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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 8: Lure

(Valaataa) #61

Ohhhhhh, that makes more sense now. thanks for the information. Now that I know I can click through it, it makes more sense.

(AnneMunition) #62

I saw some people picking up on that! I imagine she developed a tolerance for Lotus but her first time on Lure had some lingering effects. But she was also genuinely excited about Carriless's weird ghost thing and the Dimmer Sisters, it's just that the facade of ambivalence dropped.

No, Rune is rather laissez-faire about everything. The only thing she really cares about right now is becoming strong enough to go after Scurlock. She's curious about She-Who-Slays, but not super motivated.

The drug tattoos fade unless I specifically work out a deal for them to be permanent, is my understanding.

Thought of it in the moment, I didn't know anything about the Dimmer Sisters other than John made it sound like people were afraid of them. I wanted Rune to be excited by what people fear. Which is also why she was excited about Carriless's display of weird, terrifying power.

(DanielLannister1408) #64

nice but a little too dark i am imagining more upbeat and creepy nursery riam like

(Karamor) #65

Where will that be streamed?

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dan dan tannnnn :itmejplol::itmejprekt::itmejpsoon:

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@AnneMunition this the dude u want too talk too about getting the good s*&#
P.S. @AdamKoebel i miss u/CANTER HAIG and the letters any update on wan can we see
the gang back in action ep 8 thar catching up to u :itmejplol: :itmejpheart::adammrdr::adamwizard::adamhobo::itmejpheart:

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lol <3
yaa what is all this talk of lives and adulting pafhh

@AdamKoebel @OneSevenDesign love u and canet wait for the comeback of the letters

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damn you @AdamKoebel you lowd mata flufa love ya face :itmejpwtf: lol

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i think that the PC's only now are starting to understand that


(DanielLannister1408) #73

probably her

(of many names, most of them Grumpy) #74

Just had a thought. Is the Leech, the group dealt with. Is he a potential client?

(TwilightBorealis) #75

Yo Canter! They spent a coin to get it. Is it going into your coat fund?

(TwilightBorealis) #76

Yes... her first time... that's why the effects are lingering...:adamwizard:

(corran1189) #77

I suppose this is probably more @itmeJP, but I think the overlays may need some updating. Some of the skills and special abilities have changed. I think Rune has attune 3 and compel among other things for example.

(Deabaker) #78

Yo @OneSevenDesign what has been the most awesome or surprising use of clocks by players in your experience?

(Deabaker) #79

@iNcontroLTV looks like we got more then 70 in here!

(King_serpent) #80

@iNcontroLTV How attached has Firm gotten to his teammates? Is he emotionally attached despite his stories or is he incapable of that kind of attachment?

@OneSevenDesign what will old enemies think of the new eels? Will they retain the same allies and enemy list as before? or maybe retain the same enemy list but not the allies?

(OneSevenDesign) #82

I hope it's obvious why I won't answer questions about potential future events or revelations :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who put spoiler blurs on stuff from the Bloodletter game. Let's be respectful about that for the sake of the RollPlay group.