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RollPlay One Shot DIE-KEA thread

A thread to chat about this one-shot.

side note: 41 mins into the VOD and I love it so much :itmejphappy:

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It is seriously so good! I have never laughed that hard for so long before. :itmejp10:

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Meatballs… meatballs everywhere

Surprisingly full of content for a Crendor-led one-shot!


It was a great one-shot for comedic effect, and honestly I was in tears for a lot of it. But I can see how a few people might get ?frustrated? about Crendor’s inexperienced GMing (ignoring/forgetting rules and railroading over player agency). So to anyone that hasn’t watched it yet, fair warning!

Just finished watching the VOD and wow was that an amazingly chaotic and hilarious adventure. I loved that Crendor just did whatever he wanted which was exactly what I wanted to see. The group was :itmejp10: and the episode was had so many memorable funny moments worthy of being animated.

[spoiler]Pretty sure Princess Whiskers can just summon a clone and get the spare arm and leg from them for a reattachment surgery :stuck_out_tongue:[/spoiler]

IKEA is suffering - Wildcard <3

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I’ve watched the first hour so far, and I have literally no idea how the system works as a game :itmejplol: It feels like Crendor barely knows, but I’m sure I’m just not giving him enough credit there

Was a fun hour though, will watch it over the week

i swear to god if in a years time you have not had a second episode of this it will be the biggest fuck up in rollplay history.

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Nah, you’re spot on. Crendor is Crendor after all. You’ll see Jesse try to get a semblance of rules for his rolls going, futile as it is.

Still, the players were game for the insanity of the scenario and embraced the madness. Especially Jesse’s turn is something else.

Overall, wasn’t really for me, but hey, they had a lot of fun playing and most of Chat seemed to love it.

It’s basically a twist on first edition D&D. Roll under your stat to pass a test, but roll high to hit in combat. The game is Mutant Future, but they were running mutations off the Metamorphica.

The funniest “sin” he committed was just saying they couldn’t do things, but that’s just part of his Crendor charm. Adam’s chat commentary was hilarious to read with that.

I’m actually kinda surprised with how fast they blitzed through the entire thing - typically we only get 3~ encounter/challenge rooms over the course of a whole show, with maybe 2 roleplaying encounters. There must have been a dozen different events in this, though.

In my neck of the woods we affectionately call playing like this “Lolplaying.”


Holy shit, this was amazing.

Ok, so Crendor basically ignored the rules. I can deal with that. Everyone playing seemed to be enjoying it, and I think chat was enjoying it, and I can confirm that I enjoyed it. It was a glorious, hilarious shit show that exceeded my expectations. I was actually laughing at many points, almost as much as the cast were.

Oh, and if Jesse wasn’t channeling Teen Girl Squad with that voice, I’ll eat… meatballs?

Well to be fair, he did say there was nothing they could do to throw it off course lol. Although Jesse very certainly tried.

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I will never be able to drive past the IKEA in Älmhult and look at it in the same way again. :laughing:

This is been one of the best Rollplays ever! :smiley:

I’m really surprised how Crendor handled everything. It was perfect. H didn’t delve into rules or let players to rule everything. :smiley:

The characters were perfect. I especially loved JP’s char JP :smiley:

I think we need more DM Crendor.

So, had a trip to ikea to do for the mrs. Thought listening to die-kea would fit perfectly. Walked through ikea laughing like an idiot as i listened.

Thought i better finish of the trip with a little piece of heaven.

Best ikea trip ever.

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