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RollPlay Live #2 - Court of Swords

Hey! Give us some feedback! Anything and everything!


Maybe doing a preshow will help Scoots put out fires and avoid the starting issues that have happened in the Dropped frames and CoS shows?

You guys are doing great though as basically a 2 man team. :slight_smile:

Also the animated short was beautiful. More of that. :itmejphappy:

8 Likes needs to always be above 15k or higher especially since animation is so expensive.
But yeah it :itmejp10:

I also loved the RollPlay Blades ad :heart_eyes:


Yeah, the Blades promo roll was so well done.

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Your biggest mistake was clearly not cloning Scoots. You should get on that.


Overall the show was fantastic.

Animated short was brilliant. Liked the style and humour incorporated into the art, though hopefully in the future (if we hit the goal again) we’ll get them a bit more frequently.

Audio quotes over show ads was genius (and I would love to see more of that in the future).

Adam did a fantastic job setting up the narrative and providing hooks for everyone (except for perhaps Berg as a character, though the Kenku sort of related to his feather).

The only thing I noticed was the production struggles. Scoots in chat at times seemed a bit stressed as well, commenting they definitely needed someone dedicated to audio, or how he couldn’t do audio, video, and tell the cast what chat was saying when it came to rule issues / lawyering.

Beyond the first hour, production honestly wasn’t bad at all for the show, but it would be nice if scoots had a bit of help, even if it was just someone there chilling with twitch chat up and a phb at their side, giving scoots feedback from chat / letting adam know about rule feedback from chat. It wouldn’t be much, but even just removing his need to keep an eye on one thing would probably help a fair bit.


As long as the person isn’t just there to yell at Adam or the crew for forgetting a rule then sure!

That seems like a bit of an added expense if they’re JUST there to read chat to the group lol

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Loved seeing Day9 on the show (but it was also my first time watching so what do I know~) Still his presence and character were super entertaining, as was everyone else of course!

I know the campaign kinda went longer than expected but I’d also maybe love to see like a short summary after the bigger breaks of whats happened so far, just for viewers that are maybe coming into the show sometime in the middle rather than those who have been watching the entire time.

Otherwise~ the whole show was great! Thanks for doing it!

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That was never part of Scoots’ responsibility and honestly chat annoyed me at times when they were constantly asking scoots to tell the cast or Adam something when I know most of them know that he was handling all the production and none of the cast was watching chat.

Someone else (with knowledge of the system preferably) being responsible for that would be ideal maybe messaging Adam on his laptop,

With JP not being on Blades maybe he could join in production in some capacity.

All in all SirScoots did a great job :heart:


GREAT idea, if Blades ends up being the next live show!

Yeah I know! I didn’t think it was his job, just noted it was a position that was lacking / an expectation chat had for him that was adding needless pressure on Scoots.

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It was awesome, thank you and the team.

If I could have some comments (all of it are suggestions and could be discarded):

  1. Loved the promo. It’s better than the counter and you probably can add it at the end of each video in YouTube, right? And add more voices too.

  2. Poor Adam always was standing up, it’ll be better if there was a place for the laptop.

  3. Just a suggestion, you could create a different moderator place so someone (except Scoots) can call out the mistakes for Adam and crew, OR just drop everything, and go with house-ruling/GM calling shots/voting for something that’s in the book but no one in live remembers it exactly.

  4. Totally OK with you not cosplaying, it should be an added bonus not something mandatory

  5. Of course you probably now, the TV/Monitor could go beneath the table and a clear glass on top of it so dices OR someone like Zeke the 3rd won’t hurt it. Actually I am not sure about the latter.

  6. (Edit) I have a hearing problem, it’s not a bother most of the times but sometimes I couldn’t hear you (mostly Max), so if there could be something to boost the audio or speaking a little more loudly, it’ll be great.

And Lastly A BIG THANK YOU FOR Adam, JP, Max, Dan, Sean and Scott again for everything you’ve done to make it.


Sorry I wasn’t aiming all that at you. Just using your quote to address the point.

Don’t worry about me! I don’t mind standing while I GM - it’s my preference actually.


Early problems aside, production was a big improvement over last quarter’s live show and I’m really looking forward to the next one. Occasional clipping and mic balance problems, but no cloth and beard rustling on the lavs. The on-screen graphics looked amazing, and were used the right amount. The camera angles were great, and I’m not sure but it seemed like the pan around the table was less distracting than last time (was it a little slower?). The screen was really cool and functional. Too bad the 55" Surface Hub is only 1080p.

Like others have said it seemed like Scoots needed an assistant sometimes. Also–this is pretty pedantic, but I thought it was interesting–I was distracted a few times by the overhead shot of the dice tray. When it didn’t have dice in it it looked like a black rectangular graphic, like a video feed with no source. The tray was right next to the “DM Adam” label in Roll20 on the LCD, so out of the corner of my eye it looked like a fancy overlay that should have been a shot of Adam but had technical problems.

Props to you and all involved.
Loved the show 100%! Even if there were a few tech issues.

I am sure you agree the one major issue was with the sound and seems to have haunted past live shows.

SirScoots is great and obviously working very hard.
Not seeing behind the screen I am not sure who is on production but if it’s just scoots I’d highly suggest adding a production member for when the show is airing.
I would prefer a softer cut between shots at times when going from one camera to the other. If that’s possible to do.

The table top screen/map still has me in awe!

Love the friendship between you all.

Oh and more thing you need more Hand Models!

Overall, awesome show. Scoots does an amazing job, the set was beautiful, and the RP was super fun.

I’d chime in with the others saying another person helping Scoots, even if it’s just chat management, could be helpful. Or maybe dedicated audio person could replace cosplay as a thing?

My one critical feedback: the graphics for the individual character stats had a “shine” effect across the character medal part on the left. Maybe it was because the “shine” happened too quickly, but I found it distracting to have that flashing in my peripheral vision when I was trying to read stats.

I think a lot of the more subtle video effects (like the slow side pan) were great, but something more twitchy/obvious like that shine effect was distracting.

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I’d take 1hr of smoldering problems over, like, JP giving up on live shows or something. No matter how dickish chat got, the live shows are EPIC AF. 1hr of issues and then 7 hours of awesome is a good trade imho. :3


Having someone else on set reading chat and communicate with cast/DM would be probably ideal, having Adam himself reading chat while DMing 8h live show obviously doesn’t sound like a good idea at all.

Maybe you mods can add a command for next live show like !dndrules telling people that during live show no rules lawyering since the DM can’t read chat and to not spam Scoots with that either.

Also :itmejpheart: Scoots MVP :itmejpheart:

Fanart repost!