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RollPlay Live #2 - Court of Swords


(Might be Captain Marvel) #41

it will be on youtube

(banned) #42

I use my Twitch Prime sub solely for early vod access personally.

(Ikkuvaljo) #43

But i want it now like normal episodes! :smiley:

Ok ok, fair enough. Making mp3's of such a long show is a pain.

(Might be Captain Marvel) #44

first episode is up

PS. lets try to keep this thread solely on topic with live show feedback please :smiley:

(Jjinxy) #45

There is a mp3 of BOP live show plus it's literally part of the whole story, pretty sure it will be mp3 as well.

(Utherix) #46

Why is everyone in this thread making the exact same comments?

(Ground_control) #47

I think it was a straight up sphere of annihilation (4d10).

(FlippoManiacs) #48

Will there be a post mortem patreon video?

(TwoToneTerran) #49

It was treated as a beam that recharged on a roll. That's outright baby blue dragon.

(Ground_control) #51

Didn't it made a spherical hole in the ground? It's outright sphere of annihilation. Weird elf tech.

(TwoToneTerran) #52

I think that's just easily narrative effect. It seemed explicitly like a reskinned Blue Dragon Wyrmling. A sphere of annihilation isn't a ranged beam that needs to recharge that fires from an enemy: it's just an item. A sphere also annihilates whoever's holding it without some rolls, which I don't believe Adam was making.

You're right that it does 4d10 damage, but I think the CR 3 comment, that it fired as a beam (IE a line, just like a Blue Dragon's Breath Weapon) and the recharging on top of also being 4d10 make it more likely to be a repurposed dragon breath weapon.

(Appaomega) #53