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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 8: Lure

(Valaataa) #21

I like what is happening with the rules so far, but it is not easy to keep up because both of the crews that you have been running on here are crew types that are not included in your current release of the ruleset. I have watched most of the Bloodletters game, but I have not seen the beginning of The Last Word. So what is the YouTube address for The Last Word's game. And when are you going to cross them over? Rune is now addicted to the Bloodletters product, and Arcy SHOULD now be gunning for The Last Word since they kilt her lover . . .

(DanielLannister1408) #22

:itmejpgg: i will join u also Alone, In my room, By myself .... :itmejps:.....:itmejplol:

(TheGreatMrOw) #23

So as @iNcontroLTV suggested, I'd like to ask why does your game suck? Or to say it in a much more diplomatic and non-troll way, what are/were some areas in the design that you were not totally confident in previously? How did you address those particular challenges? After playing with this group for some time, are there any changes or ideas for new designs that they have inspired?

(King_serpent) #24

@AnneMunition You should hang out around The Bloodletters, I hear they are a cool crowd. They have lots of drugs I hear. Trust me it will be a good time (ignore the moaning in the basement).

(Awtum) #25

Once inside, you're property,
no way out, no way to flee.

Horrors that don't bear a thought,
Close your eyes, it will count for naught.

You'll wish you never smelled that scent,
wish it never led you here.

swept up in their wretched curse,
when they whisper "come in my dear".

Never again will you ever doubt,
That the Dimmer Sisters are out and about.

(DanielLannister1408) #26

super ghost fuckry
a better chance to roll :itmejpcrit: when they talk :itmejpking:

(CryoCryptic) #27

Who are the Blood Letters and where can I find more about them?

(GreyGryphon) #28

Bloodletters are another gang set in the same universe GM'ed by John Harper. Adam Koebel, Stras Asimovik and Sean Nitter (spelling?) are the players.

(Valaataa) #29

It is going to be hard for them to be complete allies when Oskarr Scurlock is related to Rune's worst enemy.

Nope, Oskarr was the one that suggested that they take LORD Scurlock out, because he is the REAL Oskarr is the REAL Lord Scurlock.

(King_serpent) #30

@OneSevenDesign Do you think that the group is really getting a handle on the game? I think that many have really taken to it while a few had to warm up to the complete freedom that they possess in terms of expression and description of action. (Like almost completely being able to make up magic abilities.) I just wonder how you view it. I love how the game has grown and how The Bloodletters enter into the experience.

(TwilightBorealis) #31

They are John's other crew. Basically the playtesters.

(GreyGryphon) #32

OH GOD what if it's Oskarr Scurlock @AnneMunition is after. OMG.

(mmkstarr) #33

Sorry for not knowing the names of everyone, have watched only a few episodes--need to watch more! So good!

When there was that female character who struts about town, and djWheat was all info-gathering expert on her (djWheat's character seems to specialize in that?), did the crew ever end up confronting the woman with the man's note that was guaranteed to have the woman slobbering? Or is that coming next? REEEally looking forward to more djWheat espionage info gathering hell! n.n

(TwilightBorealis) #34

That is coming next week. That is their next score!

(Might be Captain Marvel) #35

So many potential quotes for another Blades ad in this Episode @itmeJP

even just having John's amazing GM laugh only would make a great ad

Amazing rollplaying this episode by everyone. I loved the @Ezekiel_III's resisted the Carriless Horror and his fight or flight reaction to it.

@AnneMunition I loved the side of Rune you showed in this episode. Really cool to see how much the occult means in her life. Was that a planned thing or did you think of it in that moment?

other clips
Rune in her happy place
Rune Signing + Aldo & Carriless interactions
Gamblers are liars, trust me I am one

(King_serpent) #36

I think that they have clearly said it is not Oskarr and that the enemy is definitely the Vampire Lord Scurlock. But @OneSevenDesign can clarify if I somehow read those details out of nowhere.

(eglestan) #37

With all of the crossover with the Bloodletters campaign, I can't help but compare the edgelord whisper guy to Cricket. Will we see more of these fledgling whispers in the future? It would be really cool if they joined Oskarr's acolytes or formed their own incompetent splinter cult.

(Valaataa) #38

From what I can see on John Harper's YouTube, The BloodLetters haven't played In a long time. Last I can find is episode 13. Is there another place to look for them in a list, or did they quit after Episode 13 Part 5?

(King_serpent) #39

I think that Oskarr would kill them because he thinks he missed a few Eels

(PantheraOnca) #40

they play monthly-if-that, so this crew will have more episodes done before long