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DIE-KEA Time fanart

Didn’t necessarily want to revive a month old thread, but there’s no fanart section for Die-Kea, or just a generic fanart thread. I’m not going to start a thread for a single piece of fanart.

Thanks for the constant inspiration guys.


Are you ok with me making it into it’s own topic? :smiley:
This is so good that I want more eyes on it.

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That’s fine. Thanks.

There is “itmeJP General > Fan Creations”, which is the fanart section for everythng. It used to be a sub-section of “RollPlay General” but they wanted to “encourage itmeJP fanart, not only RollPlay fanart”.

@TwitchSurgeon might it finally be the time for “Fan Creations” to return home? This is at least the third time this structure was misleading. :nerd: