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RollPlay Live #2 - Court of Swords


(ClayProof) #21

Really nice to have an 8 eight hour infusion off RollPlay while I am studying for a re-exam.

Adam, not that it matters much, but javelins are also simple melee weapons with the thrown property. So strength would be the applied attribute in this case. p149 PH

(Twitch: no742617000027) #22

:itmejp10: show, technical issues happen to everyone. As said multiple times by now, maybe some assistance for MVP Scoots next time. Also, I liked the idea of a non-vital pre-show, as a public sound check so to speak. You could even schedule the next live show 9 hours, with the first hour being exactly what it was this time; messing around with the equipment, having chat go nuts and all that. It's not a delay (and it doesn't feel like one, specificly for the cast members aswell) if it's scheduled :>

Not going to comment on Adam's GM'ing, all the praise will get to his head at one point I'm sure :stuck_out_tongue: (Seriously tho, he's gud).

I liked that once the show was rolling there was still interaction with Scoots through a lot of yelling. Rollplay shows in my mind aren't supposed to be stiff TV productions so I was very entertained by these interactions.

Sometimes Max and Sean went a little overboard with the banter and silliness while other cast members were actually doing RP things; if there was a designated audio person in the next show, these would've been the moments to lower their mic volumes slightly.

One thing I wasn't a fan of was the surrounding set this time. It seemed that there weren't enough props to fill the shelves, so the background looled kinda dull. Also, the green overhead lighting didn't help, it made the cast look sickly in a way. I made a comparison between the colors and contrast as they were and a slightly modified, less pale version. One thought I had throughout the show was if it'd be possible to have a trapezial-shaped table, very slightly, so that the cast members in the front sit a little more on the outside, the cast members in the back a little more on the inside of the camera shot. This way, viewers would have a better view of all the cast members. The flat screen on the table was brilliant and utilized perfectly!

I want more ads for Rollplay shows! You could even have the cast deliver lines in their character's voice specificly for these ads. Also, imagine Aldo saying "Last time, on Rollplay Blades" followed by a short recap! :itmejpgasm:

Animated short was also :itmejp10: . I'm curious which moment in Rollplay the next one will pick up!

So yeah, you guys definitely delivered (again)! I'm sure that you guys are conscious of most of the things stated in this thread as feedback anyway. Really looking forward to the next live show! Rollplay is the best!

(Spools_) #23

I was only able to watch hour six but so glad I did!
I have to say there's a strong sense that you guys are getting better and better at this. You're clearly learning from each event.
I can't suggest how to fix it but it seemed the only thing missing was an easier way for a viewer/chat to know the group's status at any given point. If I can't join up until halfway in, I have to rely on someone in chat to get me up to speed.

Glad to see the blue/purple lighting toned down (always irked me) but the addition of the tabletop screen was amazing. Any enhancements to what gets displayed there are worth the effort for sure.

Otherwise everything seemed tighter and more pro. Know that we appreciate all your hard work to make these happen!

(BajiNaji) #24

Just wanted to say the set design and lighting were fantastic. Really sold the setting.

(banned) #25

So...Persnidetron is staying until the end of the Rock King I guess then?...ok then.

Anyways I got lucky again and got to watch the entire thing. I think at this point I might make it a point to clear my calendar when the live show is happening so I can catch it. Always fun sticking around in chat all day.

I enjoyed it, it sort of felt like not as much happened as the Dark Side show, but I think that's a result of the narrative driven dice system of FFG's star wars vs the reactive nature (I feel) of DnD 5e.

I do agree that since Adam does ask for chat to tell them when rules are forgotten that someone there needs to be keeping them up to date on that stuff.

There are usually a couple other people there (significant others) maybe they'd feel comfortable doing it? That way you don't have to pay someone to?

Scoots was amazing as ever. I hope that hour long fixit session didn't ruin the day for you.

(Doogledm1) #26

Want to preface by saying I know it's a one man band and I know from my own TriCaster production (we couldn't even find the on switch) how much it takes to do a show like this, so I'm impressed with Scoots. Also I don't know audio that well, I'm a video editor by trade I deal with pretty pictures. But...

Would it be possible to have the mic feeds go through a compressor with your set up? That way hopefully a lot of the peaking could be mitigated?

