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[RollPlay: Blades Q&A] Episode 5: Lord Sukur, part one

Ask me questions about episode 5!


This episode of Rollplay Blades is brought to you by the # 1


Yeah, hopefully the ones are over for rune too. lol


Hey Jhon fantastic game. the way you handled the spirit mask makes it seem like it as a super effective armor with unlimited uses against ghost, is how the masks should always be ruled?

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So I don’t really have a question about the session in particular, but it was sort of relevant in it.

My understanding is that when characters make desperate rolls they get XP, and when you do group rolls everyone who participates receives it as well. What about helping (by spending stress to add dice)? It seems fair that if you share in the consequences it’s probably fair that you also reap the rewards.

So is DjWheat going to need to get a new rival, or is she going come back as a ghost and do some haunting?

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good show <3
two questions:

  1. can lvl2 harm be cleared with one down time action ?
  2. can the ghosts be reasoned with?, 2’a) if the pcs try a different approach with the ghosts throw whatever can they get a better position / effect?

P.S. feel free to answer as vague as possible or not at all if it’s too spoilery

Also do all the players have rivals?

no bicos you only give one steers and you don’t roll

yaa ishanet the armor(the mask) supposed to be one use por score?

It’s a judgment call. I don’t think there’s one right way to do it. In this case, since the spirit was actually trying to counter-attune to Rune, I used the Fine quality of the spirit mask to reduce the ghost’s harm (the item says it protects against possession, so I’m fudging just a bit). If the ghost gets a better idea, and tries to attack Rune another way, the mask won’t protect her like that.

Yep, that works. The rules don’t really say one way or the other for helping. Either way is fine.

We shall see. :slight_smile:

  1. It’s possible with the right combo of special abilities, but usually, no. Level 2 harm would take at least two downtime activities to clear. (In version 8, which is slightly different than 7.1)
  1. Maybe. 2a) Maybe.



Soooo John… This shadow fire stuff, is this something Rune could possible use as a weapon in the future, or is that the kind of thing she would needs to start a clock for?
P.S. we need more clocks
P.S.S. clocks for the win!

yes harvey one starts with a friend and arrival

Yes. And yes (a long-term project).


Cooool! Also Ann, if your in here, how does she currently feel about the whole Firm and Myth business

love your face john can’t wait for the bloody letters to continue and afcos this show too sooo good:itmejpgg:

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Just want to say that I think your game is very cool, from what I’ve seen from it. Might want to run it with newbs to role-playing because of the d6 system you got here. Any tips?
P.S. Good job Gm ing

Thanks! Glad you’re diggin’ it. I do have tips – I wrote a whole book about it, even. :slight_smile:

If you mean tips for new gamers, my main tip is: don’t try explain everything up front. Teach the game bit by bit (the book explains how to do this in a bit more detail).

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Sorry for long post but this episode had so many funny moments. I love this show so much :heart:

In this episode instead of attuning to ghosts Rune managed to attune to the number 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Lastly, John, did you make this job a bit harder to off set the fact that the crew is doing so well. Because three high leved ghosts AND 10 people to deal with at the same time seens kinda mean. Unless handling big groups of people is easier in your system.