean PAX x3 + Twitchcon, these events usually are Wednesday-Monday with travel for Zeke in my observations.

Since the main purpose to move Blades to weekends would be to appease the EU crowd for live viewing, it's locked into a 3pm or maybe 5pm eastern start time and that's pushing it perhaps. Is the cast okay with Noon local starts eating their every Saturday afternoon? Everyone must remember and consider WM had a rotating cast for the most part, only JP and Steven were required to consistently give up their Saturday, which is when "normal" people like to schedule family social events with us nerds. How does the weekend time conflict with potential one shots and guest scheduling? Maybe it doesn't, not a question for me.

My fear is a weekend time slot leads to more canceled shows than actual shows or an inconsistent day if we're lucky enough to get make-up dates which isn't the best for viewership growth.

As for solutions. If they must be split, I'd consider keeping Blades Tuesdays 9-1 and moving CoS to Thursday 4-8 pm. Stays away from head to head v. Critical Roll and Co-op for those crossover views of each, but puts shows 3 days in a row for JP with one show still in the pipeline. Is he okay with that against his regular stream? To fix the EU Blades issue, I don't know. My only solution is a business model issue for JP, but running an Encore Presentation, a rebroadcast if you will of Blades at an EU friendly time on Sat/Sun is my only idea. It's not live, but if all of EU watches it, the live chat room feel maybe helps as a meet in the middle kind of way? I don't know, not a chatter so can't say.

That my input trying to be logical and looking at it from a different point of view.
Best of Luck.

(Darkvlagor) #31

100% agree, And gassy has F up Friday + Dan does stuff for Nerdfusion on the Week end right ? Yeah it seems very difficult with the current cast, maybe for an other show I'd say

(sythmaster) #32

The amount of content given out on Tuesdays is a bit high, and having to "catch up" on both by the following sometimes can be intense if IRL stuff is moderately busy. Spacing the content out a bit might alleviate that?

As others have mentioned, the old Westmarches Saturday Time slot was pretty nice - whether for Blades or the new show cast dependent of course.

As far as other weekday evenings, Wednesday after Dropped Frames? Though that'd just double up the content again. Due to most of the cast in Blades having a Pacific Timezone, it greatly limits `evening' time slots as Europe - or even East Coast - can get a bit left behind.

(Karamor) #33

CoS is already a bad time slot for EU and Blades is on the perfect time to guarantee close to the least possible EU viewership.

(Samstein_) #34

Personally it boils down to 2 things:

Is it important to watch live?
Does it need to be "up-to-date"

Between 5pm-12pm is when the majority of studying/working people have time to spend on their hobbies,family, friends etc. There´s less entertainment/shows (live) from America in EU at these times. SO, unless you want to do an early show (like 2-4pm PST ((?)) you´ll never catch the majority of EU people, but you´ll lose live viewers from the american people so there´s no perfect time to stream a 4hour show. (Yes, captain obvious...)

Although watching live and being interactive with the players and community is alot more fun, when that isn´t an option for you, you just want all the content as fast as possible.

BUT, some viewers like to feel that they´re watching something current, others don´t care about how many years it´s been and if its ongoing or not (solum,west marches etc). I have a hard time to continue an "ended" show if I missed some of it, even if I know it´s great I don´t want to see it and I think i´m not the only one. if I don´t have time to watch 8 hours of RP until the next week, "fall behind", there´s a bigger chance i´ll drop the whole show and MAYBE pick it up in the future. I think that´s a big reason why all shows are super hyped and enjoyed in the beginning and eventually viewers drop off.

TL:/DR: 8 hours in one day is too much, let me have some time to watch the vods of one show before I continue with the other one so I can feel up-to-date with it, having alot of content isn´t always good, I can´t choose between one or the other.

(SeekoBlastar) #35

I'm not sure what helps you more financially, but I can't watch both shows live, I can usually only catch one. The other one I will usually watch the Twitch VOD. Either way, I love all the content and would still watch both shows no matter what time they were on (even if it means catch a VOD) :slight_smile:

(destraudo) #36

This is more or less what i was going to post. as a euro i am used to watching vods. Live shows are super fun for chat interaction but its not the end or beginning of the world. More than anyone else YOU jp are the one who has to take the brunt of burden from your show scheduling. For more or less everyone else it is 4 hours. for you it is 12. If you throw a show on sat and sunday think of how that will fuck with your weekends going forward. specifically how you can spend your weekends with significant others who may be on a 9-5 weekday schedule. So to me at least the best option for you as a person is to leave Tuesday as is.

(Satheus) #37

I'd go with whatever is easier for the cast. Personally I would like splitting them into different days because I live in EU and never watch Blades live.
Since there's a third show coming I think, without the cast members influence, that having a show schedule; as an example: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; would be decent as a schedule.
But as I said first the cast members got a bigger say in this then anyone.

(GreatSageSun) #38

I'd love for Blades to move to Saturdays, because it's the most flexible for people who are working full-time (like myself) in most time zones. The only point I feel the need to bring up is: if it moves to the weekend, what about live-live show overlaps? Do we just skip Blades or reschedule for that particular week each quarter?

Somewhat selfishly, Fridays, Saturdays, and early Sundays are the best days for RollPlay in my opinion, speaking as someone working on UK/EU time who much prefers watching live vs. watching a VOD. I assume [anecdotally] that those times have a lot of overlap with people being off work and available to watch live in the States and Canada too. So I'd be very pleased with Blades and this upcoming show falling into those times.

Ultimately though, it's what works on a regular basis for the cast. I know Geoff has routine weekend commitments with Warhammer and eSports (assuming the latter is continuing post-EG). I personally manage one way or another.

(Itachi9000) #39

As I'm sure has been stated a lot in other posts, I personally don't watch blades as it only starts at 4am for me. As such I have little interest in it. I very much like the time slot CoS is in as it is still manageable and I can often catch the first hour or two live and watch the rest the next day.

As long as CoS doesn't change to a later time slot - as I am invested in it now - I am fine with any change.

And to add if the new show gets a time slot similar or earlier then CoS - even better on a weekend - then that would be even wonderful.

(Twitch: SoVIeT_Six) #40

I agree with what many people here have suggested, moving Blades to an afternoon EST time slot on saturday/sunday would be great! As it stands right now with my work and my D&D schedule I can't watch either live so moving Blades to weekends will allow me to enjoy at least one Rollplay show live.

Thanks for reaching out to us @itmeJP

(Twitch: Rasta_Monk) #41

I would prefer a split schedule. Starting at 9pm est is a bit late. I think I only watched the first show live. More importantly however, (IMO) is a set shedule