Also I get this is a preference thing on my part and also tough to do in a live setting when you have to move cameras to react to things happening, but I always feel seeing cameras panning, tilting or zooming looks really bad. Again preference but I'd much prefer the camera movement was hidden by cutting to the tracking 'master'. But this isn't enjoyment breaking stuff, just wanted to give my thoughts.

Only seen the first 2 and a bit hours as I'm moving but really loved the set up. TV was a great addition, can't wait to get back and watch the rest. Scoots I hope you get to have a well earned rest now!

(Twitch: no742617000027) #27

The set had a couple of difficulties when it comes to audio. First of all, the considerable background noise that got picked up by all five microphones. If you compress the signals (and make up for the gain reduction by boosting the volume) this will only get worse if you don't also use a noise gate on each individual channel before piping the signals through the compressor(s) (preferable also one for each individual channel). The peaking however sounded like it came from the AD converter. So the input signals that went into the audio interface were too high. A compressor doesn't necessarily prevent that. To avoid it, an analog limiter could be used right before the AD stage so that its peak level is at -6 dBFS after conversion (or something similar safe). So the chain for one channel would look something like this: Mic -> Pre Amp -> Noise Gate -> Compressor -> Limiter -> AD converter. The individual signals are summed before being routed through the limiter.

In any case, I think the peaking was pretty much dealt with later in the show..

(ChrickyDota) #28

Am i the only one that thinks, that the Mara leader is good ol' Dr. Grigory? Even the accent's the same :wink:

(Twitch: no742617000027) #29

Or it's that ominous figure the very first group encountered in that one town. You know, the one Velimir talked to.

(cstpote) #30

First live show I managed to catch. Enjoyed the show as a whole. As always a great bit of DM'ing by Adam and the production by Scoots was incredible (despite the audio hiccups at the start).

I personally felt that the show got a bit derailed though at points by Sean's antics. JP and Dan were clearly trying hard to RP and pay attention to what Adam was saying but were continuously cut across by Sean. Its a shame, still loving the season though and looking forward to more live shows and the rest of the season.

Great job!

(destraudo) #31

these are great haha

(destraudo) #32

skimming the topic the feedback i have may have a fair bit of overlap with others but will put it down anyway.

Overall i think it was a huge success in terms of quality. In terms of stand out positives i think the table monitor took the presentation aspect to the next level. It looked sick as fuck, and showed off both rollplay and roll 20 in a very cool light. The slow pans etc looked really sweet, but it was also occasionally really fantastic when scoots got to dick around with the camera for some comedy shots. it is very much in the spirit of rollplay and the dicking around jp does . The overhead shots of the table were A++ money shots to me.

Cast was great, fantastic chemistry. Great watching such good friends playing at ease with one another. Not something everyone can do but it helps that you all have thousands of hours of screen time XD.

Loved the barrel mugs. XD purchase link please.
Set dressing was solid. liked the little touches with the lanterns etc.

Now onto the crushing miyazaki like crit.

The first hour was an an issue. There would be people who would be very easy going about it and it was alright in the end about it, but i am not one. For a future live show i would put 100 percent of effort into making sure it never happens again. I dont think having 2 of scoots or 1 of anyone else would have prevented it. Twice now you guys have been burned by this but this time it was very badly. Given the unpredictability of the software and set up from boot to boot the only way to make sure this never happens again is to have a 'start time' for the live and then a publicised start time for it. If that needs to be an hour difference, or 2 thats fine, but everything needs to be booted, trouble shooted and checked and rolling for start time. Once the check is done you can mute the mics and throw a cover over the camera lens until show time if you have to if it means the show can roll at a moments notice.

The fact of the matter is, i dont care that it happened as a rollplay fan. Nor do i think would any fan because we know at the end of it there will be 8 hours of pure gold. What concerns me is how it affects someone who has never heard of rollplay and that first hour or however long they lasted having that as their first point of contact. It kills me because i know if they stuck through it then the time that followed probably opened them up to a whole new world of awesome fiction. Huge appreciation to scoots for being able to pull the situation out of the fire and keep his cool the way he did for that hour. Tremendous under crushing pressure.

