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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 7: 666

Ask me questions about episode 7 or about Blades in general.


I love the fact that the crew just added a mini mission and finished it so quickly. You guys are getting quick at downtime! Just out of interest, does that mean we get another downtime next week?


I said it during the episode in chat: I wish we could revisit the scene where Carriless approached Aldo about managing one round against a full power Marlene, and when Aldo says the thing about the man who claims he can fly, but can’t and falls, he turns to Carriless and asks “Can you fly, Mr. Firm?”, hinting the earlier questioning about the Firm name!


Awesome episode, everyone! That roll of the beast, though :itmejpgasm:

Great Episode! Awesome to see it streamlined a bit for downtime and [most of a] score into one session!

They’ve been getting so much coin!!! I forgot they had the vault opened on there crew sheet to hold some of it. Between extra downtime actions and bumping up effects they seem to be managing it all still. I guess they’ll be ready for that Tier 1 payment when it rolls around (or use the stash a bit)!

Seeing the Forgotten Gods ability opened is awesome, really looking forward to how some of that progresses!

I liked the idea of smash-cutting straight to the fight and flashback to all the prep stuff, though the other players still like some planning beforehand. Can’t wait for the truly non-linear cuts to really start showing up!


Yep.[quote=“sythmaster, post:3, topic:820”]
Great Episode! Awesome to see it streamlined a bit for downtime and [most of a] score into one session!

Yeah, this is a game that requires some skill-building, and the group is getting good at it. We’ll probably get downtime down to an hour eventually.

Such a great episode, that fight had me at the edge of my seat and that last roll was just perfect

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My only two questions, which pertain to the other Blades game you’re GMing.

Is this canon for the Bloodletters? Or is it just a nice nod towards the audience that is aware of who they are and what they’ve got going?

Has our lovely band of murderous freaks and misfits made enemies of the wheelbarrow towing maniacs down by the Six Towers?

It was. Now… well, I’m not sure. Maybe. We’ll see.

It sure looks that way.

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the great thing is, i know sean and i know he drives arcy like a stolen car so we’ll end up in this place where he’s totally okay letting this be the canon.


rubs hands together Excelleeeent.

Crossover team-attack super sentai special GO!


Awesome episode, I got a feeling it was filled to the brim with content, since the crew managed to do the downtime, got their payment, planned and completed another mission.
Speaking of downtime, I loved how the crew handled their respective activities. The image of Aldo at various cultural gatherings always makes me smile. Such a great juxtaposition.

And now with the money collected from the winnings, I think the crew will need a bigger vault.

Anyway, here’s Aldo fighting in the ring I posted in the Twich chat (Photoshopped in maybe 2 minutes, so I know it could be better :itmejpoversalt:)


that 666 though :heart_eyes:

Amazing show as always. Thank you so much to the cast , the DM and JP.

Also I want the entire fight animated :heart:


Awesome episode this show just keeps getting better.

The interaction between Geoff and Zeke while Aldo was looking for information was amazing. For me it just raises a lot of new questions that I’m excited to find out. Is Cariless playing a joke on everyone with his name? Does he really think he is a demon? Is he really a demon? Is he pretending to be this legendary figure in order to build up a further reputation for himself? Don’t expect you to answer these questions just really interested to find out more.

Is there anything you can say about the Tycherosi and their pilgrimages? It seems they may be religiously motivated but is there a general purpose or is it specific to the individual?

Wonder if the crew will start thinking about advancing their tier now that they are poised to go up against some even higher tier threats. Seems like the book Cattaby found could have some leads into potential easy to take turf.

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TheThing FIRM BOYS TheThing

john awesome show as always just one questions during round 2 zek sort of downgraded is effect from great to standard and i remembered a rule when you can lower effect to get a better position so cute i have lowered the position to calm?

TheThing FIRM BOYS TheThing

This group has so much chemistry, I cannot wait for them to have all the money!
The entire setup for the job was brilliant.

So we can expect the Last Word vs Bloodletters crossover special when?

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