The table was great on the overhead shots. I also really love how the players were all able to get their hands in there and interact. This being said, reflection did turn out to be an issue. A marginal issue in that the front angle shots made the tv impossible to see, but an actual issue in that at one point i think gassy said he missed an enemy on the table due to glare. There are anti glare coatings available but would probably have to be applied to all reflective layers aka screen or screen and glass if a glass topper is used in the current set up .

The dice tray is actually really nice and i dont have any functional issue with it what so ever, i do think it might be cool to have a clear bottomed tray/bottomless tray to roll on so that the monitor is visible beneath. A cheap but 'colour matched to table' way to do this might be something like this.

The graphics and overlays were fantastic and unobtrusive. It helps that there didnt have to be a lot of graphics to help with the rules but again the end result was slick.

The music on breaks was Amazing. I had heard a lot before but it seemed like there were some new tracks or reworks of previous court of swords tracks, in either case they were amazing and helps set ambience.

Said this elsewhere but loved the animated short. Great great visual comedy. Great to be able to show to people to talk about rollplay.

Lastly. The question of chat. Chat actually plays a pretty vital role in the form of gm chat i think. Having gm chat there to fill in gaps in adams memory or correct issues is important to the game sense of fairness and cloaca. This being said the very last thing scoots or adam can or should be having to do is deal with it and under no circumstances should adam be distracted with a live feed of the chat.

Gm chat should be a resource, not a drain on gm. Someone, preferably a moderator ( or someone adam/jp trusts) should have the sole purpose of combing chat for GM chat comments, and if they cite a page number, flagging a tablet (solely for this purpose) next to adam with a message that a ruling is being contested. Play continues and the mod then checks the stated page reference, confirms or denies the issue and in case of confirms forwards a screengrab of relevant paragraph to the gm chat tablet. From there Adam can choose to retcon as necessary, adjust future rulings or let it slide per his discretion . The key takeaway is that there needs to be an intelligent filter system processing meme magic and all caps into usable, discreet information to be placed at adams disposal.

(Olf_Himself) #33

I thought the show was 10/10 once it got started. My only small gripe is that I thought the lighting was so-so. The set could have been a bit brighter. Otherwise it was an amazing show.

(kh_l2k) #34

I mentioned it elsewhere as well, yesterday... but I so want this to be a transplanted Grigory.

The Doctor is In.

(Glauth) #35

It was a such great show from start to finish, congratulations to everyone involved! By the way @AdamKoebel , what is the monster you used at the beginning? (the one who almost kille Berg after it shoot the blue beam) Is it in the Monster Manual/Volo's Guide? (or have you created it?)

(Might be Captain Marvel) #36

I would like to also thank the unsung hero @TwitchSurgeon for the overlays. The animated CoS logo was hypnotic. I also loved that on the break screen Adam was the sun :sunny: . fitting

Edit: I'll just take the opportunity to list all the people I want to thank here
Thanks to JP, Dan, Gassy , Day9 , Sir Scoots, Aureylian and Brit for their efforts in making is great live show.

(StillAnotherOne) #37

I haven't watched all of it live (because Europe and stuff), but a big thank you to everyone involved for making this thing a reality :slight_smile:

Furthermore a slightly tricky question to @AdamKoebel and @itmeJP: Disregarding the actual systemmechanics, would you be so kind to compare the two Liveshows? You said between the lines in the patreon video, that DnD is "easier" online (because you don't have to flip pages etc.) and I think SWFFG is better suited to come up with stuff on the fly (because it is a more collaborative storytelling at it's core). Any thoughts? Or would you say they are too different to reasonably draw a comparison?

I'd ask the same on a technical level of scoots (with disregard to the audio problems), but I'm pretty sure it's going to be adressed in the next video :slight_smile:

(KidCronos) #38

Another :itmejp10: live show!
Just finished the vod because I couldn't stay the whole stream due to work but great show. Also so glad to see Day9's character still alive (for now) if only because that one guy in chat (here too, not naming any names) doesn't like him. :itmejplol:

(TwoToneTerran) #39

Judging by CR 3, 4d10 damage, and having to recharge the "beam," I'm guessing it's a reskinned Blue or Gold Dragon Wyrmling (I don't remember the damage type).

(Ikkuvaljo) #40

Is there going to be a mp3? Or some other way to watch it?

Supporting patreon, but not subscribed on twitch because of the hours -- couldn't ever watch you live :smiley: